Bill English

Bill English feels London terrorism feels close to home

Are we ready to have a re-think yet about allowing Muslim immigration to this country?

Apparently not.

Attacks near London’s Westminster Palace feel very close to home for New Zealanders who have visited and called the city home, Prime Minister Bill English says.

In a statement Mr English has condemned the attacks that left five people dead, including a police officer and the alleged assailant on Wednesday (local time).

“Innocent people should never have to fear such violence when going about their daily lives, and New Zealand stands alongside the UK in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism,” he said on Thursday morning.    Read more »

Why is Bill English still running interference for Murray McCully?

Winston Peters is holding Murray McCully to account, via Bill English.

Bill English may think this is a bit of a joke, but he knows that several large donors don’t think the same as him and have shut their wallets to National.

Prime Minister Bill English has confirmed Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully did not have approval from cabinet to support a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution criticising Israel, says New Zealand First.   Read more »

Nick Smith risks it all in election year

There are two people who will cost National the election. They are Bill English and Nick Smith, and they are wedded to each other.

Nick Smith is the proverbial omnishambles.

The next stage of the Government’s attempts to change the Resource Management Act with a massive 300-page amendment bill are likely to be one of the biggest tests of MMP we have seen.

There is now no guarantee that Environment Minister Nick Smith can get the legislation — or critical parts of it – through the House as both the Maori Party and Act threaten to vote with the Opposition.

No Government has been defeated since MMP was introduced on a piece of landmark  legislation in the Chamber because its coalition partners have voted against parts of it.

That is what could happen here.   Read more »

Want proof Bill English is a dickhead, here it is

The opposition and Media party have been attacking water exports.

Predictably, Bill English has quivered when confronted with tweets and outrage from the perpetually outraged.

The Government has written to its advisory group on water, telling it to investigate putting a price on exported water and to report back by the end of the year.

“We’ve written to the technical advisory group that’s working on water allocation, and asking them to include in their considerations the issues around export water”, Prime Minister Bill English said on Monday afternoon.

It comes amidst public and political pressure in recent weeks over the exporting of New Zealand water for sale overseas.

“There is real public concern about foreign companies access to water, there’s also a long-held, deep seated view among New Zealanders that no one owns it and it’s free,” Mr English said.

“We’d want to step through any process carefully so that’s why we’ve written a letter today.”

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Bill English should no longer do interviews. He’s a liability

When Bill English is put under pressure by an interviewer, he’s so keen not to take a position that he hedges.   This was what led to the Retirement age debacle where the period from interview to policy announcement was mere days.   Having questioned people in and around the National party, Superannuation wasn’t anything more than a box to tick off when you shore up policy in the lead-up to the election one day.  Next, it’s a flagship move that nobody around the Cabinet table saw coming.

So you’d think Mr English would learn from that and not blurt out more stupid things under pressure. Read more »

More information on McCully’s betrayal of Israel

More information is coming out via non-traditional media about the utter betrayal of Israel by Murray McCully, Bill English and the National party.

Media reported in the most gushing way possible, by Audrey Young and Richard Harman, about the back-slapping that went on after we stabbed Israel. Now more details from the same address to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs have emerged that have been ignored by New Zealand media more intent on the back-slapping than the devious nature by which McCully achieved his trophy “peace in our time” resolution.

Shalom.Kiwi reveals the utter contempt for our rules, laws and processes that McCully has shown.

Questions about New Zealand’s involvement in the passing of the Resolution were raised this week by Winston Peters in parliament. Peters asked Gerry Brownlee, standing in for the Foreign Minister, whether the resolution had been put before cabinet. Brownlee obfuscated for five minutes or more and failed to answer the question, but he gave the impression that it did not go to cabinet, as procedure demands.

While it’s still something of a mystery how much the New Zealand government knew about the genesis and passing of Resolution 2334, a talk on 9 March 2017 by Gerard van Bohemen to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs shed light on some diplomatic maneuverings on this issue and showed how New Zealand was a driving force behind the anti-Israel resolution.

From the start of New Zealand’s term on the Council, Foreign Minister McCully made it clear that he wanted to have a resolution on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, as van Bohemen explained:

This was Mr McCully’s test to me. He said, if the Security Council is going to mean anything, surely it can table some action on one of the world’s most intractable long-standing conflicts, surely it can say something, even a little something on the Middle East.”     –Gerard van Bohemen   Read more »

What really went on as NZ betrayed Israel

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

What really went on when New Zealand betrayed Israel?

We’ve read what Richard Harman and Audrey Young got out of their chats with Gerard van Bohemen, now let’s look at a different perspective at what was said:

For many New Zealanders the anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334, co-sponsored by New Zealand on the Eve of Christmas 2016, came as a shock. It is one thing for a democratic nation to criticise another democratic nation for its policies. It is quite another to lead the charge on a resolution that was clearly seen, by Israel and many in New Zealand, as stabbing a friend in the back, acting contrary to those countries’ shared values, and nothing but counter-productive virtue-signalling.

It was therefore an eye-opener to hear New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Gerard van Bohemen, reveal, in his 9 March 2017 address to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, how hard New Zealand pushed for the resolution and how the UN member states view such resolutions. The ambassador’s ‘view from within’ contained some surprising admissions.   Read more »

McCully’s fibs over NZ’s betrayal of Israel exposed

If you only read the articles from the McCully Koolaid drinkers then you’d think that sponsoring UN Security Council Resolution 2334 against Israel was a triumph for New Zealand.

Audrey Young is positively fizzing at the whitewash coming from McCully and his staff in MFaT, most notably Gerard van Bohemen our man at the UN.

She writes:

He said he believes New Zealand demonstrated during its two-year term as one of 10 elected members that it was competent, well-informed, willing to rock the boat and worth listening to.

The campaign to win an elected seat on the council and the two-year term itself had lifted New Zealand’s engagement with a big range of countries.

Arab countries respected what New Zealand did on Syria as well as co-sponsoring a Middle East resolution on the two-state solution in December, which has led to the recall of the Israeli ambassador from Wellington.

Egypt tabled the resolution and it attracted co-sponsorship from New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela. Egypt then succumbed to pressure from then US President-elect Donald Trump to drop the resolution but the other countries maintained their sponsorship and it passed by 14 votes to one abstention, by the US.

“After it was all over we certainly got lots of congratulations that we were brave enough to stand our ground,” van Bohemen said.

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Goff told to eff off over government stadium cash

Phil Goff has been told in no uncertain terms to shove his stadium plans up his arse.

There will be no government cash for his whimsy.

An Auckland central city stadium wouldn’t get Government funding, Prime Minister Bill English says.

A stadium is back on the cards after Auckland Mayor Phil Goff commissioned work on the feasibility of a new central city site costing up to $1 billion.   Read more »

Winston asks the right questions while McCully cowers behind Brownlee

Yesterday Winston Peters went to the house and attempted to skewer Murray McCully.

McCully lacked the courage to turn up to the house to answer the questions, sending Gerry Brownlee instead to run interference.

Gerry Brownlee made such a hash of his answers and obfuscated so much that David Carter gave Winston an extra question. He even admitted that he wasn’t an expert on the Cabinet Manual.  Read more »