Australian Muslim Activist decided to prove that the poll results were wrong

I wrote recently about a poll in Australia?where the question was posed, ?Do you support banning Muslim Immigration??. The not surprising result (given what has been happening in Australia)?was that 49% Australians said ” Yes.” Like with Brexit a lot of Lefties were not happy with the result of the poll and blamed the result on the fact that only 1,000 people were polled. A second poll was taken?but it got?exactly the same result.

What?s happened next was fascinating. Mariam Veiszadeh, of ?Islamaphobia Register of Australia? infamy, refused to believe the results so commissioned her own poll on Twitter. She proposed exactly the same question and more than 40,000 people have responded to the poll.

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The bigotry of low expectations hurts all of us

A propaganda video is being shown inside American high schools. It is an ?animated white privilege video. Its purpose is to ?encourage ?racial discourse? ?but it has led to a backlash from ?people who ?do not like the references to so-called white privilege.

?They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It?s a White guilt kind of video,? Don Blake, whose granddaughter attended the assembly where the video was shown, told told WWBT. ?I think somebody should be held accountable for this.?

The key premise of the video is cringeworthy. ?It portrays white people, specifically white men as the winner of all things while showing black people to be losers and unable to overcome any obstacles in their way. I don’t understand why the people who created this video can’t see how incredibly racist, belittling and patronising it is. ?The video uses the analogy of a running race which is quite ironic considering that when it comes to real running races black people usually dominate.

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The BDS movements real goal is the end of the state of Israel


The reason why the BDS movement keeps failing despite huge support from the so called progressives in our society, is because its real goal is not to remove Israelis from a disputed strip of land. Its real goal is the end of the State of Israel itself.

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The Bigotry of lowered expectations


When you hold one person to higher standards than another that is true bigotry and it is the type of bigotry most commonly practiced by the Left.

Christians are expected by the Left to maintain much higher standards than followers of Islam. The underlying ( unspoken ) message from the Left is that Christians are civilised and Muslims are savages. They don’t realise that they hold Christians and Atheists to higher standards than Muslims because deep down they believe that they are superior to them as they come from a civilised society.

If a Christian held a sign saying, behead all those who insult Jesus, the Left would be merciless in their condemnation but when a Muslim does it they make excuses for the poor ignorant savage.

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Winston’s bluster

Winston Peters is blustering about Susan Devoy’s comments. As usual he is dissembling and obfuscating.

He knows full well what he is doing in race-baiting.

Unfortunately there is precious little anyone can do about it, except mock the senile old fool.

NZ First leader Winston Peters has accused Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy of “talking nonsense” about his “Super City of Sin” speech on the growing Chinese influence in Auckland.

Dame Susan yesterday said she would be forced to get involved if Mr Peters continued his “tirade” against the Chinese community.? Read more »

So, some cartoons were racist and the cartoonist should be banned…what about these?

In the light of the so-called ?racist cartoons? about breakfast in schools.

Check these snippets out from Bro?town…and tell me again why the cartoonist should have been vilified.

On top of that the taxpayer coughed substantial coin to make these. Are they able to get away with it because they have had the liberal elite bludgers all lined up as voice actors?

Pressures of modern parenting:

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Is this racist?

If a cartoon depicting Maori trotting off for free food in schools was racist, then is this front page racist?

A reader asks:

The Weekend Sun is in letterboxes?Friday?in Tauranga.

Yesterday’s?cover is a nice photo of two girls at Merivale school with their bowls and the headline “Breakfast is best”? Read more »


The entitlement and grievance attitude of Maori

via the tipline

It is often said that Maori have learned in the past 30 years or so an entitlement and a?grievance?mentality, that is now affecting them far more negatively that the last 150 years of “occupation”.

Witness Aroha Hathaway. Radio and TV personality…she is no poor bush Maori, she is a Ponsonby media snob with a TV and radio job….and this is her attitude.

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Piss off back to the Village of the Damned

A bunch of nasty racist thugs are targeting asians in Auckland.

A white supremacist Christchurch group is planning to distribute anti-Chinese flyers around Auckland, a city council ethnic panel member says.

Chinese woman Bevan Chuang said she had received information that the Right Wing Resistance was planning to distribute leaflets in Titirangi, Manurewa and Onehunga attacking Chinese immigration.

“Safety is the most important thing, so please don’t confront the white power people with your bare hands,” Miss Chuang said in an email circulated to leading members of Auckland’s Chinese.

The Hong Kong-born panel member has also alerted the police Asian liaison officer to the matter.

Two years ago, the same group distributed “Stop the Asian Invasion” flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Howick, Northcote and Pakuranga, sparking police concerns that the action would lead to racially motivated violence.

The far-right group also tried then to recruit non-Asian immigrants to join its campaign against the Chinese.

Miss Chuang said she had been receiving “crazy neo-Nazi posts” on her Facebook page, attacking her ethnicity.

This will be Kyle Chapman’s bunch of skinhead pansies.

Kyle Chapmand and his bunch of pansy mates

Kyle Chapman and his bunch of pansy mates

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Tau Henare, you really are a tosser

Tau Henare wanted to be Speaker of the House so much, he could taste it. ?But to be the Speaker of the House, you have to be diplomatic and not take sides.

Somehow, I don’t think he would have lasted very long.


Never mind the foibles of MMP, let’s just throw someone out of the house simply on the basis that they are speaking about an issue that has very little public support, but got him and his party legally elected.

Nah, Tau, you would have made a terrible speaker.

And it seems only one person didn’t know it.