Man who shags horses wins name suppression

A man who shags horses has won name suppression in Australia…for now.

A COURT has ordered the suppression of the name of a 29-year-old South Grafton man charged with bestiality after he was discovered engaging in sex acts with horses.

The man did not appear in Grafton Local Court yesterday, where his Legal Aid defence solicitor asked the court for a suppression order.

Magistrate Robyn Denes granted the request, ordering the suppression of the name of the accused to protect his safety and to avoid embarrassment.

Are they worried the horses will try to lynch him? ? Read more »

Lady who had “sex with a dolphin” breaks silence

via YouTube / BBC

via YouTube / BBC

This story seems to resurface from time to time to get people outraged, but this time, instead of speculation and public sniggering creating the content of the articles, she’s actually spoken to the media about it.

A woman who had?sex with a dolphin?as part of a scientific study has spoken out for the first time.

During the swinging 60s, animal researcher Margaret Howe Lovatt was part of a Nasa-funded experiment on the US Virgin Islands to teach the intelligent?sea creatures?how to speak English.

In 1963 she helped turn a house into a domestic dolphinarium by flooding it with knee-deep water, where researchers could study the animals from their home.

It was there she met Peter, an adolescent dolphin she described as ‘sexually coming of age’.

As the two bonded, their relationship soon progressed to a more physical level.

There you go. ?Get ready for the sordid details. ? Read more »

Can curiosity lead to a jail sentence? In this case it can

Belinda Feek has the dubious honour of reporting on this sordid story

A Hamilton judge has labelled a man’s collection of “extreme” sex videos the worst he has encountered in his 37-year legal career.

So bad was the “disgusting” collection – which featured torture, bondage, bestiality and child rape, Judge Robert Spear said a deterrent message had to be sent to others that may follow David Robert Miles’ “curiosity”, and sentenced him to 13 months’ jail.

Between January 1, 2012, and April 19, 2013, the 67-year-old grandfather downloaded 16 explicit files to his computer hard drive that included torture of women and sexual abuse of children as young as 5.

The judge noted that some files were lengthy, with one up to 37 minutes, but most between two and six minutes long.

“The videos portrayed what might loosely be described as pornography at its most gross level. It involved sex offending involving very young children; it involved bestiality and torture.

“I have to tell you that with some 37 years of appearing or presiding over criminal courts and having to deal with cases of this nature, this is without question the most disgusting material that I have ever had to deal with.

Being in law enforcement against this sort of debased behaviour has to be both ?the most rewarding and soul destroying. ?On the one hand you know you’re doing the Right Thing, but it just has to eat away at you and change you as a person. ? Read more »

New Zealanders celebrate enabler of child pornography

Yesterday the Herald reported that Krim Dotcon was the most trusted person in New Zealand to come feed your cat while you are on holiday.

Today, the DomPost reports on Dotcon delighting everyone at the Rhythm and Vines concert, with a headline that “Fireworks and Dotcom ‘a good mix'”.

Why is it that Kiwis and the main stream media continue to celebrate a man on extradition charges that include the tacit enabling of terrorist propaganda and child pornography?


FBI evidence against Kim Dotcom

The whole thing is so obvious it is beyond funny.

You have an evil protagonist, who lives in a gated mansion with henchmen. ?He has a German accent, and even dresses in black! ? Read more »


FBI Evidence against Kim Dotcom released

The FBI has released their evidence against Kim Dotocom, something that firstly Dotcom demanded the release of and even went to court to get orders for release of the evidence, and then latterly fought tooth and nail.

The full file is online, not that you will see this anywhere on the NZ Herald site as they continue to portray one side of the issue via The Gurnard.

There are some interesting snippets. Like this:

Some examples of Megaupload e-mails and messages on Skype:

“Kim really wants to copy Youtube one to one.?? Read more »

How to Vote in Zimbabwe

This is well worth listening to – it’s how they play politics in Zimbabwe – no doubt Helen will have NZ embassy staff doing the same thing later this year on her behalf.


It's all the banks fault….oh wait where did all this cash come from

Zimbabwe central bank blames banks for banknote shortage – 22 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Zimbabwe’s Central bank is blaming the banks for a shortgage of bank notes. There is a slight wrinkle in their blame game.
[quote]On Monday Gono took the unprecedented step of opening the central bank’s vaults to a group of journalists, bankers and business leaders to display huge piles of cash, which he said banks were failing to withdraw.

“Notwithstanding the high levels of cash stocks sitting at the Reserve Bank ready for dispatch into the market, some banking institutions have been engaging in imprudent and unethical practices which are creating artificial queues for cash,” Gono said.[/quote]

Typical African tinpot politics

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Well change it then, Prime Minister

Clark after having been shamed by Little Johnny and his ban on Aussie Cricketers travelling to Zimbabwe has said that for her to do the same the law would need to be changed.

Well I say to her, change it. This is arguably more important than some stupid anti-smacking legislation and I would bet it would have unanimous support of the parliament. So chop, chop, set to and change the law and stop muelling and whining on about it.?

Howard has balls, Clark just whimpers

John Howard has gone where Clark and Mallard feared to tread, he has canned the Australian Cricket tour of Zimbabwe.?

[quote]The Mugabe regime is behaving like the Gestapo towards its political opponents. The living standards in the country are probably the lowest of any in the world, you have an absolutely unbelievable rate of inflation.

I have no doubt that if this tour goes ahead it will be an enormous boost to this grubby dictator.

"We do have power over people's passports, We have made our position very clear. We've written to Cricket Australia, I think Cricket Australia does understand our position.[/quote]

By making this a government ban he has effectively immunised the ACB from any fine.?

A man of principle, whereas Clark and Mallard are mere cowards for not doing the same when they had the opportunity.