The human cost of green taliban policies

The hippies of the Green Taliban love biofuels. The politicians who cave in to hippy eco-terrorists also love biofuels.

But biofuels are inefficient, cause hunger and air pollution, and cost taxpayers billions.

Last week, the EU missed an opportunity to end the most wasteful green programme of our time ? one which costs billions of pounds annually and causes at least 30 million people to go hungry every year. By failing to agree a cap on the use of?biofuels, the Council of Ministers has given tacit support for a technology that is bad for both taxpayer and environment. Legislation will now be delayed until 2015.

The biofuel story is a perfect example of good intentions leading to terrible outcomes. Moreover, it is a lesson on how powerful, pseudo-green vested interests can sustain a bad policy. Hopefully, it will also be a story of how reason can prevail in the divisive?climate debate. ? Read more »

Eat Fish and Chips and save the planet

The crazed and irrational Green Taliban policies to save us from Global Warming/Climate Change produce worse outcomes with every passing day.

Now, the biofuel disaster has loaded $460 million on to the costs of UK motorists, as well as starving the world’s poor:

“The UK’s “irrational” use of biofuels will cost motorists around ?460 million over the next 12 months, a think tank says.

A?report by Chatham House?says the growing reliance on sustainable liquid fuels will also increase food prices.

The author says that biodiesel made from vegetable oil was worse for the climate than fossil fuels.

Under EU?law, biofuels are set to make up 5% of the UK’s transport fuel from today.”? Read more »

Greens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activity

#1 HypocriteGreens say Gilchrist visited offices, reported on party activityThe Green Party is furious that police-paid spy Rob Gilchrist infiltrated its offices and was used to report on the party’s activities [TVNZ News Politics]

Oh dear, the Greens are all upset that the paid snitch “infiltrated” their offices and reported on their activities.

Let’s get a few things straight, it isn’t infiltration if you invite someone in to the office for a coffee and a chat and it isn’t snitching to be included on a mail list of activities.

Hell, colour me accused of snitching because I have 15 different “names” on Labour party mailing lists.

Of course while there is always the faux indignation card to play the Greens can continue to be “furious” and “outraged”. Pity they weren’t so outraged when a parliamentary office really was infiltrated and reports of communications were passed onto persons known and unknown.

In fact Green MP’s have gone out of their way to quote “Hollow Men” in numerous press releases. It is a bit rich of them to use information gained by real infiltration and spying for their own political gain yet moan like a whore who didn’t get paid when they are the victim.

Sue Bradford – “This Bill presents an opportunity for the National Party to distance itself from the hard-right policies and the Hollow Men of the Brash years.”

Russel Norman – “According to Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men, leading members of the Business Roundtable were secret donors to the National Party in the last election campaign.

Hager identifies Business Roundtable members Alan Gibbs, David Richwhite, Doug Myers, Peter Shirtcliffe as amongst the secret donors.

National hid the true identity of their funders behind secretive trusts like the Waitemata Trust. National knows who gave them money but the public does not.

It is no surprise that Business Roundtable members are attacking campaign finance reform when it was Business Roundtable members who gave secret donations to National”

Russel Norman – “This is especially important in light of the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book, The Hollow Men, that the National Party Board and leadership were aware of the identity of the key big donors to the party even though they never appear in their Donations’ Return to the Electoral Commission, and the revelations of their close links to the Exclusive Brethren.”

Russel Norman – The Green Party has written to the Police and the Electoral Commission asking them to investigate whether charges should be laid against the National Party regarding their donations’ return for 2005, in light of Nicky Hager’s book The Hollow Men.

“The book presents considerable evidence that the political and organisational leadership of the National Party were aware of the identity of major party donors yet in their donations return to the Electoral Commission these names were not mentioned,”

As you can see The Greens were quite happy to quote chapter and verse from the Hollow Men. For them to now complain is…well…we all know what that is, but what would you expect from a bunch of un-reconstituted communists, maoists, leninists and warmenisers.