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Bill Maher: “I see a lot of people talking about guns who don?t know sh*t about guns”

Breitbart reports:

HBO?s ?Real Time? host Bill Maher criticized liberals ?who don?t know sh*t about guns? for speaking about gun control and criticized recent gun control pushes as ?a little bit elitist and a little bit racist,? on Friday.

Maher said, ?[D]oes it really matter if we are banning certain guns? Because, I see that the liberals, they talk about guns ? now, I?m not a gun expert, but I see a lot of people talking about guns who don?t know sh*t about guns. I know a little about ? it?s like when the pope talks about vaginas, you know. And that?s when the conservatives stop listening. Like, I know a lot of them think that AR-15. ?AR? stands for ?assault rifle.? It doesn?t. and it?s not an assault rifle. It?s not an automatic weapon. Those are illegal. There are a lot of weapons they?re not even talking about banning that basically do the same thing as an AR-15, because you have to squeeze each round.?

Maher added, ?[T]he Washington Post says in 2015, 39 deaths from mass shootings. Now, of course, we should say, any death is too many, blah, blah, blah. But, let?s get real. A lot of this is a little bit elitist and a little bit racist, like you were starting to say. It?s like when shootings happen to white people in nice places.?

Maher later said that there is gun control legislation he supports, and that he stops listening, ?When it starts with the democrats with, ?Well, I?m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.’? And agreed the??glorification? of guns should be taken out of the American psyche.

The same applies to Greg O’Connor. He should be ignored. His submission on the gun inquiry was ridiculous. It was probably ghostwritten by Rob Ngamoki, the fool the Police use as their “expert” witness.

You can’t stop criminals obtaining guns through legislation. They are criminals because they ignore laws.


– Breitbart

Ayaan Hirsi Ali challenges Ben Affleck to play Muhammad

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave woman, challenging Islam almost daily.

Her latest challenge though is to Ben Affleck, to play Muhammed in a movie.

Truth Revolt reports:

Activist, Islamic apostate,?and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a question for Ben Affleck: would you play the role of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in a movie? The question is of course rhetorical; there is zero chance the actor would dare touch the part. He would call it respect, but fear is the obvious motivation. Only Muhammad is safe from Hollywood. Because actors don’t want to die. ? Read more »

John Key should watch Bill Maher crush Charlie Rose before he meets the muslim leaders

John Key is going to meet Islamic leaders…for why I don’t really know, there seems little point.

But he should watch this video of Bill Maher schooling Charlie Rose about Islam.

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2015 Islamophobia Awards and the nominees are……

Believe it or not there is such a thing as the Islamophobia Awards.

Not only do they nominate individuals for the award, they also have nominated books and films.

They have even helpfully included a quote to go with each of the nominees. Frankly I am struggling to find any lies. All I see are facts and opinions. I don’t see any hate but what I do see in the creation of these awards is Islam attacking Freedom of Speech yet again. Admittedly this is a ‘ moderate ‘ way to try to silence the dissenting voices, but it is an attempt to silence us nevertheless.

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More Herald hypocrisy


The NZ Herald stated that they stood with Charlie Hebdo, they got their cartoonist to plagiarise another cartoon for their front page and then refused to publish the survivors edition of Charlie Hebdo.

To add insult to injury they claimed a long-standing policy of not insulting religious communities (the policy has only been in place since the Danish cartoon controversy).

Despite all that they continue and have insulted communities, just not the Islamic community. They feel free to insult Buddhists, Christians and others. I have provided numerous examples of their breaches of their own “long-standing policy”.

Readers have identified even more, including insulting images to Hindus.


In the dead tree version of the NZ Herald columnist Dita de Boni used an image of?Kali. The online version omits it, because they pulled it from the website after complaints from the Indian community.

An illustration of the Hindu goddess Kali holding amongst other things a packet of cigarettes published in the New Zealand Herald has caused shock and offence in the Indian community. The Hindu Council of New Zealand has formally brought this to the notice of the Race Relations Commissioner.

The illustration was pulled from the newspaper?s website, but a string of comments refer to it. ?The Goddess Kali image you put up is very offensive to Hindus. This is a national newspaper and you should have given it a thought before you put up an image like that. Would appreciate if you can remove it,? said Sathu in a comment on Herald?s online version of the story, before the cartoon was removed.

Another comment by Jptan reads, ?I was just going to say the same. I?m not Hindu but this image seems like it might cause offense and whoever drew and put it up was a bit ignorant of that fact.?

The illustration accompanies the story which talks about dairy owners expected to become moral police. Indian Associations are of the opinion that the illustration in addition to depicting what Hindus hold sacred in a derogatory fashion; has no connection to the article. ?The illustration of Goddess Kali published in New Zealand Herald cannot be attributed to ignorance and has nothing to do with the article on dairy owners that it was accompanying. It seems to be a malicious desire to cause mischief by the cartoonist and the editor. They hurriedly removed the caricature from their internet version and this indicates they realized they had been caught, but instead of an apology and owning up, they just hoped no one will notice.

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Bill Maher cuts loose at the liberal apologists – They should wear t-shirts that say “Je Suis part of the problem”

Bill Maher has become almost a lone voice in calling out liberal apologists.

He said Islam was the only religion that will ?kill you if you?draw the wrong picture.?

They protested him speaking at their commencement.

Months later, Islamists shot up a French magazine for publishing, well, ?the wrong picture.?

Bill Maher, host of HBO?s ?Real Time,? took Friday night as an opportunity to take something of an ?I told you so? lap around the?University of California Berkeley students who protested him coming to their campus.

Those liberal students resorted to ?extreme bullying? like so many other liberals who want to impose limits on free speech when it offends them, Maher said.

If you?re one of those people, you?re not really a liberal, Maher added. You?re a ?baby.?

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Why unions are losing public support

Caution: ?language


Bill Maher: “…when there?s this many bad apples, there?s something wrong with the orchard”

Bill Maher doesn’t hold back.This was his preamble:

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Mark Steyn continues his attack on media via Hannity

Mark Steyn continues to hold the media to account.

Truth Revolt reports:

Fox News Thursday night, Mark Steyn appeared on Hannity to discuss Charlie Hebdo, Islamic terror, and the media, sparing no mercy for the “eunuchs” of the American press and our comedians and satirists. Steyn?scoffed at the idea that American press outlets are standing with journalists in France, noting that American papers didn’t reprint the images the Hebdo?cartoonists were killed over. Steyn?also directly attacked the American impulse to give cover to Islam every time a new terror attack occurs.

The media congratulates itself on its bravery incessantly. And one of the most disgusting things it’s done in the 24 hours since this happened is to maneuver Islam into the victim seat again. Islam always wants to play the victim role.

Steyn addressed the idea that American media are “standing with” or are showing “solidarity” with the journalists suffering and dying in Europe for daring to challenge Islam’s desired authority. He had no patience for the empty pen gesture that was nearly ubiquitous in the last two days. He wondered why the press will not show the cartoons.

I think the pen gesture you just mentioned is pathetic really. I would be more impressed if people were to actually hold up copies of the Charlie Hebdo covers, that those cartoonists died for. They knew the risk that they were taking.

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Bill Maher and Sam Harris give Ben Affleck a good kicking over Islam

Ben Affleck is an ignorant idiot on things to do with Islam.

This is a must watch. Bill Maher and his guest Sam Harris are absolutely correct and present fact after fact after fact to Ben Affleck.

Watch Ben Affleck sulk.

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