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Bob Katter

Bob Katter

Federal MP Bob Katter says Australia should follow the example of Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia and shut its doors to Syrian refugees.

The north Queensland parliamentarian says the total intake of long-term working, education and settling migrants should be capped at 100,000 a year.

That would include the vast majority of those on humanitarian visas, which he says should not be given to refugees from countries “on fire”.

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Bitter Aussies moaning about our FTA with China

Australia is in the grip of a debilitating wind down of their economy after the mining boom popped. I’ve always said that Australia had a two track economy, one in the bush based around minerals and mining and the cities. The two are not as inter-related as many suspected.

The cities have been struggling for some time, while the bush boomed. Then it all came crashing down and the minerals sector caught up with the rest of Australia.

Things are not good for their economy.

Our economy is growing, but the Aussie commentators still attempt to bring us down to their level.

Uppity Kiwis feeling boastful about their dollar approaching parity with the mighty Aussie might do well to stick to rugby for their kicks. Their China-driven boom is coming to an end as quickly as Australia’s. And they have less to fall back on when it does.

Meanwhile, reports of Gina Rinehart going long on dairy farms could prove as reliable a warning as many another billionaire diversifying outside his or her area of expertise.

The New Zealand economy’s resurgence has owed much to China’s demand for milk products and getting in early for a comprehensive free trade agreement with the Middle Kingdom.

Trouble is, China has been busily investing and encouraging others to invest in increased and globally diversified milking. Just as iron ore miners have ramped up production both from existing provinces and new projects from Africa to Mongolia, New Zealand’s farmers are facing increased competition from South America to Russia and all points in between, including Australia.

People have got to eat.

This time last year I was in Uruguay, a country that, in several ways, is the New Zealand of South America. It’s small, agricultural, relatively peaceful (the lowest murder rate of the continent), has a similar population of 3 million or so and a large diaspora, manages to perform disproportionately well in its chosen football code, is socially advanced on several levels (gay marriage, legalised marijuana) and has ridden cows to posterity, courtesy of Chinese demand.

Chinese investment in Uruguay is obvious and remarked on by the locals: Chinese cars on the roads, new buildings sporting Chinese brands. And Uruguay is just one small corner of the global market China has been developing as a source of commodities and consumers. It’s been doing that developing both as a matter of Beijing policy and individual entrepreneur’s search for opportunities.

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Uh Huh…tell us something we don’t know

Bob Katter has kicked all Aussie parliamentarians in the slats calling them “idiots” and “dummies” who he says have sold out Australia.

While high in praise for Broken Hill and the city’s “great tradition of get up and fight” – when Mr Katter’s five-hour whistle stop tour was over the outspoken Queenslander had left a trail of political debris in his wake.

“The parliament is the biggest bunch of dummies that were ever born – I can’t believe some of the people I have to work with,” Mr Katter railed during an interview with Chris Jeremy for ABC Broken Hill’s Morning program?Outback Outlook.? Read more »

Not dickheads, just blokes

? Sydney Morning Herald

The two Aussie swimmers busted for posing with guns have found a political defender in Bob Katter. They aren’t dickheads, they are just blokes being blokes:

Bob Katter says Australia’s “thought police have gone too far” in pillorying our Olympic swimmers for being pictured with legal firearms.

Mr Katter, the member for Kennedy, stepped in to defend controversial Sunshine Coast swimmer Nick D’Arcy saying political correctness has gone too far when men have to “apologise for being men”, reports?The North West Star.

Mr Katter took aim at the “thought police” for the criticism of?D’Arcy and fellow Olympian Kenrick Monk, after the pair were criticised when Monk posted a photo on Facebook?of the pair branding firearms in a United States gun shop.

The Australian Olympic Committee has decided D’Arcy and Monk should be punished by exiting the London Games when their events finish after the first week, rather than stay with the team for the full Games.

However, this website understands Swimming Australia will not further sanction the pair when it makes a statement this afternoon.

The swimmers were remorseful when they confronted the media at Brisbane Airport last week after flying home from a three-week training camp in the US.

But Mr Katter said the criticism of the swimmers behaviour, who he describes as “sporting heroes”, was offensive to responsible gun users.

“What have we become, when two Australian Olympic Swimmers can been vilified for being photographed with legal firearms in the US?’ he said.

“Are we serious? The real crime here is the ‘thought police’ stripping us of the right for boys to be boys.

“Will they finally be happy when men can only be photographed at a day spa carrying their designer chihuahua in a designer Louis Vuitton doggy handbag?

“It’s about time men stop being made to feel like they should apologise for being men.”

“Just shoot the bloody things.”

I love this story from Australia…a developer is battling bureaucrats and regulations concerning bats:

A GOLD Coast developer has had to delay the construction of a unit complex to allow a colony of bats on the site to get enough sleep.

Developer Terry Balson began clearing trees on the Labrador site yesterday, a job which should have taken three days.

But it will now take at least six days after the Department of Environment and Resource Management told Mr Balson he could only work between noon and 4pm because a colony of bats roosting in trees at the back of the property needed adequate time to rest and feed their young.

Delaying construction on the 13-unit development, which will employ 10 full-time builders, could cost Mr Balson more than $100,000.

There are between 19 and 36 bats in the colony, which was only discovered by DERM in January, just before work on the site was to start.

Mr Balson was forced to stop works and employ five specialists — fauna and wildcare specialists, an arboriculturist, landscape specialist and an environmental planning consultant — to devise a DERM-approved plan to safely clear the land around the bats.

In six weeks he has dealt with more than a dozen different government departments to get the right approvals to proceed.

Lord give me strength. Luckily Bob Katter, the leader of the Australian Party seems to be the only one blessed with commonsense:

DERM confirmed the colony is only new to the site. DERM director of wildlife Dr Ashley Bunce said a DMP permit was granted to Mr Balson with several conditions for work designed to encourage the bats “to move to the area of retained vegetation of their own volition”.

Katter’s Australian Party leader Bob Katter slammed the government regulations.

“What is the world coming to?” he said. “It’s bloody outrageous.

“It’s his land, he should be able to do what he wants.

“Just shoot the bloody things.”

The development is already six weeks behind schedule and will cost Mr Balson in excess of $100,000.