Willie Jackson on Rihanna’s disrespect

Willie Jackson comments on two stars and their differing respect or lack of it of Maori culture.

Pop princess Rihanna needs to have a good look at herself after covering up her traditional Maori moko just weeks after she got it.

To me that says more about the American singer‘s immaturity than the actual tattoo and the pain process she went through.

The already tattooed entertainer starred on YouTube when she was inked the old school way using a mallet and chisel.

That method is used around the Pacific and is extremely painful so I’m told.

You have to give her credit for going through that but now that she’s seen fit to cover it up, I can only wonder why she got it done in the first place?   Read more »

The Beyonce Haka, can’t wait for the outrage

I’m sure some moaning Maori will be outraged that a woman daring to respond to the Haka…but here is it is anyway.

Beyonce’s publicist good at being publicist, not so good with Internet

Beyonce’s publicist wants these unflattering pictures from the Super Bowl to be removed from the Internet


Good luck with getting it off the Internet.   Read more »