Bill Liu

Bill Liu arrested in China


Bill Liu has been arrested in China.

A controversial Chinese businessman who has been living in New Zealand for more than a decade has been arrested upon his return to China.

William Yan, also known as Bill Liu?and Yang Liu, was detained after arriving at Capital International Airport in Beijing on Saturday, according to the Government-run press agency Xinhua. ? Read more »

Cash for access


I know my readers flinch when their favourite politician gets in trouble, but let it be clear that he’s doing a fine job all by himself.

Prime Minister John Key has contradicted statements his own office made about a meeting with controversial Chinese businessman Donghua Liu. Read more »

Connect the dots

An Auckland businessman who had $40 million of assets seized this year has told the High Court he gave away a Rolls Royce.

Yan, who has also gone by the name Bill Liu, yesterday applied to get living expenses out of assets that were restrained by the police in August because of his alleged involvement in money laundering.

As part of the police’s opposition to this application, lawyer Mark Harborow questioned Yan in the High Court at Auckland today about his business dealings and assets.

Harborow questioned the businessman about a 2012 Rolls Royce, which was held in a company for Yan’s family trust.

Asked if he gave the luxury vehicle away, Yan said – through an interpreter – that he had.

“You’re not owed any money or other benefit for the car?” Harborow asked.

“Absolutely not,” Yan replied through his interpreter. Read more »

Is there a connection between money laundering and Kim Dotcom?

Dotcom’s assets are supposed to be frozen pending the outcome of the extradition case but the corporations say that recently Dotcom disclosed he had access to substantial funds that were not captured by freezing orders.

As a result a judge in the High Court at Auckland ordered him to disclose the nature, location and value of all his assets worldwide, whether held in his own name or not.

At the hearing to stall that order taking effect Dotcom’s lawyer Tracey Walker told the Court of Appeal today that she was speaking hypothetically in saying a restraining order registered in New Zealand in January 2012 covered specified assets he had at that time but would not cover assets he had acquired since.

Emmerson chess dotcom

The High Court judge said the value of the 2012 assets was put at $11.8.

Further assets of the Dotcom company, Megaupload, are frozen in Hong Kong.

Walker said the position of the US parties was well protected by the assets already frozen here and in Hong Kong and it was a breach of Dotcom’s right to privacy to make him disclose more.

It was a point of principle, she said. Read more »

Careful now Fran, Tom and Jerry* won’t like this kind of carry on

While the NZ Herald are keeping Judith Collins and my good self in a perpetually revolving set of scandalous headlines, the real evil in New Zealand politics is allowed to progress unobstructed. ? At lease Fran ‘O is swimming up stream and giving it a valiant try:

It’s ridiculous that the New Zealand political system can be gamed by an international businessman with criminal convictions who bought his way into this country via the Investor Plus scheme. That businessman subsequently avoided extradition attempts. Then bankrolled a new political party to the tune of $3 million to “take down John Key” and is now openly colluding with Julian Assange to drop a political bomb just five days out from the election.

Kim Dotcom has long been resisting US Government attempts to extradite him to the United States to face allegations of racketeering and money-laundering over the use of his former file-hosting site Megaupload.

Now Dotcom’s palled up with the redoubtable Assange, who took refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition by the Swedish Government over alleged sexual offences.

You can just imagine the phone calls between the pair.

Read more »

Is the Internet Mana party funded by drug money?

unnamedI’ve been thinking.

Where does Kim Dotcom get all his money from?

Reason is, I have a fairly accurate sense of where his assets supposedly are. ?After all, they are the subject of a court case and there are court records outlining them.

For someone with no money, he’s running a Mansion, lots of staff, personal security, vehicles, travel and that’s just for him. ?On top of that he’s funding lots of people directly and indirectly around the Internet and Mana Parties.

Just the other day he send a Tweet to Jason Ede urging him to make contact for a “life changing” chat. ?I interpreted that as an offer to pay a substantial amount of money for information that can take John Key down.

So money isn’t a problem for Kim.

Question is… why?

This happened earlier today:

The police investigation into money laundering came after a drugs inquiry which saw 600kg of pseudoephedrine seized, a primary ingredient in methamphetamine.

Inquiries by the Herald have discovered the Metropolis raid stems from an ongoing financial investigation into a friend of Mr Yan, Yingzi Zeng, from whom $9 million in assets were seized in December.

Her assets, frozen by a High Court judge, included a late-model Porsche and Maserati, a $3.9 million lifestyle block, an apartment, a large home, bank accounts and businesses. Read more »

Trading in Dotcom’s “backdoor share market listing company”, TRS Investment, halted

Trading in TRS Investment, the backdoor listing vehicle for cloud storage and encryption firm, Mega, has been halted pending an announcement from the company,?after?an?18.8 percent stake in Mega was?placed under a restraining order as part of a freeze on the assets of Auckland business William Yan.

Dotcom is looking to list Mega on the NZX through a reverse takeover and is spending heavily on?court action fighting his extradition to the US on conspiracy and money-laundering charges relating to copyright breaches, and on his political vehicle, the Internet Party. He stepped back from a hands-on role at Mega last year, resigning as a director in August to focus on his extradition hearing, music streaming website and political aspirations via the Internet Party.

Mega appointed Gaylard as its new chief executive this month, replacing Stephen Hall, who would remain with the business to work on its proposed reverse listing with TRS.

TRS chairman Keith Jackson was not immediately available for comment on what the announcement might be.

This month Mega raised US$7 million to help fund the listing, and pushed out a deadline to get TRS shareholder approval for the deal until the end of October.

Seems the dominoes are starting to topple?

Bill Liu asset raid nothing to do with Kim Dotcom? ? Seems he’s being affected after all.


Bill Liu is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons

Bill Liu is in the news again after getting raided by the cops.

Jared Savage has the details:

Police have raided the luxury penthouse of a multimillionaire businessman granted citizenship in controversial circumstances and seized his assets because of alleged involvement in money laundering.

William Yan – also previously known as Bill Liu, Yang Liu and Yong Ming Yan – lives on the 35th floor of Auckland’s Metropolis tower. Residents saw detectives removing items from his home on Thursday.

Millions of dollars worth of assets the police allege belong to Mr Yan – although officially registered in other people’s names – have been seized, including the apartment, worth more than $2 million, a Mercedes-Benz, and shares and bank accounts.

Mr Yan has spent millions of dollars as a high roller in the SkyCity Casino VIP lounge. ?? Read more »

Problem solved, cancel his permanent residency

I’m not sure that either the NZ Herald or Laila Harre are being particularly helpful with David Fisher’s latest shock, horror, Dotcom piece today.

Note the Herald got an oh so convenient privacy waiver from Kim Dotcom. I’ll bet he wouldn’t give a privacy waiver to any other media organisation other than John Campbell.

Apparently there was ‘pressure’ to let him in.

The SIS tried to block Kim Dotcom’s residency application but dropped their objection 90 minutes after being told there was “political pressure” to let the tycoon into New Zealand, secret documents from the spy agency reveal.

Last night the leader of the Dotcom-funded Internet Party, Laila Harre, said she “wouldn’t have been comfortable” granting the tycoon residency if she had been the Minister of Immigration.

Documents declassified and released through the Official Information Act show the Security Intelligence Service describing Dotcom as a “bad but wealthy man” who was under criminal investigation by the FBI.

I’m not sure the game they are playing here…are they saying he should never have been let in?

I agree, but this problem can be easily fixed. Review and then cancel his permanent residency…then we don’t need to worry about extraditing him, he will have to leave anyway.

Problem solved.? Read more »

Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up


One thing certain about Winston Raymond Peters is that he never lets facts stand in the way of a?good?story.

Let?s take the recent case of the?allegedly?dodgy Maori trust Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust.

Winston Peters raced out with a story in May, which by sheer coincidence happened to coincide with a?so-called investigative report on Maori TV?s Native Affairs. All of this came about because a couple of fellas recently fired from the trust have decided to ?get back? at the trust.

What better way to ?get back? at the trust than to claim dodgy dealings and paint themselves as honest, caring whistle-blowers, and say that the only reason they were sacked was because when they tried to tell the CEO Malcolm Robson about misspending, Robson wasn?t interested.

As with all employment relations disputes where ex-employees think they?re in for a cash win-fall, the company has to play a straight bat. Robson,?told Native Affairs?in a statement that the employees were dismissed as a result of a pre-existing employment investigation involving ?suspected breaches of employment conditions?? and that ?there will be no comment on specific allegations or the individuals involved while the investigation is active.?

Sounds fair enough when you know someone?s keen on trying to?extort?seek a pay-out. ? Read more »