Does the Marlborough Express realise that explaining is losing?


The?Marlbourgh Express doesn’t seem to know the first rule of politics. Explaining is losing.

They rushed out an article last night after they were shamed into covering the duplicity of John Leggett. They had had the same story for well over a week but did nothing with it, instead, they decided to focus on dirty politics and ignore the problems with the “world class” dodgy socialist theatre.

Let’s recap. A $15 million “world-class” theatre was built in Blenheim, supported by a council guarantee for a $5 million loan. The Theatre trust defaulted on the?loan and it got called in, the ratepayers were on the hook for that. Now that the theatre is operating it is losing money faster than a bludger on dole day. There are many supporters of the theatre, including?many on the current council including the current mayor and councillor John Leggett. Except behind closed doors these ratbags think that the theatre is a dog.

Which is why I have taken up the cudgel with which to beat these ratbags and the Marlborough Express.

Caught pants down they are in full reverse ferret mode….well sort of…their editorial attempts a ‘nothing to see here folks’ approach while dismissing the work of a brave whistle-blower. As the council sets about starting a witch hunt, the Mex is telling everyone to look the other way.

So, at the 11th hour, the council have a problem on their hands.

Just as voting papers for the October 8 local election go out,?rumour and innuendo are sweeping Marlborough, giving voters little confidence when they need it the most.

The release on Friday of a recording taken on the sly during a public-excluded community and finance meeting?in April raises more questions than answers.

Leaks are not anything out of the ordinary for journalists, but acting on them is not a given.

First, some basic questions need to be asked. Most importantly ? is the source trusted? What is their agenda? Is what they have to leak in the public good? What purpose does it serve?

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Does Stuart Smith understand what an asset is?

via Stuff

via Stuff

Wet Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith seems to need to learn some basic accounting terms.

As he said in that speech, this theatre is an asset to our community?and the way forward is to find constructive solutions to make it work here and now, and not to walk away.

Here is a brief explanation for Stuart Smith.? Read more »

Why is a National MP wanting to fund a theatre?

via Stuff

via Stuff

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith seems to have planted himself firmly in the middle of the ?Wet? or ?Nikki Kaye? wing of the National Party. He reckons that the mismanaged theatre project should be fully funded.

The Marlborough District Council has increased the ASB Theatre Marlborough’s annual operating grant to $390,000.

The decision has been made and it is now time to move forward.

I was disappointed not to have been able to personally attend the council meeting, due to my commitments in Parliament.

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Cry Baby of the Week

Cry Baby of the Week: Recovering alcoholic Mario Marzola, of Picton, is outraged over a display of a wine bottle in the Blenheim Work and Income office.

Cry Baby of the Week: Recovering alcoholic Mario Marzola, of Picton, is outraged over a display of a wine bottle in the Blenheim Work and Income office.

People are outraged over all sorts of things these days, but check the outrage of this cry baby of the week.

A recovering alcoholic says a new display at the Blenheim Work and Income office which simulates wine pouring from a bottle is putting his sobriety to the test.

Picton man Mario Marzola said he found the display, near the centre of the office, highly offensive and undermining for recovering alcoholics.

The display features a wine barrel with a bottle of wine on top, tipped over and pouring water into a glass.

“Winz deal with people with addictions all the time. You get people in there who are really struggling with addiction. You shouldn’t advertise it [drinking] to them,” Marzola said.

Oh dear lord how will he cope?

What happens when he walks past a bottle store? Does he go on a rampage, his sobriety in tatters as a result of advertising?

He first saw the display on Monday when handing in paperwork for his sickness benefit, he said. Looking at the display while waiting in line brought on a desire to break his sobriety. “I’ve struggled with this [addiction] all my life. I’ve been sober for four years, and I think this display is totally inappropriate.” ? Read more »

Nasty piece of work, throw away the key

Some people are beyond redemption, they are just plain crooked, bent, and/or nasty.


Joanne Kerr leaving the Blenheim District Court

A woman going around Blenheim on a mobility scooter pretending to collect money for her sick child has been?arrested for a third time?in less than a week.

Joanne Lee Kerr, 31, unemployed of Blenheim, is facing 10 burglary charges, two theft charges, a charge of using a fake script to get prescription drugs, and one of obtaining by deception.

Police first arrested Kerr on Friday night last week after reports of a woman visiting homes in Blenheim on a mobility scooter and collecting money.

Senior Sergeant Dan Mattison, of Blenheim, said Kerr made up at least three different reasons for collecting money. One was for her son who was in Starship Hospital in Auckland. She told others she was fundraising for her son’s sports team. He understood she had a medical condition, but was able to walk unaided.? Read more »

Cry baby enabler Martin Johnston stuffs it up well and proper cuddling Robyn Carter

I’m happy to report this update on this morning’s “Cry Baby of the Week” story on Robyn Carter.

In short, Robyn claims she was so scared during the Seddon earthquake. ?All this was made worse because her cochlear implant doesn’t allow her to hear the TV properly. ?She couldn’t find out what the situation was via TV, so she is using this to push for live close captioning of news for the 700,000 deaf and hearing impaired people.

And she wants you to pay for it.

What Martin Johnson didn’t reveal is that Robyn Carter is not your average woman stuck in a rural area during an earthquake.


How many times have we seen the media not disclose the true background of their cry baby situations? ?This lady is an advocate for her cause. ?Which is fine. ?But to pass herself off as the victim in the story really doesn’t say much for Martin Johnston’s spidey senses.

But it gets worse. ? VERY much worse: ? Read more »

Cry baby of the day


The incident:?Kerry Anthony has an accident, falling off a ladder and knocking himself out. When he came to, he drove himself 70km to the nearest hospital. After medical attention and medicated with morphine makes his own decision to drive himself home again while suffering the effects of concussion and morphine only to have a serious accident and be?flown by helicopter to Wellington Hospital with a broken back and neck, broken ribs and head injuries.

The appropriate response:?Get his wife to take him to hospital, or if she wasn’t available, call 111 for an ambulance because…you know…that’s what they do for a living. Or since he had already driven there, stayed the night in hospital because it is highly dangerous to himself and other people driving under the influence of both concussion and a strong drug such as morphine.

The actual response: Go crying to the Marlborough Express ?with his sob story after falling victim to his own stupidity and poor decisions, because somebody else has to be to blame for this outrageous lack of common sense and judgement.

A man has been left brain-damaged by a car crash after Wairau Hospital staff pumped him full of morphine then let him drive home.

Kerry Anthony, 62, had to be put into an induced coma after?passing out behind the wheel and crashing in the November accident, after being discharged from Wairau Hospital in Blenheim.?Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is investigating, and treating the incident as a serious adverse event.

But Anthony and wife Jackie say their lives have been ruined and they were unable to get even an apology from the hospital.”They never should have let him go – frankly, letting someone drive with morphine in their system is the same as giving them cannabis or alcohol,” Jackie Anthony said.”They never offered to get a cab for him, or put him in an ambulance, or insist he stay overnight. He could have had delayed concussion.

“They are just totally irresponsible and they are 100 per cent responsible for what happened.” Read more »

NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin - Blenheim Ratbag

Aaron Goodwin – Blenheim Ratbag

The nominees are flowing in thick and fast. It seems there are a lot of ratbags and troughers out there.

I may have to post several a day until ballots are posted, then issue an award.

Here is a dodgy ratbag Blenheim.

Aaron Goodwin is running for council in Blenheim. Blenheim is a nice place that doesn?t deserve a drug using diesel thief on its council. He also changes his mind.

Mr Goodwin, 21, told Fairfax?on Friday?he had decided about a fortnight ago not to stand for the council because of troubles with his health and family.?”I’m not really sure I can be committed to the campaign. It’s a bit of a stressful time at the moment.

Stressful time means getting busted stealing diesel.

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The truth eventually comes out

via the tipline.

A former resident of Marlborough drew my attention to?this?story…something didn’t seem right…

The mother of an 18-year-old man who needs plastic surgery after being seriously assaulted in broad daylight on the Taylor River Reserve feels sickened by the viciousness of the attack.

Sarah Hughes said her son, a student at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, was walking along the Taylor River in Blenheim about noon on Friday when he was jumped from behind by at least two men between the Henry St bridge and Purkiss St.

He was punched twice in the back of the head before he fell to the ground, where he was kicked in the face before he passed out.

When he gained consciousness, he went straight home and did not report the attack to police.

“He said he was worried about being called a nark, but he’s also the sort of person who doesn’t like to make a fuss,” Ms Hughes said. ? Read more »

Beyond belief

Yet another example of a paper showing it is on the side of the dregs rather than its law-abiding readers.

Fairfax bosses should hang their heads in shame at the unchallenged claims and shocking “journalism” in this “story”.

A Blenheim teenager has made a formal complaint against police, saying he was bitten by a police dog and locked in the cells for a night without being charged.

The teenager, 15, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claims he was bitten by the dog and locked up at the Blenheim station for 11 hours after police accused him of breaching Youth Court bail conditions by going to a party with his mother on August 25 to look for his brother.

A youth advocate says keeping the boy in police cells for a night without any charges was unlawful detention and a breach of his rights.

Senior police could not be contacted in Blenheim last week for comment about the complaint.

I’ll rewrite the story for them:

Little shit breaches bail conditions and goes to a party with his mother.

Cops arrive. He runs away.

Police dog finds and bites him. Good.

He spends night in cells. Good.

End of story.