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Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?.

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

The Victim of a Brutal Murder Mystery Lives On in Graffiti?Messages

Something about England seems to attract the strange and mysterious– from Sherlock Holmes to Jack the Ripper, it always seems like something spooky is going on– but few cases can top the legend of the Wychbury skull. It’s like something ripped from the pages of an Agatha Christie book… except for one little problem: there’s no ending. The case has remained unsolved for many years, but someone (or something) won’t let the town forget.

On 18th April 1943 four Stourbridge teenagers, Fred Payne, Tommy Willetts, Robert Hart and Bob Farmer discovered the remains of a woman inside a hollow Wych Elm (also known as Scots (Scotch) Elm or Ulmus glabra) in Hagley Wood. It has been suggested that ritualistic magic or even wartime espionage may have been behind this murder mystery that after seventy-three years is still a focus of interest.

Black magic was blamed when four teenagers found a woman’s skeleton in a tree in wartime Worcestershire. Many years on, her story still haunts that corner of the Midlands. But who did put Bella in the Witch Elm? And why can’t they let her rest?

In 1999, a crowd of eclipse?seekers watched the wonder from the top of Wychbury Hill in northern Worcestershire were frustrated ? like many Britons ? by a haze of cloud that passed over the sun at the crucial moment. A mixture of passing New Agers, local youth and a few more sedate residents of the prosperous village of Hagley, they were too excited to let this set?back ruin their morning. But there was also another shadow hanging over the occasion, whose chill was, for many, harder to ignore.

Behind them, fenced off with barbed wire, the crumbling stone obelisk of the Hagley Hall estate teetered heavenwards, as it has done for 200 years. On it, a sinister piece of fresh graffito gleamed in the half?light: “Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?”

For Hagley?dwellers ? and especially for those who remember the village before the post?war expansion of Birmingham forcibly connected it to the modern world ? those words have a dark significance. They refer to a story which retains an unsettling force in those parts.

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AP Photo/Bill Hudson.

AP Photo/Bill Hudson.

A Black Teen, A White Cop

And A Photo That Changed The Civil Rights Movement

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2015 Islamophobia Awards and the nominees are……

Believe it or not there is such a thing as the Islamophobia Awards.

Not only do they nominate individuals for the award, they also have nominated books and films.

They have even helpfully included a quote to go with each of the nominees. Frankly I am struggling to find any lies. All I see are facts and opinions. I don’t see any hate but what I do see in the creation of these awards is Islam attacking Freedom of Speech yet again. Admittedly this is a ‘ moderate ‘ way to try to silence the dissenting voices, but it is an attempt to silence us nevertheless.

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I think Darwin was teasing this time

Texting while driving is dumb enough, but so is walking and texting and not playing attention to what’s in front of you:

CCTV cameras in the Mailbox shopping district of Birmingham recorded the moment a radio newsreader walked straight into a freezing cold canal while composing a text to her boyfriend.

Laura Safe, who works for Capital FM’s breakfast show in the city, can be seen texting as she walks down a flight of steps, unaware of the canalside a few feet in front of her. Seconds later a splash reveals she has fallen in, and she briefly flails around in the freezing cold water.

Ms Safe was pulled to safety moments later by a passer-by, with her health if not her pride fully intact. – source Read more »

Ginger Oxygen Thief Receives Natural Justice

UK Police have released CCTV footage in an effort to track down the attacker of a soul-less day walker with a blaze cap?ginger hair who was socked in the kisser to award him a medal seek justice for the attack:

Alex Kosuth-Phillips had been out celebrating his 23rd birthday on February 24 last year, when he was attacked outside a takeaway pizza shop in Selly Oak, Birmingham at just after 1am.

CCTV footage shows the moment the sales assistant was floored by a single punch, which broke his jaw in two places, and left him unable to eat solid food for three months.
Kosuth-Phillips said he was targeted because of his red hair: “All I remember is walking into the pizza parlour and there were two of them [the attacker and his friend] sat on the left hand side.

“One of them said something to my girlfriend, I asked what he said and he started swearing, becoming abusive and mocking my ginger hair.

“I said I didn’t need it and I was leaving. All I remember was opening the door and the next thing I knew I was in hospital, where I had to have two lots of surgery.”
Detective Constable Louise Corcoran, from West Midlands Police CID, said: “This was an unprovoked assault which left an innocent man knocked out cold and requiring surgery.

“The offender walked into the shop and made an offensive comment to him before hitting him in the face.

“It’s had a lasting effect on the victim, who has been left physically and emotionally scarredby the assault. ?source

The attack was completely unnecessary and unjustified. A better suggestion to deal with day walkers is to send them to Palmerston North, or trade them for ginger beer.?