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Andrew Bolt: The Left?s sinister silence on Islamism

Andrew Bolt has noticed the same thing I have…the left wing is silent on Islamism.

WHAT will it take for many in the Left to openly condemn the Islamic State? Why this silence in the face of evil?

In January, the Islamic State threw two men off a tall building in Iraq for the ?crime? of being gay.

In February, they threw another gay man off a building, this time in Syria and, when he somehow survived, had a crowd stone him to death.

IS is in a war against gays ? not just against Jews, Christians and any Muslim thought insufficiently devout.

But what have our main gay representatives ? largely Left-leaning ? said in response to such savagery against gays?

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Silent.

Victoria?s Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Not one press release.

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong, openly lesbian? Nothing.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown, our first openly gay senator?

Also nothing.

Current Greens leader Christine Milne? Not a tweet.

Indeed, not one of the 150 floats in Sydney?s Gay and Lesbian mardi gras on Saturday flew a banner of protest against this deadly persecution or the brand of faith which inspired it.

Yes, the faith. Many Muslim countries do permit gay sex, yet it is also true that all seven countries which punish homosexuality with death are Muslim, with the Koran damning gays as ?people transgressing beyond bounds? who should have ?rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)?.

So why no protest from the gay Left? ?? Read more »

Sea Shepherd pirates fined for dumping diesel into the sea

Pirate ship Sam Simon dumped oil in the sea

Pirate ship Sam Simon dumped oil in the sea

Like all green taliban members and eco-terrorists Sea Shepherd are sanctimonious hypocrites.

They have just been fined for dumping diesel into the sea after being caught by Australian authorities.

A LEADING conservation organisation fined $15,000 for spilling diesel in the Trinity Inlet says it has taken steps to ensure it never happens again.

Sea Shepherd Australia Ltd, whose Australian arm is chaired by former politician Bob Brown, pleaded guilty earlier this year to spilling up to 500 litres of diesel into the inlet on October 13, 2012 from their newly purchased ship, the Sam Simon. ?? Read more »

Taking on Tasmania’s Green Taliban

The Palmer United Party is coming good, in Tasmania at least.

They are calling to account the actions of the Green taliban and fronting them in a very aggressive manner.

The Palmer United Party has fiercely attacked Tasmania’s Greens, saying they should be subject to a Senate inquiry over the state’s high unemployment rate.

PUP’s federal senator-elect for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, is laying the blame for the unemployment squarely on the Greens and says she will seek to instigate the inquiry after she enters Parliament in July.

Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim.?Photo: Peter Mathew

“I simply believe that the Greens have destroyed all hope in Tasmania,” Ms Lambie said.

Things are looking grim for Kevin Rudd

The Aussies don’t appear to have bought Kevin Rudd’s spin. They are seeing through the hubris, the spin, the narcissism and the arrogance. This is especially true in Queensland and now it appears the rot has set in for South Australia.

LABOR is gone in the western suburbs seat of Hindmarsh and will struggle to hold the seats of Makin, Adelaide and even the once-safe seat of Wakefield as Kevin Rudd’s support tanks in South Australia amid a seemingly irreversible ?national swing towards the Coalition.

Both Labor and Liberal strategists have told the Sunday Mail they do not believe that Steve Georganas can hold the marginal seat of Hindmarsh, and internal Liberal Party polling has found that Makin, Adelaide and Wakefield are now up for grabs.

The southern Liberal seat of Boothby – one of the key seats Labor had to win to form government – is not rated a chance of changing hands by either side of politics.

Senior Liberals are now confident of picking up at least two seats in SA, with their polling showing the most likely scalps are Mr Georganas and Wakefield?s Nick Champion, who has been hit hard by ?Kevin Rudd?s decision to fiddle with fringe benefit taxes on cars. ? Read more »

Bet she smells and needs her legs waxed

I bet this smelly hippy will be off for a long hot bath followed with some serious pruning:

A SLOW and silent descent from a platform 60m up a giant, 400-year-old tree marked the end of Australia’s longest tree-sit protest.

And a simple hug from the grandfather of forestry protests, Bob Brown, celebrated the reign of Miranda Gibson as Tasmania’s leading eco-warrior.

A nearby bushfire forced Ms Gibson from her treetop vigil as her feet touched the ground for the first time in 450 days yesterday.? Read more »

The pirate Paul Watson still runs and hides like a coward

Paul Watson talks the big game…but when it comes to his own skin is nothing but a big coward as he stays in international waters to avoid capture.

He should be arrested in Australia if he comes ashore and the same goes for here. Anyone who flies the jolly roger and attacks ships on the high seas is a pirate:

A DIPLOMATIC headache is developing for the federal government as ground is laid for the wanted Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, to come ashore in Australia.

Mr Watson is wanted by Japan over his Antarctic anti-whaling campaigns, and after skipping bail in Germany has been at sea for months to avoid arrest.

No surprises that the Green taliban of Australia is sticking up for the pirate.? Read more »

Climate Change or Sarah Palin – Who is to blame for the Aussie floods?

Well of course it isn’t Sarah palin, much and all as Bomber and his fellow travellers would like to blame her. They, of course, are quick to blame Climate Change and in particular global warming for the floods. This is nothing more than scare-mongering and preying on peoples misery in order to advance their social agenda. Some should know better like Senator Bob Brown.

At the weekend, the Greens’ leader blamed the coal industry for the floods currently devastating large parts of Australia. In the media release headed “Coal barons should help pay for the catastrophes”, he argued for an increased tax on the coal industry to “help pay the cost of the predicted more severe and more frequent floods, droughts and bushfires in coming decades”.

The Greens leader, who was trained in medicine, is a very effective politician. It’s a pity, however, that he does not spend more time reading history. Born in December 1944, Brown was almost 30 when, in January 1974, the area around Brisbane was inundated with water – in a flood which killed 14 people.

Hmmm…sounds like a history lesson is needed. Bomber, I know you are reading this so how about you pay attention too.

If Brown studied history he would know that there were numerous floods in Brisbane in the 1890s – in 1890, 1893, 1896 and 1898. Eighteen ninety-three was the worst year, with the height of the flood measured at more than nine metres. The history of the time is documented in Ronald Lawson’s bookBrisbane in the 1890s, which was published a year before the 1974 flood.

Lawson had this to say about the two floods that afflicted Brisbane in 1893: “Railway lines were temporarily cut, the river blocked, the bridges destroyed, warehouses inundated, and stock ruined. Furthermore, since most workers’ homes were in low-lying areas, the floods exacerbated the plight of many of the unemployed.”

In 1893 the working class tended to live in the low-lying areas, close to the river. By 2011, these areas were very much the preserve of the more affluent, who were encouraged by the Brisbane City Council, especially during Jim Soorley’s time as lord mayor (1991-2003), to embrace the Brisbane River.

So what caused the massive flooding in the 1890’s, it sure as hell wasn’t global warming, or even coal mining.

Campbell Newman, Brisbane’s Liberal lord mayor, has also put in a sterling performance. Newman’s military background has equipped him well for crisis management. But there is more to it than this.

Newman approaches the crisis with considerable authority. He has been one of the few senior Queensland politicians who have told it as it is. Newman’s message is blunt. Brisbane was built on a flood plain. This explains why there has been so much flooding of Brisbane – in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Put simply, Brisbane has flooded in the past and, sadly, it will flood again.

When Brisbane flooded in 1893 and 1974, at levels higher than last week, no one blamed global warming in general or the chief executives of coal companies in particular.

Oh shit, it wasn’t global warming, it was stupid surveyors who picked a flood plain to build on. We?have?the same problem here. It is only a matter of time before Kamo floods again, or mud slipes off the hills and buries Te Aroha, or numerous other poorly located cities and town suffer natures indignities. it won’t have been global warming, cooling or any other made up catastrophe.

In his statement at the weekend, Brown overlooked the fact that the reason the flood peak was higher in 1974 than 2011 turned on the construction of the Wivenhoe Dam, which was opposed by environmentalists of the day.

Oh! So if the green eco-terrorists?were listened to the dam would never have been built and an even larger mass of water would have swamped Brisbane. Nice. Just like the greens in Victoria and their ill-thought out ban on clearing under-growth which ultimately cost lives the Greens in Queensland could well have had much to answer for.

Writing in?The Age last Friday, Ellen Sandell declared that “these floods should be a deafening wake-up call”. She is national director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Sandell wrote: “As a young person who will inherit the world being created now, I want us to start talking about what needs to happen to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring again and again. I don’t want to live in the kind of world we are previewing right now.”

Sandell is a true-believing environmentalist. Pity she does not know more history. There has always been droughts and bushfires and floods in Australia, before and after European settlement. There always will be. If Sandell does not want to live in this kind of world, then the only solution is personal emigration. The problem is that most countries, over the ages, have experienced weather disasters. It’s called nature.

Yeah, nature bites. We have the same useful idiots here, people like Bomber and all the other warmists.

The problem with so many environmentalists turns on their capacity to exaggerate, which is exacerbated by a lack of historical awareness. There is much of the eco-catastrophist in lawyer/politician Al Gore’s?An Inconvenient Truth, film and book. Yet he remains a hero of the green movement.

It’s much the same with the American academic Paul Ehrlich. The thesis of his 1968 book?The Population Bomb was that “the battle to feed all of humanity is over”. Ehrlich predicted that “in the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions will starve to death”. He even prophesied that Australia would close its borders in 1974 to prevent a fever pandemic.

None of this happened. Yet Ehrlich is still making predictions of doom. He was interviewed on the Radio National?Late Night Liveprogram a year ago, but no one spoke about false prophecy. It’s much the same with Brown. Eco-catastrophist seers are rarely held to account for unfulfilled predictions or historical amnesia.

Time the media started calling bullshit on the eco-terrorists and their prophesies that so far have failed to materialise. The next shibboleth of the warmists that the oceans are rising is about to be destroyed next. Watch them shoot the messenger or just apply the usual progressive tactic of just calling “Shut Up”.

Coalition victory in Victoria

I was living in Melbourne in 1999 when Jeff Kennett got the arse and Steve Bracks tipped out the Liberal led coalition. It was a close run thing then and hung on the independents. I had actually met Jeff Kennett a couple of months before he lost. This year is also a close run thing, but the lefts vote has collapsed and there has been a significant swing to the Coalition.

One of those who enabled Labor to control Victoria for 11 years was Craig Ingram and he has just been tipped out himself as the collapse of the left is being analysed.

HE WAS the abalone diver from Mallacoota who became a kingmaker in 1999 when, as one of the three independents holding the balance of power in Spring Street, Craig Ingram rejected Jeff Kennett and gave the nod to Steve Bracks and the ALP.

After the 2006 poll he was the lone independent remaining at Spring Street. Last night, Mr Ingram, only the sixth member to represent Gippsland East since its establishment in 1889, lost his seat to the Nationals’ Tim Bull.

Expressing disappointment with the result, he said it had been a privilege to represent the electorate for 11 years, and he slammed the campaigning of the Nationals.

”The National Party were dishonest, but that’s fine, politics is a full-contact blood sport. I’m not bitter, I accept that it’s the nature of politics,” he said.

I love that last line. It shows the true nature of a politician, and one who fights hard in Australian politics.

One thing about this campaign in Victoria though that has shown through is that negative campaigning does work. The thing about negative campaigning is that it is the most honest because it has to be true. The coalition attrited Labor by telling the truth about them.

Still, Labor never quite believed that Victorians, in a good economy, would bring themselves to choose Ted Baillieu, a man they derided as a sook and a cry-baby.

In the end, with the government’s sheer longevity weighing it down, Baillieu did not have to convince voters to vote?for him, he simply had to encourage them to vote?against the government. Labor strategists knew this, and they watched nervously as the Coalition successfully articulated the government’s failures in a relentlessly negative campaign.

Long serving governments always come a gutser eventually as voters weary of them. The incumbents also become arrogant and self centred. Labour, here in New Zealand was the same. After nine years of believing that they had made a difference they were aghast to be shown the door. Some ins labour still can’t believe it and sincerely believe that the voters simply erred. Until they can show some?contrition?then they aren’t going to be back in power anytime soon. the fact that they remain silent on Philip Field speaks volumes.

Back to Australia though and the Victorian result. What is also stunning is the slaughter of the green vote.

THE GREENS’ bid to make history by winning their first ever seat in State Parliament’s lower house appeared to be in tatters last night, with Labor retaining its stronghold across the inner city on the back of Liberal Party preferences.

While the Greens were last night refusing to concede defeat – pointing out that many pre-poll votes remained uncounted – party leaders admitted it was unlikely they would defeat Labor in the prized seats of Melbourne, Richmond, Brunswick and Northcote.

With only half the votes counted by 10pm last night, Labor’s Education Minister Bronwyn Pike was well ahead of Greens candidate Brian Walters in the seat of Melbourne. Housing Minister Richard Wynne was also on track to retain Richmond ahead of Greens candidate Kathleen Maltzahn, while Labor candidate Jane Garrett, the mayor of Yarra, looked set for her first tilt in State Parliament after pushing ahead of Greens candidate Cyndi Dawes. Further north, in the notionally safe Labor seat of Northcote, Brumby government parliamentary secretary Fiona Richardson was easily ahead of Greens candidate Anne Martinelli. Federal Greens leader Bob Brown blamed the Liberals’ decision to preference the Greens last on their how to vote cards as the reason they were outpolled.

I love the preference system, though it takes forever to count it really can be effective,especially when voters want to keep nutters at bay. In this instance in Victoria Liberals?consistently?ranked Green candidates last, destroying any hope that they would hold the balance of power and in fact shattering them utterly in Victoria. What makes the result for the greens particularly galling is the fact that many Labor politicians only retained their seats off of the back of Green preferences. Victoria has comprehensively rejected Green politics, a significant factor was probably the blame for the many deaths in the Victorian bushfires because of green policies and tomfoolery that ultimately cost lives.

The counting continues in Victoria but Labor can’t form a government, they don’t have enough seats.

Almost 24 hours after polls closed, the result has yet to be declared, but is likely to hinge on counting of early votes in the suburban seat of Bentleigh, where the coalition is close to claiming the 45th seat it needs for majority government.

A defiant Premier John Brumby was refusing to concede defeat on Sunday and will wait until a record 550,000 early votes have been counted.

But the Liberal-Nationals are growing in confidence that the election is theirs and are poised to end Labor’s 11-year reign.

With three quarters of the vote counted, the coalition has won as many as 44 of the 88 upper house seats. At best Labor has 43.

A downcast Mr Brumby admitted it was ”extremely unlikely” Labor would achieve majority government, but said he won’t concede defeat until all pre-poll votes are counted, which will not happen until Monday at the earliest.

Hopefully the?Coalition?has helped?embattled?Victorians cast aside the shackles of 11 years of Labor rule.