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So bloody what? Media party jumps shark in attacking Brethren

Bevan Hurley has jumped the shark this morning, and his former pals at the NZ Herald joined in too, in attacking the Brethren for daring to have Steve Hansen and Willie Apiata speak at one fo their conferences.

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen and Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata were among top-dollar guest speakers at a controversial $2000-a-day Exclusive Brethren business conference this week.

Hansen told more than 2200 guests about the values of teamwork at the event, named “Game Plan 2016” and held at Auckland’s Vector Arena. The event was organised through an Exclusive Brethren-run business network called the Universal Business Team (UBT) – an expert on the closed and conservative church called the speakers’ involvement “unprecedented”.

The Exclusive Brethren came to prominence in New Zealand in 2005 for secretly trying to influence voters to support the National Party, with an expensive attack campaign against the Greens and Labour. National leader Don Brash resigned from Parliament in 2006 following revelations of his close links with the Brethren, who reportedly spent $1.2m trying to buy the result of the 2005 general election.

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Not guilty, and indeed still Honourable (and some impertinent questions)

Here’s the report, for those of you who would like to have a read.


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Planned political hit job on cops continues

Labour hate the cops with a passion.

Crime rates are way down – and I’ve warned for a while now that the left will do anything they can to target Police and make them look bad for delivering the goods under National.

At the weekend there was a historical story about some silly cops recording burglaries wrongly.

They were punished – and to be fair the HoS gave some perspective.

“Tims said the analysis since the internal review found that the incorrect coding of burglaries would have “affected less than half of 1 per cent of Counties Manukau’s approximately 150,000 recorded crimes over that time”. “

But here’s the real story.

It was written by Bevan Hurley and regular readers will know that Bevan’s sources for stories are almost always suspect.

This was an inside job designed to destroy colleagues and take out the Commissioner, Mike Bush, the former Manukau district commander.

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Lame, stupid and deceitful

The bizarre life of Denis O’Rourke continues to slowly be peeled back.

This morning there are false testimonials (since deleted) for services never provided….but it’s ok it was before he was an MP and has now been deleted…so that’s ok then.

Bevan Hurley takes a break from taking dictation from former bankrupts to report:

New Zealand First MP Denis O’Rourke is under further pressure after being caught out over a fake testimonial on the Trade Me page of his classic car rental business.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter yesterday confirmed he is formally investigating the relationship between the list MP and his taxpayer-funded staffer Stephen James with whom he shares his Christchurch home.

However, the complaint from Queenstown resident David Simpson which sparked the investigation said there was “a clear case of Mr O’Rourke and Mr James conspiring to create bogus testimonials about a wedding car hire firm they both have an interest in”.

The pair were directors of Christchurch-based wedding business Garden City Weddings.

After the business ceased trading, Mr O’Rourke continued to lease classic cars for weddings, including a 1948 Jaguar Mark V named Winston.

Under his Trade Me handle DJSteve, Mr James wrote: “Such beautiful black cars – thanks for your great service for our wedding.”

Mr O’Rourke replied: “Denis: Many thanks Steve. it was our pleasure.” Read more »

Lack of investigation trips up HoS

A couple of weeks go Bevan Hurley wrote a schlock piece about the owner of Blacktop Construction who has fallen on hard times.

Simon Everett has worked every Christmas over the past 15 years resurfacing the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

But this year, he’ll get to spend the holidays at home with his family – he’s just not sure if it’ll be in his own home.

Last month, his world fell apart when Blacktop Construction, the family company he’s built up over 28 years, was placed in receivership.

It’s left this proud, self-made father of two having to ask for handouts to survive.

“A month ago, I was driving a Lexus. Today, I’m driving a motor scooter,” he said this week.

“My wife is about to go to WINZ to ask for some emergency payments for our mortgage. I’m going to be bankrupt, I would say. My brother and sister are in a pretty similar position.”

The lowest moment came when bailiffs showed up at his elderly mother’s home asking for money.

Blacktop found itself squeezed out of the major road maintenance contracts, deals now the subject of a Serious Fraud Office investigation.  Read more »

Herald on Sunday manufactures outrage again

tgwtY0CThe Herald on Sunday is continuing the crusade against the government and alleged spying by manipulating an old story to claim some sort of outrage.

They have dredged up the tea tapes saga and re-written it to suit their narrative of spying. They lie to readers in doing so. But then this is what “decent journalists, trained and skilled” do these days. They lie, they cheat and they manipulate public opinion to suit their own political agendas.

No wonder people distrust media.

The article starts like this:

Lawyers are demanding a review of how police intercept private communications after a photo-journalist’s cellphone logs and messages, including exchanges with a lawyer, were obtained in and inquiry instigated by the PM.

That is a lie right there in the preamble. The communications were not “intercepted”. The txts were obtained after a legal warrant was obtained, some months after the event took place. There was no interception.

This is a classic case of how the media manipulates people to fear things, in this case the government and John Key.  Read more »

Cry baby of the Week: Amy Thomson


The Incident:  Amy Thomson deliberately tried to breach Israel’s immigration laws so got detained and kicked out (and banned).

A peace activist was detained for 48 hours before being sent back to New Zealand for trying to enter Israel on a tourist visa.

Amy Thomson, 26, was held at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on February 26. She tried to enter the country for a three-month voluntary internship at a non-government organisation promoting peace.

Thomson said the Israel Palestinian Centre for Research and Information told her she should claim to be a tourist.

Suspicions were raised when Israeli immigration authorities saw she had recently visited Lebanon, which is in ongoing conflict with Israel.

The appropriate response:  Apologise, always pays to be polite to immigration officials of any country, don’t get all shouty or start spouting on about rights, and get on the next plane out. There is no way Israeli’s are going to let an Arab sympathising protestor visit their country…It is their country after all, especially if you have written pro-Iranian essays and have your anti-Israel work indexed by Google.  Read more »

What a way to start, from tweets to paper there are bombs all round

Bryce Johns, the guy who only employs “decent journalists, trained and skilled” has been spruiking his new look paper hard out this week, including last night:

Hmmm…perhaps a Twitter auto correct?

Then there his promotion of Bevan Hurley as the lead story writer:

Hmmm..I wonder who wrote it for him between band practice…and here was me thinking that Carolyne Meng-yee was going to make a comeback…seems she couldn’t produce a ripper for the front page.  Read more »