Some Housekeeping

Some time ago I decided to give another blogger a go at posting on WOBH. She approached me with a couple of posts and I liked the dimension and the?approach?of her style and so signed up Blondie.

Blogging on WOBH is a privilege and so far Blondie has earned that privilege. She covers aspects of the world that I am either not interested in or perhaps she has more technical or expert knowledge in. This is good and it adds depth and interest in order to broaden the interest of the blog.

In the past few days there have been some c*nts posting vile comments on her posts. I need to remind people who wish to comment on posts that the same rules that apply to my posts, apply to Blondie. Trust me she is not some frail little girl who needs big bad Whaleoil beating up on pricks but beating up I will be doing if the personal abuse continues.

If you are unsure of the rules then let me re-iterate them for the terminally stupid who want to have a bash at Blondie and at me.

It is rare that I censor comments and even rarer that some one gets banned, there are no sooky warnings or demerits, if you break my rules on commenting then retribution and banning is swift and permanent.

The rules? Oh?those;

  1. The host is always right
  2. In the unlikely event the host is wrong then refer to rule number?1
  3. Stick to the?topic
  4. Don?t tell lies about the?host
  5. What ever I feel like at any given moment.

As you can see my rules are harsh, but they are mine. Plenty of commenters survive despite dissenting views, Mediatart and harpoon amongst them. I respect their views just as much as other commenters.

What I will not tolerate is the calling of women whores and sluts and slappers unless of course like some of my good friends they are whores, and use that description themselves. But then I am unlikely to be writing about them.

Disrepect my authors and my guests and i will disrespect you by?unceremoniously?banning you with out warning or excuses. If you don’t like the way I am handling this then f*ck off, I don’t want you as a reader. I am trying to extend the reach of WOBH with differing points of views. The only guest posts you won’t see here though are those of pinkos, I do that for my sanity, such as it is, as much as for my readers. If you want a pinko point of view then go elsewhere.

I like robust views and this is a robust site, and I like issues being debated, but I don’t like personal ad hominem attacks on authors who are simply putting a view out there for comment. They don’t ask for, nor warrant the torrent of personal abuse and vitriol leveled at them. Sling it at me by all means but you all know the rules. Sling it at my guest bloggers and authors and you will become a target.

Public service message over.


You think the repeaters could repeat properly

There is a story in the HoS by repeater Anna Leask about a cop who stripped off to catch the crim he was after.

Now I wonder where did they get that story from? Oh that’s right from Blondie’s post. And the pricks even quote Blondie. But is there a link to the source of the story? Not fecking likely.

Constable Grant Burrows will do anything to catch a crim – he’ll even strip down to his boxers in the middle of an upmarket Auckland street.

And his near-naked efforts have earned him high praise from a female passerby.

The woman, who would only be called Blondie, said he was “quite a dish”.

The Newmarket cop didn’t think twice when it came to getting his gear off and diving into the Orakei Basin to chase an alleged thief on Thursday night.

And the repeaters wonder why we think so poorly of them.