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New book released at 0900: Secrets of the Len Brown affair revealed

At 0900 this morning our new book will be released.

Simon Lusk and I have written a book cataloguing the failure of the centre-right in Auckland in?the?recent local body elections.

We name names and hold people to account.

We also tell the previously untold story behind the Len Brown affair with never before revealed information

Those of you who already have an INCITE: Politics subscription will have received a discount offer in the latest edition. Use the code and link provided in INCITE to obtain your discount while you pre-order.

Simon and I are going to extend INCITE: Politics as well for the coming election, offering a re-designed website and additional information and analysis. There will still be exclusive content and of course our exclusive polling by New Zealand’s best pollster, David Farrar’s Curia.



Two-minute Len’s tearful valedictory speech

Mr Brown was the first Super City mayor, elected as head of the amalgamated council in 2010.

In his valedictory speech, Mr Brown described the City Rail Link project, which was now under construction, as a metaphor for the changing spirit of Auckland since the 2010 amalgamation of eight councils.

He told councillors he felt bullish about the future of the city. Read more »

Addressing Media party spin and lies

Some commenters have mentioned the hatchet job done last night on John Palino.

Reports I’ve had from the press conference say that Rebecca Wright and David Fisher were an absolute disgrace, playing up, shouting down John Palino and generally being disruptive. Video exists of these performances. Someone wondered whether the both of them had done some dirty lines of coke just prior because of the way they acted.

Commenters have also echoed the calls of media for John Palino to come clean on his “involvement” in Len Brown’s affair, which is just plain silly…they are attacking a man who had nothing to do with anything and expecting him to “come clean” and stop denying. They are actually asking him to lie, because you can’t come clean about something you had no knowledge of.

Some weeks before the election I was aware of something untoward regarding Bevan Chuang and Len Brown. Over a few weeks I managed to establish with Bevan Chuang that it involved some lewd text messages. I was shown a couple, but I thought they were nothing.

Prior to the election I had a speaking engagement at a conference in Singapore and used that trip to also visit my brother in Dubai. I was sitting on the tarmac at Auckland airport when I received a flurry of text messages from Bevan Chuang. She wanted to know if I was going to do anything with her story. Stephen Cook had been talking to her and his assessment to me was that there was no story. I agreed. A couple of dirty text messages were nothing. And, as Bevan Chuang wasn’t prepared to say anything else, I basically told her to piss off as there was no story and I was going overseas in any case.

That was the last I heard about it until a couple of days before the election was due to close when Bevan suddenly wanted to talk some more. There was more, but it wasn’t until the Sunday after the election that Stephen Cook sat down with her and got the full story of the sordid affair…and the affidavit.

At no time did I discuss the story with my father…anyone who knows us knows that we aren’t that close…and don’t actually talk that often. I’ve always considered that Dad was too gentlemanly to really get into politics. I had argued with him my entire life about matching nasty Labour Party tactics with the same venom. He, in fact, has been used to send messages to me from gutless politicians to tell me to pull my head in. They were always met with the same answer…if they’ve got something to say then they can call me directly. ?? Read more »

Auckland Council finally gets one right, but probably by accident

Simon Collins has run dry of faux poor people to pimp. ?But he’s getting stuck into Auckland Council for voting against a living wage initiative.

Auckland Council staff have told a local board that it cannot pay the “living wage” to its swimming pool attendants because it would set a precedent for other council workers.

The Albert-Eden Local Board resolved in February and again last week that a new contractor at the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre should be required to pay all staff at least the living wage, defined by unions and community groups as $19.25 an hour.

But Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town has overruled the board and told its chairman, Peter Haynes, that the living wage would be “inconsistent with the governing body’s policy position”.

“I acknowledge that we are dealing with one contract for a local facility but the implications of requiring a living wage, even in one contract, will have ramifications beyond your local board’s area of responsibility and would have untenable consequences for me as the employer of council staff,” he said.

It’s really funny how Auckland Council’s financial?management is driven by the need for more money for trains as opposed to a ideological opposition to a living wage. ? Read more »

Lenny No Mates

Len Brown has no mates, despite his protestations.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has lost the backing of key members of his campaign team, who are turning their attention to other left-leaning candidates at next year’s local body elections.

The Herald has learned of a meeting last month where key campaign and mayoral advisers delivered the “blunt message” to Mr Brown that he has no chance of winning and should step down.

Mr Brown was told he would receive no financial backing, political support or volunteers to erect billboards and deliver pamphlets for a campaign where his sex life would be centre stage. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

Len Brown gives his new hidden ensuite and er dressing room complete with couch a two thumbs up.

Len Brown? -Photo Stuff

The Herald On Sunday has a headline wondering what secrets are concealed in Len Brown’s flash new office in the brand new private bathroom and dressing room hidden behind a bookcase.
I am sure he has nothing to hide and it is just a bathroom and a dressing room to save him going home to change for an evening function. However I know you all are wondering what the dressing room in particular might look like and also why it would need a couch?
To satisfy your curiosity I have searched my imagination for a few possibilities that I have included below.

Read more »

He’s right, he’s lucky we don’t have recall

Look at him mocking you, he's almost gloating

Look at him mocking you, he’s almost gloating

Len Brown has a real cheek, yesterday he was in the Sunday Papers exclaiming just how lucky he is.

Yeah, lucky we don’t have recall elections.

Get a bucket ready…he is even mocking the whole affair with the photo.

“Yo,” said the mayor, leaping from the mayoral limousine into a Mangere street, hand outstretched, bailing up a dishevelled man in a beanie. The man looked bemused. The mayor kept moving.

It was either the first anniversary of Len Brown’s re-election as mayor of Auckland, or the first anniversary of revelations he had an affair with Bevan Chuang, depending on how salaciously you looked at things.

He was busy, so this was a peripatetic interview. The mayor was heading into a South Auckland housing charity, midway through a day that had begun at a men’s breakfast in Mt Eden and would end at a sports dinner in Weymouth.

He was always busy; this week, exceptionally so. He was unveiling ambitious $12 billion plans to modernise Auckland’s transport systems, there was a rates announcement, and a minor stink over whether to ban open fireplaces.

His offbeat greeting was almost the only glimpse of the old, madcap, rapping, face-slapping mayor. Brown was serious, sombre now. Too busy and, you might speculate, a man changed by that affair.

Fortunately, Brown was just home from a month’s holiday in Europe with his family. Paris, Munich, Bordeaux, Prague.

He talked about their compact architecture and transport systems, bemoaned how much tagging they had suffered. This didn’t sound like the “outstanding” break he claimed it had been. “You never switch off as a mayor.

“It’s a job that requires such intense levels of concentration and focus.”

He didn’t, he said, suffer from stress. “I’m doing a job I love and feel very honoured and proud to do so in that situation.

“It’s hard to describe something you love as stressful. But it’s a very intense job.”

Read more »


len Read more »

Palino for Mayor? Yeah… naaaaah

The Herald on Sunday are trying to revive the political corpse that’s John Palino

Last year’s defeated Auckland mayoral candidate is not ruling out another tilt at the mayoral chains.

“I’m keeping that open,” the restaurateur told the?Herald on Sunday?yesterday. “I get people often, pretty much every day, saying: ‘I hope you run again’.”

Palino, speaking at length for the first time since the election, said the decision would be made in about 18 months. “Depending on where I’m at, what I’m doing with my partner, my family and ? hopefully ? having children.”

In comments likely to frustrate his critics, Palino reiterated he’d had no advance or detailed knowledge of mayor Len Brown’s affair with Bevan Chuang, a liaison that sparked the country’s biggest sex scandal in years.

Auckland wants to get rid of Len Brown so badly, it will accept anything that comes along that doesn’t look like it is going to work them over.

Palino isn’t such a man. ?He’s severely tainted and doesn’t deserve to have a second go, no matter how early his image revitalisation run is started with the help of a paper that is looking to work its way into the next mayor’s office. ? Read more »

Len’s Ngati Whatua room sex adventures causing renewed concern

As the LGOIMA requests are finally starting to come out of Auckland Council, the raw data (dare I say, “meta data”?) is being scrutinised by all and sundry for something that can be inferred that the EY report may not have reported on.

One concern remains over the security guard that surprised Bevan Chuang and Len Brown when they were pollishing the Ngati Whatua room table. ?He somehow is unable to be indentified. ?He can not be asked further questions. ?But emails show he may have been pressured to do so.

Emails obtained under the Official Information Act reveal the Ernst and Young fraud investigation boss suspected the guard – who unwittingly caught the mayor and Bevan Chuang having sex in a council room – may have had “pressure bought to bear on them to keep quiet”.

Chuang revealed the interruption when she disclosed the affair last year. Efforts to identify the male guard – one of 16 to have worked during the past few years at the Town Hall where the Ngati Whatua room is located – were fruitless.

An email on November 7 last year from the council employment relations manager Andre Lubbe to security manager Dean Kidd indicated there was “some suspicion” about one guard. Read more »