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Top Shelf…yeah right

Yesterday I received an email from Top Shelf Productions:

From: Mitch Nicholson
To: Whaleoil

Hi Cameron,

I am from a television programme called Starting Over which is being made by Top Shelf Productions. The show is about 8 woman who are wanting a new start in their careers and we help them to get it! They receive a whole lot of help from a life coach and careers coach as well as other people along the way and we were hoping you may be able to help us with one of the ladies journey.

Alex [redacted] is currently a tax advisor who loves languages and gardening. However she is a keen writer and we are hoping to get her writing her own blog about her journey on the show as well as all her hobbies and passions, a little like your own.

If you are interested we are wondering if you would be interested in Alex coming to learn a few things from you like what goes into writing a blog, research, setting up a blog account and any knowledge you have about the process. We would love to come and film some of this and would show how you have helped her to get a start on her own blog.

We are more than happy to put a link to your blog on our Starting Over website as well as the exposure your blog would get from the on screen time.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping us out,

Thanks so much,

Mitch Nicholson

Starting Over

Sounds interesting doesn’t it…however a few specifics were left out…like remuneration, recompense and time commitment…so I made enquiries about some sort of advertising/fee arrangement for utilising my time and consulting…it seemed only fair.

Unfortunately Top Shelf cried poor…despite making hundreds of programmes it seems that their budgets are so tight that they can’t actually pay consultants or talent. Apparently we are all supposed to do this for the “exposure” and “publicity” or perhaps just for shits and giggles.

I didn’t think much more about this until i was copied in on an email from another blogger who also turned them down….but suggested that they talk to me. The email was similar but they had refined their offer somewhat after my contact with them.

We would love to come to a contra arrangement with you where in exchange for filming with Alex, giving tips and guidance on setting up a blog etc, we could provide you with exposure on the show. We could also offer a credit at the end of the episode and in addition we can include written information and pictures on your blog [to be agreed by Producers] on the Starting Over website, as well as a link to your website from there. For your information, during each episode of the show there will be an on-air directive pushing viewers to go to our website.

Some more information that you may be interested in.. Womens Day is our print partner. We will have articles on the series within the Womens Day Magazine which will attract more people to the Starting Over website and therefore to you. The Skywatch Magazine will advertise the series and have features. There will be stories in TV Guide also.

The episode will play on-air a total of 9 times on Vibe including 3 primetime transmissions and 6 off peak transmissions. Prime TV also have the option to rerun the series.

Air NZ are running the series inflight and we are hoping to sell the series overseas too.

The sponsors we have on board are Careers NZ, Caci Clinic, Contours Gym, Special K, Smashbox Cosmetics, Toni & Guy, Murad, the Newmarket Business Association and Progressive Enterprises.

So it seems these guys are trying to get a blogger to work for free for them, all the while presumably they are paid. The flip side is the blogger gets “exposure”….in Woman’s Day…oh please. You would think a major print sponsor would have at least had their details publicised properly.

I also love the Newmarket Business Association sponsorship…that will be a hoot….especially as they are focussing the show on “Starting Over”. They may want to background check in case there are blackmailing/stalker types still there.

I’ll bet you dollars to a knob of goat poo that the cameramen, sound people, make up producer and other staff aren’t doing it for free…so why should we?

I’d love to know if all the others that are “helping” like the life coaches and careers coaches are likewise doing it all for free…while Top Shelf makes a programme and sells it for a big fat profit to Sky TV….and others.

I sent Top Shelf a response to which I am yet to get a reply:

From: Whaleoil
To: Mitch Nicholson


Well this is awkward.

You emailed Danyl the exact same email you emailed me the day before…after I asked to be paid for the time I spent doing this, or at the least explored sponsorship/advertising options.

You claimed poverty and no budget….one wonders how your company manages to produce these hundreds of shows if you can’t pay “talent” a fair rate for time on air.

A link to my blog from you will hardly generate a blip…you should be begging for a link FROM my site.

I wonder now though just how many other bloggers you have shopped this too…won’t take me long to find out. You are aware that there is a Blogger’s Union?

Us bloggers are really rather tired of other people in the media/advertising taking us for a free ride, all the while being paid handsomely to do what they do.

The first lesson in being a blogger…don’t do something for free for someone who is getting paid. Radio stations and other media outlets including television and print media happily pay for mine and other bloggers contributions. For some reason you think you are exempt from this.

It pisses off media and people who rely on appearances to eat and it pisses off other bloggers.

I hardly think a production company, like Top Shelf, is making all these documentaries and shows from the goodness of your clearly troughing hearts. There has to be good coin in this otherwise why would you do it?

The fact you cry poverty for a fair hourly rate to interrupt my busy schedule for your show indicated that perhaps all is not well in Top Shelf despite the likely millions in NZ of Air funding that you are undoubtedly creaming.

Pissing off NZ’s top blogger wasn’t wise now was it?

Trust me on this….the allure of appearing on television for me is distinctly yawn inducing…I don’t need publicity, I am publicity, and you are about to get plenty.

Perhaps Helen Kelly, the CTU and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance should look into your business practices to establish just how many of your talent work for “free”.

Mitch, Top Shelf really needs to treat bloggers with respect, and by respect I mean the only sort of respect anyone understands in the talent industry and that is sharing the coin. Hundreds are fine.

This response and your email will shortly be posted on my blog, all the other bloggers that matter have been bcc, even shameless whores like Matthew Hooton. NFWAB (Google it)

Maybe I could consider this opportunity to enhance your show. Perhaps if you would pop round and mow my lawns for three months for nothing…this would be of use to me as I would be of use to you….I can’t think of anything else that you would be of use for.

Kind regards

Cam Slater

I don’t think it is unreasonable to charge for my consulting time and coaching and the actual time spent involved with the show…having done plenty of stand ups and camera work for shows about me I understand just how much time it all takes and to add in a person new to blogging and a camera crew, the inevitable cuts and re-takes…well it takes up time and time is money as we all know.

Sure I may have been a bit rude in my response but I think it is much ruder to expect people to things for nothing when they aren’t doing it for nothing themselves.

If the “actors” want to do this for free they can go right ahead, but I fail to see why consultants and advisors should do so also. Top Shelf will be making a nice tidy profit…is it really that tight that we shouldn’t be paid?

I think I will OIA NZ on Air next for how much in funding they have received for all their shows for the past 3 years. That should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.

Nice coin if you can get it

The Telegraph

The Australian government has paid good coin for running two blogs that no one reads. Nice of them to establish a bench mark pay rate for bloggers though. I think the Blogger’s Union should take note…and especially Matthew Hooton, who likes to charge clients for controlling messaging on blogs but not pass that coin on to the people who write the blogs…except Martyn of course, we already know Hooton pays him.

THE Gillard Government has spent $53,000 on something thousands of Australians do for free – running a blog.

Taxpayers will foot the bill for two blogs for about three months, featuring little more than articles about Australia-Asia relations.

Just one reader has bothered to leave a comment on the blogs, despite the sites being designed to engage with the public and the Government describing them as an “online conversation”.

One of the two blogs doesn’t even allow reader comment, a staple of online blogs. It does, however, allow Facebook “likes”, with most posts garnering between just zero and five likes.

Taxpayers are forking out for a full-time “editor” and a part-time assistant to run one of the websites.

The blogs, operating from March 19 to June 30, have been outsourced by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to private think tanks the Lowy Institute and the Australia Institute of International Affairs.

Liberal Senator Scott Ryan described the blogs as “extraordinary expenditure with lacklustre results”, and criticised their lack of community engagement.

The Lowy Institute is being handed about $500 per working day on a $33,000 contract to post short articles and links to other websites.

The Australian Institute of International Affairs has a $20,000 contract and has so far published two competitions and posted 10 articles, including a speech by Kevin Rudd when he was foreign minister.

You ready to deal yet Rich?

Yesterday the content thief, Rich Henry, sent out the sock puppets to run interference for him. Yesgterday I also heard from two of his major contributors saying that they have pulled their content as well. The emails continue to flood in.

His sock puppet too, Keri Henare, started off his little litany of lies on this blog by saying that he was just a third party, unrelated to Rich Henry or his associates. When that was quickly disproven by Companies Office records showing that they were co-directors in a company he then moved onto saying that Get Frank was a customer and Rich Henry was a nice guy. He also failed to disclose he works for Rich Henry’s financial backer and the man behind their advertising Shane Bradley of Adhub and Ideas HQ. It seems that Ideas HQ big idea is to steal content and sell advertising on it.

Further it seems that Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, has been caught out playing sock puppets and lying before, for Rich Henry’s financial backer, Shane Bradley, who he also does work for. Its like a big circle jerk . Not only that when you look at all his profiles sprayed all over the internet it is clear that there is some serious CV manipulation going with this guy. Like Rich Henry, Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, thinks nothing of stealing other peoples content and making money from it. That makes him a thief too, and as we have seen in the comments thread a liar as well. To make matter worse Keri Henare, the guy with the girls name, uses he gamer tag of Glad Wrap. Sounds like him and Rich Henry are regular players of Soggy Biscuit.

Meanwhile the bloggers union continues to spread the message.

President for Life Clint Heine chimes in.

Thank goodness we are all obliged to join the bloggers union when we set up a blog or comment on blogs in New Zealand. When I say join, I mean really a looser interpretation of compulsion – all designed for our well being. :)

Today our union has been alerted to a major case of theft. Even worse, it was by a person who was on the freakshow programme the Apprentice, the NZ version, a smaller sadder version of the US and UK shows. Rich Henry seems to think stealing peoples material is part and parcel for creating a business. Well he has pissed off the wrong person, Whale Oil. Whale and the Bloggers Union are now out for revenge.

Dennis Smith in Samoa has noticed the downfall of Rich Henry.

Exposure, getting it all out into the open like this is only a worry when you are trying to hide something. Lest I become one of Cameron’s targets in the future, I should really bare all before the war begins. Hmmm, Nah . . . I think I have already done that anyway . . .

One of Cameron’s latest targets is a young Auckland businessman Richard Henry, who may have done a few dodgy things in the past and has certainly recently p*ssed off “the Whale”. I didn’t want to race off and follow the crowd on this subject until I got the other side of the story, so I asked Rich what his take on it was – silence – so I guess Whaleoil strikes again with a scoop, enough to keep him active for a while!

The big who-flung-dung appears to have been made worse by one of his colleagues pretend to write support for him from a “neutral” standpoint and was then found out to be one of his business partners.

Oops! More exposure!

An online campaign by the Whale that specifically targets a website’s contributors and advertisers is not exposure to die FOR, it is exposure to die BY! I would not want to be on the receiving end of one of Cameron’s ANTI-campaigns.

I think Dennis is a little scared. Oh well.

Regan at Throng looks at TV and The Apprentice angle.

Adolf at No Minister knows exactly what we are talking about.

A thief is a thief whether he is an illiterate twenty-five year old pretentious blogger or a smash and grab merchant after an ATM machine.

Even the pinkos are now weighing in. Paul Litterick from the Fundy Post writes;

I found it on a site for sad gits [WO: I delinked here] which calls itself New Zealand’s online men’s lifestyle magazine. I do realise that gentle readers are far too clever and well-dressed to be part of this magazine’s demographic. I only mention it because Mr Stratford informs us that the owner of this site uses bloggers’ writing but does not pay them. Unlike the dating advice columnist, whose literary skills will never get him a date, the bloggers concerned can write. Yet they have not received so much as a virtual magnet for their work.

Now I wonder what my final word on Citizen A will be tonight…I wonder.

Getting Frank with Rich

Rich Henry is a guy who rates himself. In his short biography and puff piece for his appearance on The Apprentice he was described tongue in cheek as thus;

Self-employed Aucklander Richard Henry should teach a course in management speak. The 26-year-old says he “thrives on the creative industries and robust debate, and aspires to better the world en route to the finer things in life,” and his “entrepreneurial edge, grounded understanding, and core ethics” will get him the top job. Moving forward.

Hmmm…”entrepreneurial edge, grounded understanding and core ethics”. Let’s look at his core ethics.

First up his by-line is “Getting frank is about keeping it direct, honest and evident.” We will be doing just that. I’ll be direct, I’ll be honest and I will produce evidence.

Sometime back in 2007, Rich Henry was setting up Get Frank, an online magazine for blokes. With his partner Mitch Hall, he contacted numerous “content providers”, that is a nice term for people who write stuff. He asked if he could use the occasional article from the content providers. He even had one of his staff discuss financial terms for the use of the material with content providers.  That content provider kept the email as terms of their engagement:

From: Mitchell Hall <[email protected]>

Subject: RE: up now…

Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 15:33:59 +1300

That is most definitely the plan ;)

In fact, as our advertising grows we will be offering all contributors the chance to take 50% of all advertising revenue from their page(s) on a CPM basis.


Mitchell Hall


I was one of those who was offered these terms. So was Cactus Kate and content was also taken from other content providers such as Kiwiblog. I am yet to go through the whole site but from an email today from Rich Henry, he confirms that in fact 100% of the content of Get Frank is sourced from other content providers and that they provide no content of their own.

Through my own monitoring, I have noticed increased usage of my content. So I decided to have a wee chat with Rich about his site and the use of my content.

I sent him a letter outlining how my site is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License which clearly states;

You are free:

  • to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to Remix — to adapt the work

Under the following conditions:

  • Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
  • Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  • Share Alike — If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

With the understanding that:

  • Waiver — Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
  • Public Domain — Where the work or any of its elements is in the public domain under applicable law, that status is in no way affected by the license.
  • Other Rights — In no way are any of the following rights affected by the license:
    • Your fair dealing or fair use rights, or other applicable copyright exceptions and limitations;
    • The author’s moral rights;
    • Rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights.

I had given permission for Get Frank to use my content on a limited basis. But there were no links as required, attribution was tenuous and worse still, he was breaching the non-commercial aspect of my licence agreement. What I didn’t give permission for was for them to make truck loads of cash off my content.

Cactus Kate and Kiwiblog don’t publish specific licencing for their content and as such are protected completely by total copyright provisions.  Cactus Kate eventually lost patience with these thieving prats and withdrew her permission for Get Frank to use posts of hers because of the way they were manipulating images on the re-posts.

Get Frank carried extensive advertising, some of it is intercompany related with other enterprises of Rich’s to give the impression he has substantial backing. The advertising on Get Frank is booked by Adhub, who it transpires also an investor, to the tune of over $50,000 in Get Frank.

In my discussions with Rich Henry regarding his breaches of mine and other content providers’ copyright, we discussed just exactly what revenue he was making for Get Frank.

Rich confided in me that revenue for the site exceeds $10,000 per month, or more than $120,000 per annum. All from advertising  – and all booked on content that Get Frank doesn’t provide themselves and has lied to those who asked, about the profitability of the earnings derived from the collective “content providers”. Those of you may snigger now that Rich was accepted on to The Apprentice earning that as a paltry sum while making out he is an internet guru.  I won’t be so unkind, the Sorcerer is struggling to put together $120,000 to pay his creditors at the moment.

I pointed out to Rich that he was in fact stealing from all of us.

We wrote the content, he took it on the basis he was currently unprofitable and would pay for the content when he made the expected profit, sold advertising on that content and then pocketed the loot without actually paying for the content.

His response to my concerns was as follows;

Hi Cam,

Good to catch up last week.

I have placed some decent thought into it and have also run past the team here.

Like a number of offshore models rather than publishing unique to getfrank content our value proposition and core model is that we offer contributors a free marketing tool / platform, in which we republish a taste from their full offering to position our contributors as the expert destinations and for some an added extension to their online voice.

As discussed last week the page impressions that we generate for each post in the editorial section a revenue split will be nickle & dime and just chewed up in administration, and with further thought and discussion around our model we’re just not going to be able to derive enough value to justify paying a lump sum for that content either.

Given the massive profile you’ve built over 2010 I fully appreciate that the whole free marketing proposition may be of limited value for you, and fully appreciate your reasoning if you choose to end the contributing relationship.

Please forward this email onto the other bloggers within the union, if they they could please email me direct I’ll be more than accommodating.

It’s been great having you on the site, and if you see any other way we can combine forces definitely let me know.


As you can see I was talking with Rich on behalf of the Bloggers Union which, as you know, is compulsory, and acts on behalf of all bloggers or (as Rich calls us) content providers.  I also see it as a duty to other content providers on Get Frank that we collectively ensure compensation for our work.

As you can also see Rich Henry has admitted that not a single piece of his content is provided by him or his team. They take content from others, like me, like David Farrar, like Cactus Kate and numerous other non-blogging contributors, and they put it on their site then sell advertising on our content. They keep all the loot and then when approached about it claim it is all too hard to distribute half the revenue as promised that content providers collectively were offered, thanks for coming, feck off. Well I’ve got news for Rich Henry and it is all bad.

What Get Frank is actually doing is stealing our collective content and selling that which they didn’t produce.  Imagine what would happen if say The Listener pretended to be poor and stopped paying for content?  Columnists would soon pack up shop and rat the publication out for what they are – thieves.

This isn’t without precedence. In fact Rich kindly alludes to the model in other countries. So let’s take a moment to look at how that works out.

Old media often bemoans the copy-and-paste habits of bloggers and self-professed citizen journalists, alleging that the “re-reporting” they do is more akin to plagiarism than journalism.

Smarting under these kinds of accusations, the blogosphere eagerly took up a story writer Monica Gaudio posted to her blog Wednesday evening in which she described how a for-profit print magazine called Cooks Source published a 5-year-old post she had penned for the blog Gode Cookery. The article was published without Gaudio’s permission.

A friend who had seen the article wrote to Gaudio congratulating her and asking her how she had gotten the article published in the magazine, which has a circulation of about 20,000. “This was news to me, as I hadn’t ever heard of this magazine before,” she said.

According to Gaudio, she contacted the editor of Cooks Source to inquire about the article (which is about the history of apple pie) and how it managed to appear in the magazine. At one point in the exchange, Gaudio said, the editor asked her what she wanted, and Gaudio replied that she wanted an apology to appear both in the magazine and on the magazine’s Facebook Page, as well as a $130 donation (a sum that equates to about $0.10 per word of the piece in question) to be made to the Columbia School of Journalism.

The editor, who said that she has three decades of experience editing for The Voice, Connecticut Woman Magazine and other publications, responded that since everything on the web is considered “public domain,” Gaudio “should be happy we didn’t just ‘lift’ your whole article and put someone else’s name on it,” a common occurrence on college campuses and elsewhere, she notes. She goes on to say that the article “was in very bad need of editing, and is much better now than it was originally.” In fact, she says, “We put some time into rewrites, [therefore] you should compensate me!”

As it has with other incidents of private injustice — such as the case of Mary Bale, a.k.a the “Cat Bin Lady”— the web sounded its displeasure loudly, flooding the magazine’s Facebook Page with thousands of derisive comments (apparently, the original Facebook Page was hacked and the magazine has since been forced to relocate) and Twitter with the hashtag #CrooksSource.

And what happened to Cooks Source? Well it went tits up after its advertisers abandoned a known thief.  Get Frank offered its content providers 50% of the advertising they generate.  Whether that is Whaleoil, David Farrar or any of the non-blogger contributors, he owes half the revenue to the content providers.

Now back to Rich Henry. Even if you take his emails and his lackey’s email at face value, he could argue that his site isn’t making money and so he can’t cough up the dosh. There is a slight problem with that, and it is Rich Henry’s propensity to skite.

On the 20th of October 2008, just a few short months since having his staff offer up 50% of advertising revenue he had this to say;

Rich Henry and Get Frank are thievesMy darkest hour was when:

I launched the site, with 40k of personal loans and 60k of my parents money to see no one visiting and only a couple of months liquidity left.

I came through it by:

Dropping out of fulltime work at PricewaterhouseCoopers to work on the venture fulltime to try and save it. I was very lucky to secure Shane Bradley as an Angel Investor, and three years since the light bulb moment the ventures finally cash flow positive.

We wonder quite where the 100k of start-up capital went, it seems to be an enormous sum to spend on promo girls and sponsor events around town to make Rich look like da’ main man of Auckland online media,

More importantly in October 2008, he acknowledges that the site is cashflow positive. Where were the revenues for the content? Nowhere is where…well, actually they were in Rich Henry’s pocket.

Richard is now 25 and the magazine attracts more than 50,000 readers per month. He describes it as a website for intelligent, professional men.

Nice…he gets the same traffic a month that I get a week and he has the audacity to claim that he was helping me and other content providers like Kiwiblog and Cactus Kate out!!

In March 2009 he was blabbing about his stellar success;

The website is aimed at intelligent, professional men – it has the highest concentration of 18-39 year old male readers in New Zealand, and more than 72% of its audience have a household income over $60k a year, according to Nielsen Online. It has managed to attract long-term premium advertisers such as  Continental Car Services and Amstel Premium Beer – not bad for a site  that drove its owner to the brink of bankruptcy.

For the first two years, Rich poured all his spare time, money and energy into the project. Winning $5,000 and a trip to Sydney in Nescafe Bigbreak bolstered  both his  confidence and credibility – and eventually led him to resigning from his day job to devote himself full time to the venture.

Within two months, and with bankruptcy pending, he met Shane Bradley of, who brought with him resources in the form of both money and contacts. Rich threw himself into completing the content proposition, establishing key commercial relationships, and constructing the re-design of the site.

Now, two years on from that initial meeting, Rich’s passion and confidence are still there and they are beginning to prove well founded.

“We just keep on growing. We started 2008 with 10,000 unique visitors a month. We’re now looking at 70,000 – that’s nearly twice as many people as were at the Big Day Out this year.”

It is hard to believe Rich would ever lack confidence. Completing content proposition…hmmm…I wonder if he actually wrote down on the post-it notes that he is so fond of quoting, that he uses “Steal Content” as the content proposition.

I wonder how his advertisers like Continental Cars, Amstel Premium and Jack Daniels feel about his theft of our content to enable him to fill his pockets.  Probably the same way Veuve Clicquot and the NBR felt when they shafted social media in a small competition recently.  Nervous. Imagine the innovative and creative ways that New Zealand bloggers could destroy those three brands along with Get Frank?

In 2009 Rich’s monthly traffic was still barely what I get in a week….let alone Kiwiblog.

“I’ve got a million things to do, with a completely open canvas on how to deliver on each one of them. Working for yourself means everyday is an opportunity, and yeah, I’m loving it.”

Yeah, I just bet you are loving it…stealing other people work and fobbing it off to advertisers on pathetic traffic statistics and keeping all the money…I just bet you’re loving it …until now.  Sunshine being the best disinfectant on corporate criminals.

Now why was Rich Henry fired from the Apprentice?  The answer is very interesting

In a shock double elimination, the 26-year-old Aucklander and Meena Chaggen were sent packing after the boss, Terry Serepisos, accused them of duplicity.

Duplicity…look it up. If anyone knows duplicity when he sees it that would be Terry Serepisos.


duplicity (countable and uncountable; plural duplicities)

  1. Intentional deceptiveness; double-dealing.

Rich Henry was fired from The Apprentice for duplicity….which is how he conducts business with Get Frank and Adhub.

And don’t you just love Rich Henry’s last word on the Apprentice.

I’ve got my website and that’s just screaming ahead at the moment. I’ve got 25,000 people on the newsletter and that just continues to build. It’s a men’s magazine and we do about 35 articles a week. So yeah, it’s all really exciting.

“We do about 35 articles a week”…..what a liar…duplicitous even.

So what do we do about Get Frank and Rich Henry?

Well, I for one want all of my content taken down. It’s stolen after all. I’m pretty sure that other Blogger’s Union members will request the same. Then I’ll spread it around just what sort of thief Rich Henry is, endeavour to contact every single one of his content providers and show them this page, along with his advertisers.  New Zealand mainstream media loves knocking down failed Apprentice contestants on their business failures.  Even repeaters get paid for their content, they get pippy when their own content is stolen and re-sold for profit elsewhere.  Very pippy. Ask Barry Colman what he thinks of people who steal content.

I really think that he should be providing penalty payments and residuals in compensation for the work he has stolen.

The last thing I will do is complain to the NZICA, because Rich Henry wants to be a Chartered Accountant. Perhaps he should read their guidelines, particularly paragraphs 16-19.

Members must behave with Integrity in all professional and business relationships. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing and truthfulness.

16. Integrity is a quality of overriding importance for all members of the Institute. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing and truthfulness. It is members’ adherence to the fundamental principle of Integrity that allows the public to derive their trust in the accountancy profession. It is also the benchmark against which a member must ultimately test all decisions.

17. Integrity can accommodate the inadvertent error and honest difference of opinion. However, Integrity cannot accommodate deceit or subordination of principles, values and standards.

18. Integrity is measured in terms of what is right or just.

19. In the absence of specific rules, standards or guidance, or in the face of conflicting opinions, a member should test their decisions and actions against the following questions:

  • Am I doing what a person of Integrity would do?
  • Have I retained my Integrity?

Rule 13 is going to hurt too.

Any member who has reasonable grounds for suspecting defalcation, fraud, dishonesty or other unethical behaviour by any other member is under a duty to make a confidential report immediately to the Chief Executive of the Institute.

Bummer, the Whale will not be the issue here, Rich stole one content provider’s work – who just happens to be a member.

Rich Henry is a thief, a plagiarist and a liar. He is also now blacklisted by the Bloggers Union and anyone associated with him. De-linking and Cease and Desist action is taking place.

Never Fuck with a Blogger (NFWAB) especially if that blogger is me.

Movember coming up

I’m joining the growing club of modern gentlemen who believe in the virtues of fine moustachery, immaculate grooming and growing a moustache for Movember. I am looking for like-minded ladies and gentlemen to join the Bloggers Union team to change the face of men’s health.

Movember is about raising funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. Close to 3,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in New Zealand each year and 1  in 10 men will experience depression in their lifetime. Many of these men do not seek help.

I think it’s time we did something about this.

The more people I can get on board, the more lives we can impact. I am asking you to join my team and either grow a moustache as a Mo Bro, or join as a Mo Sista to help recruit other gentlemen.

To join my Movember Bloggers team go to and follow the steps. Once registered you’ll be sent all the information you need to raise funds and start growing as part of my Movember team.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work that is being carried out as a result of Movember funds, feel free to read the details at

I hope you join me to change the face of men’s health.

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire

As you will know, dear readers, we are endorsing Busted Blonde’s attempt to win the Veuve Clicquot competition at NBR.

Currently our Busted Blonde is coming second but this blogger has smelled a rat, so has Cactus Kate.

The current leader Joe Holden is a big fat skinny liar and a cheat. He says he isn’t married and wants to, plus it looks like he is in the wrong competition because he is touting some product called Verve. He at least could learn to spell the sponsor’s product. Even Lisa Lewis managed that.

Joe Holden says he isn't married

Joe Holden says he isn't married

Unfortunately for this chump he has decided to take on the vast resources of the Blogger’s Union and we have sprung him as a cheater. You see Joe Holden claims he isn’t married and yet his Facebook profile proves otherwise.

Joe Holden is a liar

Joe Holden is a liar

NBR needs to pull his entry now, he is in clear breach of their rules, and he is telling lies.

Joe Holden is a liar

Joe Holden is a liar

Plus he is only 90 kilos, so my prediction of a body like a half sucked throaty was correct. Busted Blonde all the way, at least she is honest and can spell the sponsors product. Joe Holden made the fatal mistake of pissing off bloggers. Busted Blonde is the ONLY officially endorced candidate for this competition by the NZ Bloggers Union. A vote for her is a vote for at least 10 kilos of extra piss for the party.

Vote for Busted Blonde

NBR has a great competition on at present for their 40th celebrations, to win your weight in Veuve Clicquot.

Rather than split the vote, dedicated followers of Busted Blonde (and the executive of the Bloggers Union, if you read a blog, comment or write on you are a compulsoty member, and your executive has spoken) have decided to get in behind hers and nominate her for the prize. BB in this instance is very proud of her weight and it should prove to be a liquidating advantage. Let’s hope Veuve is sponsoring the prize and not the NBR.

BB recently held a party for her 50th that has entered legend in terms of seafood. Many around the Beltway attended and by all accounts it was a great night.

If BB wins she’s promised to throw a huge party that will no doubt be as legendary. She’s promised to invite allcomers, unlike many entries that are for personal gain.

So get on over to the NBR site and vote for her the link is here.

Her biggest competition thus far is from Joe Holden who has been with his partner for 18 years and will only marry her cos of free piss? What’s the bet he has a body like a half sucked throatie as well.

Busted Blonde by a mile! In this case BIG is Beautiful.

Using rancid Mutton well past its useby date to sell meat in Aussie

Aussie bloke culture embraces Helen – New Zealand news on

[quote]Meat and Livestock Australia is making no apologies for a new advertising campaign which says Prime Minister Helen Clark "does a passable impression of a bloke''.[/quote]

Priceless, can't wait for this to hit Youtube.

UPDATE: Video is here. 

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Imagine what they would have done to him if she hadn't intervened

Clark appeal fails to halt beheading – 25 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Clark Kiss of Death continues. First it was Team New Zealand in Valencia, Clark’s intervention there saw them lose, then she went to watch the Rugby against France another loss, Gordon Brown was noticeably reticent in meeting Clark and left her standing in the rain hoping beyond hope that he could avoid the Kiss, no such luck, his poll ratings have plummeted since.

Imagine then the reaction of the poor bastard sitting on death row in Saudi Arabia upon hearing that Helen Clark has intervened on his behalf. Surely then he knew he was doomed.

On the other hand imagine what the Saudi’s would have done to the criminal had Clark not intervened, pulled him apart with elephants? crushed his skull slowly in a vice? Run him over with a tank? No he is lucky Clark intervened, he only got his head cut off.

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John Armstrong: Clark needs to get rid of dead meat hanging around Labour's neck

John Armstrong: Clark needs to get rid of dead meat hanging around Labour's neckDavid Benson-Pope can no longer remain a Cabinet minister. It is as simple as that. The Prime Minister has no choice but to relieve him of his Environment and Social Development portfolios and demote him to the backbenches. It… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong does not equivocate. Sgt. Slut-boy is dead meat.

[quote]His position is untenable. And not for the first time. This time is the last straw, however. He is dead meat slung around Labour's neck. The party desperately needs to be rid of him before the stench overwhelms it.

What little credibility he still retained evaporated completely in Parliament yesterday when he revealed he had told the chief executive of the Ministry for the Environment, Hugh Logan, he would have problems working with Madeleine Setchell, the partner of a senior National Party staff member.[/quote]

The man is a ticking (excuse the pun) time bomb and he just went off in Colonel Klarks face.