Bob Parker

Go Bob, Now, and take Tony with you


Mike Yardley writes in The Press about the failure of Bob Parker’s mayoralty and his CEO as Christchurch City Council gets spanked by IANZ.

The news ricocheted across the city yesterday morning like a thunderclap.

Despite all the soothing tones of reassurance, despite all the varnished rhetoric that the big bad wolf of revocation would be kept from the council door, International Accreditation New Zealand (Ianz) has walked the talk and blown the house down.

The Christchurch City Council has incurred the unique and ignominious distinction of becoming the nation’s first consenting authority to be stripped of its accreditation.

On the day that the Ianz letter, outlining the intention to revoke, was brought to the public’s attention by the Canterbury earthquake recovery minister, the Christchurch mayor’s first reflex was to absolve the council of any blame or responsibility.

He slammed Gerry Brownlee for launching a ”media missile” and he accused the Government of ”undermining public confidence in the council”.

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The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle again?tonight?with Larry Williams.

Our topics are:

The Ikaroa-Rawhiti by election. What a disaster that was all around, and the various threads which naturally go with it??and the Maori party.

Then that leads nicely to the tick tock put over David Shearer?s head with Paddy Gower?s revelations that the polls are going to be his downfall if they don?t pick up in the next while. ? Read more »

Chch Council loses consenting accreditation

I am quite sure that Christchurch City Council isn’t the only one in breach, they are just the one IANZ has decided needed to be?sorted?first considering the large amount of building being undertaken there.

The Christchurch City Council has been stripped of its accreditation to issue building consents.

In a huge blow to the organisation International Accreditation New Zealand (Ianz) has followed through on its threat to revoke the council’s accreditation.

Christchurch City Council will be stripped of its right to issue consents from Monday.

Council’s general manager regulation and democracy services Peter Mitchell said in the last 14 days the council issued 632 consents with a combined value of $160 million.

Of the original backlog of 500 consents, 25 remained and these were expected to be cleared today. ? Read more »

Does Bob Parker have any Campaign Funds?

According to The Press Bob Parker has Moira Coatesworth’s problem.

He doesn’t like asking for money.

??I don?t like that side of the game. I don?t like asking people for things and I certainly don?t like asking them for money,?? said Parker, who paid for most of the $60,000 he spent on his last campaign.? Read more »

Is the Press trying to tell us something?

With the countries worst kept secret about to be revealed The Press thought they should hold a little survey.

This is the image that thy presented with the survey…Keeping Stock noticed and wondered if perhaps they were trying to tell us something.

Why wouldn’t you vote for a radiant, beaming Ms Dalziel, against the taciturn, tired and grumpy looking Bob Parker?

Has The Press already annointed Ms Dalziel as its candidate of choice, even though an official announcement will not be made until Saturday? Is this a subtle (or perhaps a not-so-subtle) message from the editorial staff of The Press that a fresh face is just what Christchurch needs?

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Onya Lianne

Lianne Dalziel may be on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me, and a bit fond of the bottle but she has a reputation in Christchurch for being able to work across partisan lines.

It is obvious that Christchurch is a mess, the council is dysfunctional and the Bob and Tony team are widely loathed by just about everyone. Christchurch needs a uniter, not a divider, ?and the word is that National would far rather deal with Lianne and the competent councillors she is bringing with her than Bob Parker.

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel is set to enter the Christchurch mayoral race, Fairfax Media understands.

The Christchurch East MP has long been rumoured as the favourite to challenge incumbent Bob Parker for the mayoral chains, following her high-profile role as Labour’s earthquake recovery spokeswoman, and criticism of the current council.

Her declaration is expected later this week.? Read more »

No Donors, No Team, No Voters, Bob Parker to Give Up Mayoralty

3943211Bob Parker has worked out he is going to get a hiding if he runs again for mayor of Christchurch. He has ignored all his previous donors so they are pissed off with him and fundraising has gone very badly.

Bob is supported by his batshit crazy wife who has not so much polarised Christchurch as sent them all to the pole opposite her because of her unfortunate crack-whore look and even more unfortunate manner. This has meant that Bob hasn?t been able to assemble a campaign team, or anyone to support him on the ground.

Christchurch’s mayoralty race could soon take a dramatic turn with rumours swirling that incumbent Bob Parker may not run.

Parker, who late last year confirmed he would seek a third term as mayor, has been sounding out city leaders lately, asking whether they thought he could win if Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel stood against him.? Read more »

Stylish website, The Civilian, according to the Herald

The Herald may have decided to run all its stories through the spellcheck, however one reporter doesn’t know the difference between satirical and sartorial.

Turns out that The Civilian website by Ben Uffindell is not only funny but really well dressed.

X Factor fans have gone into a frenzy after a sartorial website posted a fake story announcing Tom Batchelor as the winner.

The Civilian?appeared to have crashed as viewers of the show flooded the site.

The story said a technical error resulted in TV3 airing the final episode months before it was supposed to.? Read more »

No Sam, Dalziel will have to find someone else

What a bugger, Sam Johnson would have been a good councillor for Christchurch. He is a genuine top bloke.

I hope Lianne Dalziel finds someone equally as good because Bob Parker has to go.

Student Volunteer Army founder Sam Johnson will not challenge Mayor Bob Parker in the upcoming Christchurch elections, despite agonising over an offer to team up with Labour MP Lianne Dalziel.

The Weekend Press revealed Dalziel – the MP for Christchurch East and Labour’s earthquake recovery spokeswoman – invited Johnson to be her running mate and would-be deputy mayor in October’s local body elections.

Neither Dalziel nor Johnson would comment on Friday, but Johnson admitted last night he “very seriously did consider” the offer. He finally decided against it on Saturday afternoon.

“I really wanted to do it,” he said. “It was a really difficult decision to make, but I don’t think it is the right thing for me right now.”? Read more »

Is Bob Parker rooted?

Leaked polling numbers I have seen suggests that Bob Parker is trailing Lianne Dalziel by over 25%. Bob?s negatives are very high, and his handling of Tony Marryatt have not helped. The same poll has even higher negatives for Mrs Mayor, who has a reputation for being extremely difficult to deal with.


Bob?s previous backers have failed to respond for requests for money because Bob has been so busy being mayor he has forgotten his friends. National have washed their hands of him so will not be helping, with most National supporters remembering Big Gerry?s clown comments.? Read more »