Blaze Orange

Not a good idea


Hey here’s an idea, lets invent a camo in one of the only colours deer can see….Blue.

Normally Ridgeline makes good kit. I have plenty of their gear in Buffalo camo and it is really warm, and really tough and more importantly makes you invisible, both to deer and to idiot shooters. Blaze orange makes you a target…I won’t wear it, I know of too many people who have been shot at wearing it. On top of that how can you be sure that the manufacturer of blaze orange mixed the colour the right way:

Bear in mind also there are two ways to make blaze orange clothing. One is by combining red and yellow. The other is by combining yellow and magenta – the latter of which is in the peak sensitivity range of a deer?s visual spectrum, and thus will glow in a deer?s eyes. Also consider that most conventional laundry detergents and many of the color dyes used on camouflage clothing manufactured overseas contain so-called blueing, brightening or whitening agents. What they do is collect light energy from a wide range of wavelengths, and re-radiate it in a powerful peak at a range of about 440 nanometers – near maximum sensitivity of a deer.? Read more »