NZ blogger fined $5000 for contempt of court

Well, they finally managed to knock a New Zealand blogger on the head



A blogger who uploaded a leaked email containing private information about 83,000 Christchurch homeowners has been found guilty of contempt and fined $5000. Marc Krieger blogged under the name EQC Truths. ? Read more »

Prediction #10 Comes Good

I made a few predictions for 2013…prediction #10 has come true.

David Farrar sees his willie for the first time in decades and celebrates by blogging about some boring subsidised liberal elite play.

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Paying Bloggers?

??Courtney Lambert

There isn’t a week that goes by when some PR company or other tries to get me to blog some story for their clients. PR Companies are shameless about getting paid by their clients, some like Matthew Hooton even charge clients for getting stories seeded in blogs. They also never pay the bloggers for the services that they bill their clients for.

For them they justify their poor ethics by sniffing that bloggers shouldn’t get paid, all the time billing the client handsomely.

Courtney Lambert has blogged about the propensity of professional media, who think nothing of getting paid themselves also sniffily dismissing the idea that bloggers should be paid:

So why would anyone want to pay a blogger?

Because there is a global market for quality content and people should be financially remunerated for producing good work.

The Huffington Post also has people that contribute content that aren?t paid by Huffington Post but are paid by their respective organisations to share ideas and get a viewpoint across. HuffPost provides a microphone for interest groups and politicians to speak to an audience. So John Kerry obviously isn?t paid to write a blog post but his motivations for contributing should be very clear. ?Consultants and figureheads often ?vanity blog? to get their brands in front of people and demonstrate thought leadership. Nothing new there.

Sometimes I will write a post on this blog and have an editor contact me to produce a paid article for their website or magazine on the same topic. Does that make me a paid blogger? Or does that then make me a freelancer? What?s the difference and does it really matter? If I write an article for a magazine do I have to declare that I was paid x cents per word?

The overarching business model of media is quite straightforward and a blanket assumption that blogger?s contributions should never be paid for or that paying for blog content is in some way unethical is a bit simplistic.

A more useful question is why would anybody?not?want to pay a blogger?

The media poach stories off bloggers all the time, more often than not without attribution. The journalists that poach the stories all get paid, why shouldn’t we? Fairfax even stole a whole story and image from me, then?had?the temerity to copyright their story.

Perhaps it is just that we as bloggers need to find a remuneration model that works…for us. Certainly advertising rates need to improve as our audience improves.

Blogger gets paid

? Boing Boing

Watch this video of a Blogger doorstepping the local paper who ripped his article complete with typos and published it:

In this video, blogger Duane Lester confronts the editor of a newspaper which plagiarized something he wrote. The best part is when the editor tries to physically intimidate him, a moment so inexplicable and hilarious I created a?YouTube Infinite Loop of it?for you.

There’s a happy ending, though: he ultimately saw reason and paid Lester for the article.

How to Assert Copyright Over Your Work When It?s Been Plagiarized


She’s bluffing

Anyone who threatens to do something is usually full of it. Especially flea lawyers. When are people going to understand that if you are going to sue/bash/trip/whatever someone you don’t give them a warning, you just do it:

A BLOGGER who characterised anti-porn activist Melinda Tankard Reist as a ”fundamentalist Christian” says she has been asked to apologise – or be sued.

Tankard Reist – who briefed lawyers to warn off liberal blogger Jennifer Wilson – says it’s not being called Christian she objects to, but the claim that she is ”deceptive and duplicitous about her religious beliefs”.

She has sought legal advice from Canberra defamation lawyer Ric Lucas, who once represented Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and former treasurer Peter Costello and their wives in a successful action against publisher Random House over false claims in a memoir by Bob Ellis.

While Tankard Reist has not gone so far as to issue court proceedings yet, she complains social media has intensified the level of vituperation against outspoken figures such as herself.

”Things have gone too far, people think they can just trash you,” she said yesterday. ”Why does being a blogger exempt you from the laws of defamation?”

Wuss…go ahead and sue and see how you get on proving that Jennifer Wilson doesn’t have a honest held belief that Melinda Tankard Reist is a”fundamentalist Christian” and she is “deceptive and duplicitous about her religious beliefs”. If she does sue then the blogger gets to prove exactly why she believes that and if she wins then a court will have proven that the fundy wasn’t defamed…do they not think these things through when they issue idle threats.

The fundy clearly hasn’t heard?about?the?Streisand Effect…in actual fact her silly actions have now?guaranteed?that everyone who reads about this now thinks she a “fundamentalist Christian” and is “deceptive and duplicitous about her religious beliefs”.

Every time i get a letter from a flea lawyer I publish it. It shows them the error of their ways.

Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Labour continues to focus on the things that matter to the voting public…like starting wars with bloggers.

MPs shouldn’t engage with bloggers. At least not publicly. Especially not to go to war with them. Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics explains why, especially Rule 7.?Never wrestle with pigs, two things are for certain if you do. You will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.

Darien Fenton hasn’t learned these rules and is too pig-headed and nasty to think she should. Morgan Godfrey is a good blogger, pretty frank and focused on Maori issues. Darien Fenton has picked a fight with him. Silly Darien. Rule 7 is in full flight at Maui Street:

Darien is Labour?s new junior whip (JW). Whips are responsible for caucus discipline. However, as evidenced in the above, she has not exercised discipline herself. It is a cardinal sin for an MP to engage a blogger. The MP adds legitimacy to the blogger and the bloggers? claim. You cannot win a fight with a blogger. You can win the battle, in other words you can win the argument, but you lose the war. Trevor Mallard smashed Whaleoil in their?cycle race, but Whale still won the war. Trevor was pulled down to Whale?s level and smashed in the mud fight.

Darien, as JW, is unwise to go around engaging bloggers. She risks turning what was an irrelevant claim from a small time blogger, read myself, in to something serious. Imagine if this comment was left on Kiwiblog, or any other right blog for that matter. Darien would be crucified.

In my valueless opinion, Darien (as JW) should impose online discipline on Labour MPs. No commenting on blogs would be a good start. Also, don?t acknowledge bloggers, hell, don?t even say their names.

Now, I accept Darien?s right to take me to task. She has an even greater right given my unkind comments towards her. And hey, maybe I am elitist and ignorant. But?isn’t?it just monumentally stupid though, to engage me?

Yep it was stupid. Darien Fenton has proven time and again she isn’t blessed with brains. Now her little spat with a niche blogger is getting a much wider audience and I wouldn’t mind betting that when Farrar gets near a wireless connection he will join in with his smaller audience.

I’ll make an offer though to David Shearer. I’ll come and spend a day explaining to your caucus why Facebook, Twitter and blogs are a really dumb place to exist if you are trying to convert voters. I’ll spend the second half of the day explaining why your social media strategy for 2011 was a disaster. Yes it will cost money, I’m a professional and professionals charge. But it will be money well spent.

Same offer goes to other political parties. I’ll come and explain how it is people like me work and how social media is a gift that keeps on giving to us.

I doubt anyone will take me up on my offer. That is their problem, meanwhile I’ll keep on exposing their stupidity just so long as they keep on displaying it.

Getting Rich…Henry

Get Frank and Rich Henry have a revolt on their hands. The Bloggers Union is mobilising.

Cactus Kate responds.

Kiwiblog pulls his content.

Homepaddock shares her story of another content thief.

QuoteUnquote puts the shiv in;

For two or three years now he has been using some NZ bloggers? material, with their permission, on the understanding that when the site started making money from advertising he would split the income 50-50 with said bloggers on a page-view basis. Sadly, he was as trustworthy as a Nigerian widow who would like to give you $US5 million in exchange for your bank account details.

Wonderful Now gives Rich Henry a kicking.

un-PC Lesbian is likewise bemused.

Enforcement Officers spent last night going through the content of Get Frank, so unfortunately he will get a slight spike in traffic. They have identified more than 200 content providers, including Getty Images and professional photographers who have images protected under full copyright on Flickr. All content providers plus advertisers identified so far have been sent the following email.

Dear Content Provider to Get Frank website

On behalf of the NZ Bloggers Union we wish to draw your attention to the following investigation regarding the online mens magazine “Get Frank” of which the site represents you are a contributor to:

Rich Henry is making profits from your work. He has previously either plead poverty that he cannot pay for the content or made representations about paying for the content when and if the site becomes profitable.

As outlined he appeared on TV’s The Apprentice based on the premise he was a young entrepreneur running a successful business. He may very well be but he’s stealing to do so.

Please email Rich at?[email protected] and demand payment for your past and future work, or instruct him to immediately remove all your content.

If you are an advertiser please consider that you are paying Rich to steal off the work of others and act begin to act ethically or else face a blogger boycott and social media anti-branding campaign of your product or service.


NZ Bloggers Union

Rich Henry was described, by someone who would know, as duplicitous and fired from The Apprentice. Now he is being fired by his content providers and advertisers.

Never Fuck with a Blogger (NFWAB) especially if that blogger is me. For Rich Henry this is only going to get worse before it even starts to look like it will get better.

Testing new site design

I am testing a new site design, it should load much faster.

Let me know if there is anything busted, or something that you think I should add. I will be migrating this site through-out the Gotcha franchise bloggers. If the authors could let me know via email what they would like for their logos, that will tomorrows task.

I am working on a new mobile layout as well.