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Why Dotcom’s appeal is forlorn

Yeah Kim, those cuffs are for you

Yeah Kim, those cuffs are for you

Kim Dotcom and his lawyers were full of bravado yesterday, claiming they will appeal. They can and have.

But I think if they, and it would be helpful if the media did as well, read the judgment there is one damning paragraph from Judge Nevin Dawson that they should take heed of.

[698] This eligibility Court has received an extraordinarily large volume of material to consider, and the hearing took over 9 weeks before completion. The parties were informed by this Court that all matters relevant to this eligibility hearing would be heard at the hearing and decisions would issue accordingly. At the end of the hearing, all parties confirmed to this Court that none of them had any further issues they wished to raise.

[699] Given the very large volume of material presented during the hearing it is not possible to issue decisions that would be less than encyclopaedic in length in order to cover every minor point alluded to in the hearing. There is no need to do this. Much of the material presented to this Court has not been relevant to an eligibility hearing and a number of the submissions were unsupported by appropriately sworn evidence. They do not come near to undermining the applicant?s case or point to a breach of the duty of candour and good faith. If some aspects of the parties submissions or evidence has not been referred to in this judgment that is because it was not relevant to the decision given.

That is legal speak for saying that screeds of what the defence produced to support their application was irrelevant and unsupported by facts. Horse-shit in other words. ? Read more »

Braunias does Kim Dotcom

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Bigsteps should get used to wearing orange

Steve Braunias does the secret diary of Billy Bigsteps.


So there I was, minding my own business, putting together a peace plan for the Middle East, when a fly landed on my desk.

I didn’t give it any thought at first. Flies have landed on the desks of great men since time began. And so I returned to the task at hand, which was to develop a cure for cancer.

But just as I was about to invent a robot that could drink water, the fly crawled across the keyboard of my laptop.

I waved a hand at it. It flew off. I congratulated myself on my mastery of the situation, and reached for the phone to call my press agent, when the fly landed on my screen.

I waved a hand at it. It flew off. It landed on my teacup.

I waved a hand at it. It flew off. It landed on my head.? Read more »