Bill Hodge

READT Chair appointment ‘unlawful’, hundreds of cases at risk


THE CHAIRMAN of the Crown agency that deals with rogue real estate agents is facing the axe after revelations his appointment four years ago was unlawful.

In 2011 the Government handpicked former district court judge Paul Barber to head the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal in a move supposedly heralding a new environment of accountability for the industry.

However, Barber?s days could be numbered after confirmation from the New Zealand Law Society yesterday the 78-year-old, who still refers to himself as a judge, did not hold a practising certificate ? a requirement under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 to fulfil the role of chairman. ?? Read more »

If there is one good to come from Blessie?s cruel death, let it be better preventative detention law

Nobody could keep the creep locked up. ?His rights had to be respected, no matter how certain it would be that someone was going to be at the wrong end of it. ?There will be dozens of people who can?t sleep well knowing they did everything they could, but they simply didn?t have the legal tools to deal with such evil.

Why are we talking about flags, and anthems, when we have something this important to do?

The murder of Blessie Gotingco has sparked a call for judges to be able to revisit dangerous offender’s sentence at the end of their prison time.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is calling for such a law change, which while it might breach the Bill of Rights at least one law academic believes it is “worth talking about”.

Name suppression lifted yesterday for 28-year-old Tony Douglas Robertson, who raped and murdered Mrs Gotingco in May 2014 just six months after being released on strict conditions after serving his full eight-year sentence for abducting and molesting a five-year-old girl.

SST spokesman Garth McVicar says the Government should change the law so an offender’s sentence can be reconsidered once they have reached the end of their jail time. ? Read more »

Dud Judge caves to dirty pedo’s river of tears

Oh please?.. all dirty paedo?s have to do now is say they will hurt themselves and voila…Courts and dud judges will award name suppression!

If only they would self harm…it would save taxpayers a lot of money.

A High Court judge has granted a sex offender permanent name suppression because she says naming him would increase the risk of him taking his own life.

The Auckland District Court had earlier heard that the doctor, who is in his 60s, was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after discovering the body of his son who had committed suicide.

The court was told he suffered a mental breakdown after the discovery, during which time he sexually abused two young boys.? Read more »

Herald on Sunday manufactures outrage again

tgwtY0CThe Herald on Sunday is continuing the crusade against the government and alleged spying by manipulating an old story to claim some sort of outrage.

They have dredged up the tea tapes saga and re-written it to suit their narrative of spying. They lie to readers in doing so. But then this is what “decent journalists, trained and skilled” do these days. They lie, they cheat and they manipulate public opinion to suit their own political agendas.

No wonder people distrust media.

The article starts like this:

Lawyers are demanding a review of how police intercept private communications after a photo-journalist?s cellphone logs and messages, including exchanges with a lawyer, were obtained in and inquiry instigated by the PM.

That is a lie right there in the preamble. The communications were not “intercepted”. The txts were obtained after a legal warrant was obtained, some months after the event took place. There was no interception.

This is a classic case of how the media manipulates people to fear things, in this case the government and John Key.? Read more »

Harvey gets the arse-card

? NZ Herald

It looks like Judge Harvey has jumped?before?being pushed on?the?Dotcom extradition case. He should have been a bit more circumspect with his comments with all the nerds at NetHui. Poor Harvey J., according to Bill Hodge this was a “case of a lifetime” and considering he has spent his lifetime as a?District?Court Judge this was to the pinnacle of his “career”…and he bottled it with an off the cuff remark in front of a bunch of dweebs. Karma really is a bitch:

The judge overseeing the Kim Dotcom extradition case has stepped down after making comments suggesting the United States was the “enemy”.

Judge David Harvey surrendered his role in the case after making comments during a copyright discussion at an internet conference.

An internet law expert, Judge Harvey had been considered the perfect choice to hear arguments on whether Dotcom and his Megaupload colleagues should be extradited by the United States to face charges of criminal copyright violation.

The district court’s chief judge Jan-Marie Doogue said Judge Harvey had made the decision to step down from hearing the case.

“He recognises that remarks made in the context of a paper he delivered on copyright law at a recent internet conference could reflect on his impartiality and that the appropriate response is for him to step down from the case.”

Disclosure: Judge Harvey is the judge who delivered a judgement longer than the Supreme Court judgement delivered in the Trinity Tax fraud case, acknowledged as New Zealand’s most complicated tax trial. That judgement was of course against me on 9 charges of breaching name suppression, all summary?offenses.

Time to take on the public sector unions

One News had a story last night about the relevance of unions. This graphic tells the tale:

As far as the private sector is concerned unions are meaningless…except for 8.8% of the population. There is still a massive problem in the state sector though and that is where?the?government should focus its efforts in Industrial?Relations?reform.

The first thing to do would be to remove payroll protection for union dues. If unions want people to join then they should act like any other incorporated society and go collect their membership fees themselves instead of having employers do it for them.

The second thing to do is remove monopoly situations. If we don;t tolerate monopolies in the private sector then why should we tolerate them in the union sector. This is most?apparent?in the education sector where there are just three unions and each one has its own monopoly. The NZEI has a monopoly in the primary schools, the PPTa in the secondary schools and then there is the?Principals?union.

The state sector is lagging behind the private sector and these reforms are way overdue.

One thing for sure though, Bill Hodge is right, the union movement in the private sector is dead.

TVNZ is a Social Media desert

Chris Keall at NBR shows us preceisely why TVNZ hasn’t got it in moving with the times. As other businesses get onto the Social Media bandwagon the fools that run the place have decided to ban access to Facebook, Bebo and Trademe.

According to an internal memo leaked on Throng, TVNZ has banned a number of social networking sites, plus the likes of TradeMe, in an effort to trim its broadband bill.

Sites banned include TVNZ’s content partner Bebo.

But, as Throng notes, the state broadcaster’s network Nazi’s don’t seem to be hip to Twitter. Or maybe they consider tweets both time and bandwidth-efficient.

The memo reads:

“As part of TVNZ’s response to the recession, restrictions are now being put on access to some social websites. Provision of bandwidth is an increasing cost to the company and high volume usage on social networking websites impacts on our bandwidth availability for core business activities i.e. the consumer experience on and ondemand. The restrictions will be active from Wednesday March 18th and will apply between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, please use your judgement on appropriate personal use.

The websites that will be blocked are: Facebook, Bebo, Ebay, Zillion, Trademe, Gumtree.”

I reckong they would save a chitload more bandwidth if they would stop spamming bloggers about their shitty shows and their made up statsistics showing why they are supposedly number one. It is spam, it is annoying and I for one may well be laying a complaint.

Yes Andi Brotherston that means you. I have never subscribed to your missives, nor do I want your blatant spin. If I wanted transcripts of your crappy shows I would ask for them. Furthermore it is just plain fucking rude to not have an unsubscribe option.

It isn’t any wonder why your stations are failing so badly, the pity is it is with my money that you are doing it. It is long past time that Broadcasting Minister Coleman took a stick to TVNZ. Being an old Grammar boy he knows well what sort of motivation a beating with the cane instills.

Who are you going to believe?

Who are you going to believe? Winston Peters or Sir Robert Jones.

The Prime Minister is clearly now having second thoughts about backing endlessly Winston’s subterfuge. They will be furously focus grouping various scenarios. Still she thinksa that this is all much ado about nothing.

Meanwhile it seems that the online survey of NZ Herald readers is somewhat more emphatic.

Who do you believe?

Blatant Lying – Jones

Winston Raymond Peters and Sir Robert Jones are going toe to toe in a pissing contest that only Sir Robert can win.

The stakes were upped massively when Sir Robert said;

[quote]”I’m very sad that Winston has now resorted to blatant lying,”[/quote]

That pretty much is game over. Short of Winston taking Sir Robert to court, that statement will stand as Winston’s epitaph.

Winston Raymond Peters in deep trouble

John Armstrong : Credibility gap becomes an abyss for blustering PetersWinston Peters has to be brought to his senses. So the Prime Minister has been holding the smelling salts under his nose. Judging from yesterday’s angry press conference, they are taking some time to work.
Trying to bring Peters…
[NZ Politics]

The media have turned on Peters. His pathetic performance and charade of a presser yesterday have essentially sealed his fate. The beautiful, wonderful thing about all of this is that Clark has cuddled one corpse too far, the political corpse of Winston Raymond Peters. The stench of death is upon them all.

Editorial : This one is not a game, Mr PetersWinston
Peters returned yesterday to face some very serious questions. What is
this Spencer Trust, run by his brother, for which Sir Robert Jones says
he wrote a cheque at the request of Winston Peters? What political
purpose, if…
[NZ Politics]

The Herald editorial is scolding of Peters. He must front and do it now. The questions about his dodgy and some say illegal funding practices remain unanswered.

Peters dodges trust, cash and where it wentSerious
credibility questions remain for Foreign Minister Winston Peters after
he failed yesterday to throw any light on what happened to a $25,000
donation given by Sir Robert Jones in 2005 for Mr Peters’ NZ First
Sir Robert…
[NZ Politics]

Bob Jones is skewering Peters daily, in fact he is revelling in the furore. There is now little chance that Winston can weasel his way out of the allegations.