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When Brenda heard the news, truth about the botched circumcision she cut her hair and changed her name to David. In order to undo the changes David’s body had gone through as Brenda with estrogen therapy, he had a double mastectomy as well as surgeries to construct male genitals, and began receiving testosterone injections.

A Tale of Sex Science and Abuse

The Boy Who Was Raised as A Girl

On 22 August 1965 Janet Reimer was granted her dearest wish: she gave birth to twins. The two boys, Brian and Bruce, were healthy babies, but they would lead tragic lives, blighted by one scientist’s radical theory. Bruce would later rename himself David.

David Reimer was one of the most famous patients in the annals of medicine. The story of David is a terribly sad one. He had also been both a boy and a girl, thanks to one of the darker episodes in the history of pseudoscientific hubris. David was born as a boy named Bruce. He had an identical twin, Brian. David had to undergo a transformation that he had no say in when he was just a baby.

David, and his brother each had a minor medical problem involving his penis, and a doctor decided to treat the problem with circumcision. The doctor botched the circumcision on David, using an inappropriate method and accidentally burning off virtually David?s entire penis.?A malfunction in the doctor?s equipment (electrocautery needle) caused the needle to burn Reimer?s penis from tip to base.

The Reimers were left with a dilemma: a son with no penis. They visited several medical experts who assured them that penile reconstruction would prove worthless. The Reimers were at a loss as to how to help David.?Most of his penis was burned off, and reconstructive surgery was too primitive at the time to restore it. Dr. John Money, a sexologist at Johns Hopkins University, persuaded Reimer’s parents to have their son completely castrated and raised as a girl that they renamed Brenda.

David’s parents (farm adolescents barely out of their teens) were referred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, home of the world’s leading expert in gender identity, psychologist Dr. John Money, who recommended a surgical sex change, from male to female. David’s parents eventually agreed to the radical procedure, believing Dr. Money’s claims that this was their sole hope for raising a child who could have heterosexual intercourse?albeit as a sterile woman with a synthetic vagina and a body feminized with estrogen supplements.

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Transgender men to compete against women at the Olympic Games

In August two British athletes are likely to be the first ?transgender? men to compete against women at the Olympic Games. I believe that female athletes should compete against female athletes and that it is not fair to make them race against athletes who are biologically male. Cutting off your penis does not make you biologically female any more than identifying ?mentally as a female turns a male into a female, biologically.

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Politically correct council hoist by their own petard

In the good old days toilets and changing rooms were pretty simple. We lived in a world where it was acknowledged that there were only two genders, male and female. Nowadays however, the number of genders is constantly being updated and extended. What used to be incredibly simple, has now become incredibly complex. Where common sense once ruled, political correctness has taken its place. A person’s right to change in a room surrounded by people with the same biological body as themselves is now under attack. Nothing illustrates the insanity of political correctness quite like this story.

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They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!

They only caught it because it was eating their dogs!


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Slime mold showing how it could be used for road planning. ?Read more here:?

Sleep…I need it…Now

I am in desperate need of sleep after having ridden the wave this week…I’ve survived on less than 3 hours sleep a night and it is wearing me down.

Sleep is important as this article in the Guardian explains.

Scientists in the US claim to have a new explanation for why we?sleep: in the hours spent slumbering, a rubbish disposal service swings into action that cleans up waste in the brain.

Through a series of experiments on mice, the researchers showed that during sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped around the brain, and flushes out waste products like a biological dishwasher.? Read more »

Hippies are bad news

Another thing the Green party bang on about are Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. But are they really that bad?

Surely science is the answer to feeding the world not their hippy nonsense.

I really don?t get the opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We?re?all?genetically modified organisms ? the only difference between us and the ?objectionable? ones is the mechanism, whether the molecular novelty was inserted by intent or inserted by chance. Much of the dissent with GMOs is based either on ignorance, or is misdirected.

Yet there is established policy in many countries and states to prohibit use of GMO crops. When a small patch of GMO wheat was found in Oregon,?Japan responded by shutting down all wheat imports from Oregon. That?s nothing but fear based in ignorance. All of our crops, everyone?s crops, are heavily modified genetically. Wild strawberries are tiny little things. Corn is a hybrid monster shaped by centuries of selection, twisted from a seedy little grass into this weird elaborate conglomeration. Wheat and barley and rye are the product of thousands of years of genetic reshuffling and selection. Walk into the produce section of your grocery store ? do you really think all those fruits and vegetables are unshaped by human hands?? Read more »

Killer Cows related to snakes

Now we know why Cows have become such killers, far more lethal than sharks, they are closely?related?to snakes:

Genomes are often described as recipe books for living things. If that?s the case, many of them badly need an editor. For example, around half of the human genome is made up of bits of DNA that have copied themselves and jumped around, creating vast tracts of repetitive sequences. The same is true for the cow genome, where one particular piece of DNA, known as BovB, has run amok. It?s there in its thousands. Around a quarter of a cow?s DNA is made of BovB sequences or their descendants.

BovB isn?t restricted to cows. If you look for it in other animals, as Ali Morton Walsh from the University of Adelaide did, you?ll find it in elephants, horses, and platypuses. It lurks among the DNA of skinks and geckos, pythons and seasnakes. It?s there in purple sea urchin, the silkworm and the zebrafish.? Read more »

Helping raise the IQ of Labour voters

A scientist is looking for a woman to carry a Neanderthal baby to term:

A leading geneticist is on the hunt for an ‘adventurous woman’ to help turn back the hands of time – and give birth to a Neanderthal baby.

George Church, a?genetics professor at?Harvard Medical School, believes he can bring back the extinct ancestor of modern man after more than 33,000 years.? Read more »

Whale Sex

Brace yourself…someone has papped Whale having sex and it has exploded all over the internet.

Bloody media.

Image after the break

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