Bill English

Ignorant Bill English finally comments on UNSC 2334 and embarasses himself

Bill English has handled Murray McCully’s rogue actions at the UN Security council poorly.

He has further proved he is incapable of understanding the issues after Malcolm Turnbull confronted him on the issue.

Shalom.Kiwi reports:

Turnbull wrote an opinion piece in The Australian which criticised countries who had ‘‘chastised Israel alone’’, for the failure of the peace process.

My government will not support one-sided resolutions criticising Israel of the kind recently adopted by the UN Security Council and we deplore the boycott campaigns designed to delegitimise the Jewish state.’’Malcolm Turnbull

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English has, for the most part, deferred comment on the biased resolution to Foreign Minister Murray McCully. However, English recently said Turnbull raised the matter when the two met in Queenstown. Turnbull’s unequivocal support for Israel and criticism of the UN resolution has prompted NZ’s Prime Minister to comment   Read more »

Do Murray and Bill still think we did the right thing?

Murray McCully went rogue at the UN Security Council and signed New Zealand up to support despots, dictators and terrorists against the only democracy in the Middle East.

Bill English professed no knowledge and washed his hands of it, thinking it would all go away over Christmas. The problem both have is that the issue hasn’t gone away.

President Trump and his UN ambassador have been unequivocal over the back-stabbing of Israel and have locked in tight behind Israel. The UK flip-flopped and so did the Ukraine over the vote in favour of UNSC Resolution 2334.

The Australians are now very vocal against the UN for the same resolution. Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull came out strongly against the UN.

Malcolm Turnbull has strongly condemned the UN, accusing it of a prejudiced attack against Israel over a Security Council resolution that accused the Israeli ­government of violating inter­national law with its settlement activity.

On the eve of a historic visit by Benjamin Netanyahu, who ­arrives in Sydney today as the first sitting Israeli leader to visit Australia, the Prime Minister also charged those who promoted or supported a boycott campaign with a deplorable attempt to ­­­de-legitimise the Jewish state.   Read more »

Vernon Small gets it, why can’t Bill?

Vernon Small can see smoke signals…shame Bill English can’t.

Prime Minister Bill English may make a decent fist of shearing, but when it comes to kicking for touch his style is more hack-it-and-see.

Faced with queries about the impact of the Maori-Mana non-aggression pact, announced on Monday, he punted them all into the distant future.

Would National continue its long-standing policy of not fielding candidates in the Maori seats?

“There is likely to be some discussion about that. We haven’t come to a conclusion but we didn’t stand last time.”

Every election was a bit different. He hadn’t thought about it in great detail.

Well then, what about abolishing the Maori seats?   Read more »

“Naïve Kiwi optimism” a hallmark of Bill English’s leadership

Prime Minister Bill English has cited “naïve Kiwi optimism” as a driving factor in a New Zealand-led campaign to keep the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) alive.

English’s effort to keep the TPP in play will be centre-stage when he meets Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Queenstown tomorrow.

“One particular area we will be focused on this weekend starting when PM Malcolm Turnbull turns up from Australia is trade,” English told a BusinessNZ gathering this week. “The US has pulled out of TPP and we are going to see if we can work with others to create a coalition to proceed with it even if the US isn’t in it. ” Read more »


What super power does Bernie Monk have? Now he has another PM grovelling for his approval

The Prime Minister has met with the Pike River Mine families today, saying he acknowledges their loss and suffering.

“The families want to recover their loved ones and ensure such a disaster never happens again and I accept they want to take every possible step to achieve this,” Mr English says.

“No matter how we try and achieve this, we must adhere to the improved workplace health and safety laws we passed in the aftermath of the Pike River Mine tragedy.

“This decision is not about politics, it is about safety. We lost 29 lives in that mine and I will not risk losing any more.

“On that, there is common ground. The families’ spokespeople, their experts and Solid Energy all agree that the mine would have to be made safe before an entry could occur.

“The families’ proposal for entry, made public in December, does not include a detailed plan, and therefore does not make the case for a safe re-entry.

“Any decision to re-enter would also have to be made in accordance with our current workplace safety law, so the new directors would still have to take responsibility without indemnity for all aspects of safely entering the mine. It’s highly unlikely a new set of directors would decide it could be done safely. Read more »

Not just our readers have noticed Bill English hiding behind Murray McCully’s skirt

Shalom Kiwi writes

In the last days of 2016, an open letter was sent to Prime Minister Bill English, signed by 28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis, condemning New Zealand’s decision to co-sponsor and vote for the biased anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution 2334. The same letter also attracted over 2,500 online signatures.

After nearly a month, the Prime Minister’s office responded to the letter and, in an email, a correspondence manager wrote:

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Bill English, to acknowledge your email of 29 December 2016 concerning your letter from 28 representative Jewish and non-Jewish organisations with over 800 supporting individual signatures on the UNSC resolution on Israel. Please be assured your comments have been noted.

We are forwarding a copy of your correspondence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Murray McCully, for his consideration.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.”Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand

So don’t feel too bad readers.  Clearly, your single email hardly stood out if the Government isn’t even going to deal with 28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis approaching it as one.   Read more »

Don’t ask Murray, ask some experts, they say UN resolution only makes settlement issue harder to resolve

Murray McCully really doesn’t get why his betrayal of Israel is evil. His platitudes and pathetic explanations don’t bear any reasonable scrutiny and Bill English is so dopey on foreign policy he just accepts what McCully tells him,

Dov Bing and  Colin Rubenstein are experts in foreign policy and they pour cold water on McCully’s assertions.

New Zealand’s role in co-sponsoring United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2334 isn’t anything to cheer about for those who care more about peace than symbolism. In fact, it damages prospects for peace.

In fact, we have already seen in recent days the backlash that has occurred in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, in the form of reciprocal, unilateral moves regarding how Israeli law treats unauthorised outposts built on private Palestinian land in the West Bank.

Israel’s High Court is expected to strike down this unhelpful law – but the popular anger that motivated the vote has the hallmarks of a symbolic protest as a response, in no small part, to UN Resolution 2334. Many Israelis viewed the resolution itself as a unilateral diplomatic move on behalf of Palestinian interests, as well as a total disregard for the statistically verifiable restraint Israel placed on settlement activity during the Obama years – contrary to the media narrative promoted by politicised NGOs.

Now, we have seen a few New Zealand-based activist academics calling on Wellington to compound one mistake with a far greater one and impose sanctions on Israel. They insist that their demand would only mean translating the spirit of the resolution into action – thus proving hollow Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully’s claim that his resolution wasn’t one-sidedly anti-Israel.

Read more »

Still think you did the right thing Murray?

And Prime Minister Bill English can’t even say if Israel will answer the phone if we call.  Has no idea of our diplomatic status.  Which isn’t much of a surprise when both ambassadors have been punted.

Murray’s brain fart has put us on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of our allies, and the wrong side of decency. Read more »

As crazy as it sounds, Egypt appears to be closer to Israel than New Zealand

While Bill English prevaricates and sits on his hands over the deterioration in our relationship with Israel, it appears Egypt is improving their relationship.

The vast six-lane boulevard from Cairo International Airport into the city center is lined with buildings and offices connected to Egypt’s powerful military. Hotels cater to air force officers, and buildings commemorate, with glorious murals, the country’s fighting history. One shows Egyptian soldiers crossing the Suez Canal in 1973 to strike at Israeli forces in Sinai.

Many Egyptians see the 1973 war as a victory. From that war came the peace treaty signed in Washington in 1979 between president Anwar Sadat and prime minister Menachem Begin. Insiders say that Israel and Egypt are experiencing the closest cooperation in decades, based on shared interests.

On the surface there is nothing about the Egyptian-Israeli cold peace that appears warm. Israel was not represented at the Cairo International Book Fair that wrapped up on Friday. Official meetings with Israelis are controversial – a parliamentarian named Tawfik Okasha was heavily reprimanded for sitting down with the Israeli ambassador last year.

Israel reopened its embassy, albeit in smaller quarters, in September 2015, four years after an angry mob stormed it during the chaos of the Arab Spring. “We’re working together for the sake of stability and prosperity in the Middle East. Egypt will always be the largest and most important state in our region,” then-Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said. However, reports noted that the embassy building itself would not be re-opened and the ambassador’s residence would be used until a suitable location could be found.

Read more »

Bill English: New Zealand would “prefer to have a positive relationship with Israel”

Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted isn’t very useful right now.  Worse, Bill English is still holding out hope that our diplomatic ties haven’t been severed.  Why?  Because he can’t get Israel to confirm it.

Prime Minister Bill English says there’s no confirmation that Israel has downgraded its diplomatic ties with New Zealand following a United Nations resolution that angered the Middle Eastern nation.

The Times of Israel is reporting Israel has permanently downgraded its diplomatic ties in retribution against the countries that co-sponsored a United Nations Security Council resolution in December condemning the construction of Jewish settlements.

This has impacted on both New Zealand and Senegal while the two other co-sponsors – Malaysia and Venezuela – did not have previous existing diplomatic relations with Israel. Read more »