Duncan Garner joins in the media driven frenzy over sugar

The media are aiding the health troughers by campaigning against sugar ?and products containing sugar.

Instead of blaming fat bastards, like pie wrecking?Duncan Garner for the shape of their bodies they instead seek to blame supermarkets, food and beverage producers and sugar manufacturers.

On top of that they advocate for the same sorts of measures against the products that are used against tobacco.

People said it would never come to this but there is not other way to label articles like Duncan Garner’s “Killer Fizz” claims.

The fizz is killing us, and it?s time we put the spotlight on sugar and the supermarkets. So I?ve been out and about.

An Auckland Countdown store was selling these two products this morning for just $1 a bottle. It?s 1.5 litres of flavoured Fanta ? it?s killer fizz and the flavours are grape and blueberry.

What?s worse is that it?s positioned in the aisle to target kids and their parents as they walk past ? just so they don?t miss it. It?s just flavoured sugar and it?s making us all fat.

Yes, I know it?s called a “loss-leader” to get people in the store, but I?ve got a real problem with this marketing and this practice.

Sugar is evil. It?s killing us and there?s plenty of evidence around to prove it.

The fizz isn’t killing us, fat bastards with a lack of self control are killing themselves. ?? Read more »

Focus coming on RTD manufacturers

Cody's, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Cody’s, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Today the Herald on Sunday editorial and Kerre McIvor launch into RTD manufacturers.

First up the editorial:

The legislation may need to be revisited to ensure its intentions are clear. Though no parental permission appears to have been given for the supply of alcohol in this instance, the law allowing liquor to be given with parental permission to teenagers below the legal purchasing age may need to include an absolute minimum age for alcohol consumption.

And the sale of canned RTD mixes should be reconsidered too. They are purposely designed for young drinkers. When the law was revised a year ago, the industry was told to voluntarily control these drinks or face regulation. It has set a maximum alcohol content for the cans and banned advertising that appeals to minors.

But sweet drinks in cans will always entice the young. It is time they were banned. Beer, wine, and spirits have a natural child barrier: children by and large do not like them. But potent cocktails are a different proposition for those who are not ready to drink.

The industry says RTDs are giving way to cider among younger adults. It should encourage that trend and phase out RTDs entirely. What better reason does it need than the images of a 9-year-old wasted at a skate park?

That image ought to haunt the liquor industry and legislators for a long time. The video went worldwide and the image may have an impact far beyond New Zealand. The boy, meanwhile, needs help. The police and family services must ensure he receives it. ? Read more »

Interesting things – Vietnamese Coffee

How to make Vietnamese Coffee: