Cry Baby of the Week – On a Monday!


It’s only Monday but this has to be cry baby of the week.

One of two men removed from Eden Park by security after streaking during Friday’s Super Rugby opener between the Blues and Highlanders has laid a complaint against a guard, reports Mediaworks.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was apprehended by three guards and claims he was assaulted by one after he was taken out of public view following his removal from the field.

A police complaint has been filed, as the streaker required several stitches after he claims one of the guards punched him several times.

A spokesman for Eden Park told Mediaworks they would look into the incident, after only being made aware of the complaint today.

“We don’t condone streakers but we certainly don’t condone that sort of behaviour either,” they said.

“We’ve taken this up with Platform 4 Group (the security company) and they will be proceeding with the matter with the staff involved.”

What a complete cry baby.

He gets his kit off, breaks the law, streaks through a rugby game…presumably pissed, no sober person would do that…and he claims he was assaulted?

Plus the gutless little twerp wants to remain anonymous and the equally gutless Herald plays along with it.

Definite Cry Baby of the Week and on a Monday too.


– NZ Herald

Where does that voice come from?

Simple stuff too hard for “decent journalists, trained and skilled”

In the online Herald last night:

“Blues centre Rene Ranger is said to be on his way to French club Montpellier.

According to a report on Sky’s Reunion tonight, Ranger, who played three tests for the All Blacks in 2010, will leave the Blues at the end of the season.

It is curious timing from the 26-year-old, as he had a great chance to return to the All Blacks fold this year in the absence of Richard Kahui, who is leaving for Japan, and Conrad Smith, who is said to be taking a sabbatical at the end of the year.? Read more »


? NZ Herald

So John Kirwan has been appointed as coach of the Blues…I’m still not sure about the wisdom of JK coaching a team named after the euphemism for depression, but there you go.

At least now they will?have?HOPE.



Turn the fricken Life support OFF!!!!

Cry me a river, I won't shed a tear for either of these two arseholes.

As far as I am concerned they should turn off the life support and quietly smother the fuckers.?