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Everyone should just calm down

UPDATED: TVNZ journalist detained in FijiA TVNZ journalist has been detained in Fiji as the New Zealand Government defies an ultimatum from Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama. One News reported that its Pacific Correspondent Barbara… [NZ Herald Politics]

Known shit stirrer Barbara Dreaver has been tossed out of Fiji. She has been up there before and caused a ruckus, it is their country and they can decide who comes in and when.

Just the same as it is our country and we can do the same. Unfortunately we are operating under silly sanctions that Clark put in place.

How silly?

Well at the moment there is a bit of a diplomatic stink because we won’t let the son of the President’s secretary in to complete his studies. This is silly because he is caught under the rules Clark put in place prevent members of the regime to travel. That is where it really is silly. The President of Fiji is NOT part of the regime. He has been the President since 2000 well before the latest coup in 2006.

The best thing that New Zealand could do is remove the silly sanctions and send up a team to help the Commodore establish quality government institutions free of nepotism and graft, assist with drafting and passing a new fair constitution and remove race based policies and programmes from government.

I think we would find that the Commodore would welcome that assistance rather than the current situation where we all stand abck and point fingers.

Meanwhile we have no sanctions against Thailand’s government, none that I know of against Zimbabwe, freely trade with agents of terrorism in the Middle East and somehow we get all upset about a man who wants some honesty and integrity restored to his country and in order to do that had to boot the corrupt politicians from power.

Labour's culture of waste being exposed daily

Commission and minister clash over $200,000 summitThe Families Commission and its new minister, Paula Bennett, have got off to a bad start after she discovered plans for a $200,000 conference in a briefing paper. Today the commission’s briefing to Ms Bennett, Social Development… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour’s culture of waste and extravagence is being exposed daily. Today we hear about $200,000 that the Families Commission has planned on spending for a talkfest.

Quite rightly new minister Paula Bennett has called the Commission to account.

“I am quite concerned about families moving forward and what that (tough economic times) means for them, and I would have thought that should be the focus for the Families Commission at this time.”

That’s the story, keep it up Paula and chop away the waste.

Dunne to chair climate change review committee

Dunne to chair climate change review committeeIn an unusual move National is putting a minister outside of Cabinet, United Future leader Peter Dunne, in charge of a special select committee being set up to consider climate change. The National government has put the emissions… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good move by National to place Dunne as chair on the Climate Change review committee. Much and all as he is a pompous twat he is at least pedantic with the processes of parliament.

I still want them to ask Viscount Monckton to testify so there will at least be some balance to the looney fools who think the world is going to end because we are 0.4 degrees warmer.

Little love for Labour's lost

Little love for Labour’s lostThe size and magnitude of Labour’s defeat has not sunk in. The highest electorate swing against Labour was nearly 30 per cent but MMP proportional representation cushioned this effect. In 1996, Labour got a lower vote than in 1990… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mike Moore has written a rather shallow little article in the NZ Herald about Labour and the size of their loss.

It isn’t one of his more lucid pieces and wanders all over the place kind of like his speaking style. It is a loose collection of dis-connected random thoughts.

He doesn’t explore just how much trouble Labour is really in after hving Helen Clark at the helm for so long. Essentially the Labour party has lost its soul and it has been lost for a very long time. Helen Clark moulded the Labour Party into her image and the Labour Party became Helen Clark.

She is still there, silent at the moment but still lurking, snarling and schemeing, it is her DNA.

Labour must remove any vestige of her and do it fast if it is to have any credibility. She meanwhile dropped out of sight very quickly and on purpose as she knew what would come out of the woodwork after she lost control of the bureaucrats. There will be much more to come and Labour will be humilated asa people change allegiances and rat them out.

The damage to Labour may well be fatal. Once Clark and her grip on skeletons in the closet is gone all hell will break loose. Helen cClark’s legacy may well be the destruction of the Labour Party.

Herald Editorial: No excuse for Labour's nasty ACC surprise

Editorial: No excuse for Labour’s nasty ACC surpriseNasty surprises for incoming prime ministers were meant to be eliminated by Ruth Richardson’s 1994 Fiscal Responsibility Act. The legislation obliged Governments to throw open the books before an election, exposing the Treasury’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

The NZ Herald Editorial this morning nails it in one go.

There is simple no sane or rational excuse for Labour deliberately hiding what is increasingly looking like over $1 billion of unaccounted for expenditure at ACC.

As I described it yesterday it is nothing short of Orchesrated Obfuscation of Oberac.

Labour or whoever is held responsible under the Fiscal Responsibility Act should be prosecuted.

Rodney Hide: Why wasteful councils have every reason to be running scared

Rodney Hide: Why wasteful councils have every reason to be running scaredWasteful spenders of public money in local government should be feeling scared. I’m sure columnist Brian Rudman would agree with that – especially in these difficult economic times, when prudence should take absolute priority over… [NZ Herald Politics]

Rodney Hide lays down the gauntlet for wastrel and spendthrift councils. It is clear and unequivocal. He even has a subtle dig at Brian Rudman who seems to be running some sort of vendetta against Rodney.

Wasteful spenders of public money in local government should be feeling scared. I’m sure columnist Brian Rudman would agree with that – especially in these difficult economic times, when prudence should take absolute priority over excess.

He and I generally agree with those leaders of local government in New Zealand who believe that the desire to further community wishlists should be tempered with recognition that ratepayers’ purses are not an endless money tree.

I have to say in response to the November 26 headline “Hide and local government a scary mix” that the heading was absolutely correct as it applies to rooting out those practices that lead to needless expenditure.

Rip into it Rodney and prove the mealy mouthed detractors wrong.

Three Stooges: Govt should go with emissions trading scheme

Nielson, Taylor & Clark: Govt should go with emissions trading schemeThe new Government’s decision to put the emissions trading scheme on hold pending a review came as a bolt from the blue. Stakeholders had been led to expect that there would be some changes to the ETS but the proposal to pass legislation… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour’s stooges are carping on endlessly about the Emmissions Trading Scheme and the moratorium that has been placed on it by National until a select committee can review the science.

these folk are in “result denial” and they still think they are relevant. Sadly for them their access to patsy ministers has been cut off and that is the real reason they are acting like a buch of headless chooks.

As a public service people should direct them to this website so they can digest, slowly, the clearly unpalatable news of the demise of the corrupt and crooked Labour First government.

While we are at it we should similarly point Jeanette to the same page. She seems to think Kiwi’s care more than about 7% about the environment. Her post on Frog Blog is nothing more than a rant and cry.

D H-C writes an entire article about people's Facebook status

Deborah Hill-Cone has written an entire NZ Herald article about people’s Facebook status changes after the election. The VRWC seems to get quite a lot of mention and I am in the second paragraph except, Deborah, daaaaaaaarhling, I said I was as “happy as a pig in shit”. Bloody sub-editors ruining good articles in the interests of political correctness.

Still at least WOBH gets its full mention, perhaps the subby is a little thicker than most.

Deborah tries to apply to join the VRWC, she wouldn’t qualify as a full member because a) she has lefty friends, b) we ask you, not the other way round;

Still, I should be grateful. I was only feeling moderately chuffed about the Nats’ victory – given everything else that is going on in the world it seems a bit academic – until I read Trotter’s column which was enough to make me want to rush out and sign up for the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, doncha know). My Facebook status has said “Deborah Hill Cone is toired” for the last three days. I am going to change it to “Deborah Hill Cone is bloody delighted.”

And that was because Chris Trotter was being an onanist.

Mood swings in Labour heartland

Mood swings in Labour heartlandIt’s election night 2005. Labour is staring at a humiliating defeat. With television pundits ready to call it for National, Labour’s beaming president, Mike Williams, seems to be in denial. “Wait until the South Auckland vote comes… [NZ Herald Politics]

This article in the Herald goes into depth on the 3M’s. Manurewa, Manukau East and Mangere and in particular the efforts of the national candidates.

Very interesting and well worth the read, Jordan would do well to read how you campaign, you certainly don’t do it sitting in an apartment in the the centre of the city or working in Wellington.

Government dithers then follows rest of the world to keep savings safe

Government acts to keep savings safeThe Government is guaranteeing all bank deposits in response to the international financial crisis. The move, which mirrors one made by Australia’s Labour Government, is intended to stop panic withdrawals. As well as mainstream… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald headline is most disingenuous. The government didn’t act to protect savings, it dithered, then it followed the rest of the world. They then stood up and claimed they had the solution when the truth is that they are completely bereft of ideas.

Queen Bee at the Hive tries to help educate the economically illiterate MSM. She, as usual, is right on the money.

Labour also has the preposterous suggestion of a mini-budget for December but won’t tell us what it is all about. One thing is for sure, Labour will kill the tax cuts and that will be it. They certainlt won’t cut government spending, they will continue their tax and spend wastrel ways.