Rodney Hide on Dunedin’s luddite council


Rodney Hide excoriates the Dunedin City Council for their embracing of a buggy culture.

I was taken aback by Dunedin City Council committing to invest ethically.

I would have thought it was already beyond reproach.But it turns out it?s not about the council?not taking back-handers and the like but rather what it can and can?t invest in.

Henceforth, it won?t invest in porn, munitions, tobacco or gambling. Seriously? Was investing in porn ever?in prospect?

I once took a paper to the cabinet to circumscribe council activity. I wanted to limit them to core services. To buttress my argument, I had examples of the nutty investments that?councils had entangled ratepayers in. I remember dairy farms, property development, Lotto shops and cinemas. My concern wasn?t ethical investing but rather local government?s?proper role. I wanted councils to stick to basics. I didn?t succeed but would have had a chance with the Dunedin example: a council having to make a rule to stop itself investing in pornographic?movies.

Who knew councils were that out-of-control?But as I read the news report further I twigged. It?s not about porn; it?s about fossil fuels.The prohibition on porn and?munitions also includes a prohibition on fossil fuel extraction. Seriously. Dunedin?s commitment is not benign. Its purpose is to demonise fossil fuels and attack modern life.

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I think I might have to get me some of these


I am starting to amass a small collection of Whale related items…I saw these on Boing Boing…I might just have to get some. I don’t think there is an Orca knife though.

These whale-shaped Kujira knives were created by Japanese blacksmith Toru Yamashita, who was asked to make a knife for children to sharpen pencils with. The result is a slightly blunt, kid-friendly tool that’s whimsical, hand-forged and gorgeous. And as Core77’s Kat Bauman?points out, US residents can get this shipped in time for Christmas from Hand Eye Supply if they?order by noon?


Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Phil Goff has told us that Labour is going to focus on the things that matter to Kiwi voters. Earlier today I blogged that he tweeted that he was:

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He described blacksmithing as a real job.

This has nagged away at me all day and so I thought I would consult Trademe to see how many of these “real jobs” in blacksmithing are on offer for Kiwi voters.

Bugger, Phil Goff wants to train people for real jobs that don’t actually exist. Blacksmithing was a bit specialised so I thought a bit laterally…I tried farrier, and metal worker. No jobs for farriers, and just 4 under metal worker, still none that require blacksmithing skills.

Careers NZ has a great resource for job seekers and people looking at training for a particular job. I checked there for blacksmith and it referred me to the page for Farrier. We have already established that there are no jobs for farriers on Trademe, and so what advice does Careers NZ give to people seeking to train as a farrier?

So Phil Goff goes and sees a blacksmith and tweets that this is the sort of stuff that Labour is all about, training people for “real jobs” and Careers NZ says you have almost no chance of ever getting a job as a farrier.

Phil Goff really is a tool. I pity that Labour has chosen this numpty to lead them into the election.