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Stunning Display of Dishonesty From Media and Radical Left

Bill O’Reilly gets stuck into the media and radical left over recent immigration enforcement:

The media wonders why people no longer trust them.

Our own media is donkey deep in it as well, with headline after headline attacking Donald Trump. They’ve lost the plot…and in doing so they are losing the public.

In the year 2013, the Obama administration removed from this country more than 434,000 illegal aliens, the highest number in history, which goes all the way back to 1892. Did you see any anti-Obama demonstrations? Did you see any screaming headlines in the national media? No, you did not. Even after President Obama said this: ?? Read more »

Somehow I just don’t see Campbell taking charge like this

Nick my story, use my video, take that! NFWAB

So the NZ Herald editor admitted in his chat session last week that they monitor blog sites to get tips….so their “decent journalists trained and skilled” can do real stories.


Looks like they monitor my site…they have lifted my Bill O’Reilly story and video…let’s see if this learns them. Read more »

Walk away from hatred in the media, O’Reilly slams NZ Herald

Bill O’Reilly isn’t pleased with the NZ Herald?and Paul Casserly.

He is just echoing what many of us think and some of us say.

Same-sex marriage advocates have the “more compelling” argument

As our own Marriage Equality Bill progresses to its inevitable conclusion last night arch-conservative Bill O’Reilly and his guest on?O’Reilly Factor, Megyn Kelly both agreed: same-sex marriage advocates have the “more compelling” argument, whereas their opponents have not done much besides “thump the Bible.”.

The revelation may come as a shock to many, as O’Reilly had previously made news for suggesting same-sex marriage would eventually lead to men wanting to marry ducks and other animals. But as he told Kelly last night, he is actually quite apathetic on the issue. “I don’t feel that strongly about it one way or the other,” he said. “I think the states should do it.”? Read more »

An email from a reader

A reader emails about Bill O’Reilly and his comments about Psy and Gangnam Style:

The term “epistemic closure” has emerged as a descriptor of?the process by which adherents of a political ideology cut themselves?off from other views and create closed systems of deduction, relying?only on evidence within their own social network and which systems?cannot be affected by empirical evidence derived from outside the?social network.

Here is what may be the best simple example of epistemic closure ever.?Unaware that languages other than English exist, [and perhaps unable?to use Google] Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly discusses “Gangnam Style”.

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Wilful Ignorance?

Bill O’Reilly on Fox News discussed the viral sensation that is Gangnam Style from a position of total ignorance with another Fox News commentator who is equally ignorant.

Dan Hodges on Fox

Dan Hodges may be a ?pinko leftie?, but this is a very good piece about the perils of politically-partisan media outlets. it is important to make sure you peek outside of your bubble.

?[T]here were times in the campaign when I saw Karl Rove on Fox make quite a mature and compelling argument about how ? despite the evidence of the polls ? Romney was well placed to win. But then a few hours later I?d see Dick Morris making the same arguments in his cartoonish way. And as soon as I saw Dick Morris peddling the line, I knew for certain Rove was bluffing.

Perhaps most damaging of all was the way Fox prevented Romney and the Republicans from properly stress-testing their arguments. Time and again, a Romney surrogate would be taken apart on an issue like their economic policy or stance on abortion. But an hour later they?d be back in the Fox studio, being lobbed softballs and given a soft ride. And it lulled them and their campaign into thinking the earlier car-crash had been an aberration, just one more example of the venality of the MSM.

Obviously Fox are influential. They reach a wide audience, and are a major, well-resourced and professionally run national broadcast outlet. But I?m not so sure they?re as damaging to Democrats as Democrats fear, or as helpful to Republicans as Republicans like to think.

And as the GOP begins the process of sifting through the wreckage of its latest election defeat, it needs to learn a lesson. Just because you?re winning around Bill O?Reilly and Sean Hannity, it doesn?t mean you?re winning around America.