Diversity at Whaleoil is vast, like the right-wing conspiracy

We here at Whaleoil pride ourselves on our diversity. The Ferald has asked if different organisations are too white. We here at Whaleoil ask if our organisation is too diversely fabulous?

The staff who run Whaleoil like a well-oiled… er Whale come from all walks of life. We were founded by a Fijian coconut.

Fijian coconut

Fijian coconut

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Trotter suggests Labour replaces Asian votes with Bogan votes


Even though he spelled bogan incorrectly (I looked it up to check) Chris Trotter makes the case for Labour exchanging Asian voters for Bogan voters.

CAN LABOUR WIN the ?Bogun Vote?? Should it even try? Seriously, if going after the votes of ?Waitakere Man? is considered bad, then pursuing the Bogun Vote must, surely, be worse? And yet, at one time, the in-work, well-remunerated, union-dues-paying, domestically-settled, family man ? and his sons ? constituted the heart and soul of the Labour vote. Indeed, so irrevocably gendered was the New Zealand working-class vote that the poet, James K. Baxter, made humorous reference to it in his otherwise bleak suburban tragedy,?Calvary Street:

Where two old souls go slowly mad,

National Mum and Labour Dad.

In 2015, however, Baxter?s stereotype seems all wrong. Fifty years after the publication of?Calvary Street?it is Dad who votes for National and Mum who (maybe) votes for Labour. In 2015, the self-employed, well-remunerated, domestically-settled, family man ? a.k.a Waitakere Man ? is much more likely to vote for the Right than the Left. His children, if they bother to vote at all, probably do the same.

Of course they vote National, most of them are self employed and self sufficient…not bludging, entitled ratbags.

Boguns are very different from, and should never be confused with, the offspring of Waitakere Man. The latter represents working-class New Zealand males on an upward socio-economic trajectory. Boguns, by contrast, represent working-class New Zealand males on the socio-economic skids. They are the blokes ? especially the young blokes ? who struggle to find and remain in even the most poorly-paid employment. Their domestic situations tend towards the precarious. They rent rooms ? not houses ? and struggle to both make and retain strong social connections. That?s why mateship is so crucial to the Bogun identity; especially mateship built around sporting allegiances and motor vehicles.

The fathers and grandfathers of 21st Century Boguns were the men for whom the fully employed, compulsorily unionised, welfare state was, primarily, constructed. Men of modest educational attainment and limited ambition who were able, nevertheless, to live full and rewarding lives under the state?s (and their union?s) protection. These were the men who worked for the state-owned Post Office and Railways; whose families occupied state houses; whose award-wages kept them, if not in luxury, then, at least, in reasonable comfort. They were also the Labour Party?s most loyal supporters. That it was Labour, in the person of Roger Douglas, who destroyed their world and cast them and their families onto the scrapheap, is the defining Bogun betrayal.

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Our Pinko Mate on Socialist Bars

David Farrar interrupts his travel blog to have a sook about police not wanting to waste resources on policing drunken bogans after?3am. The rest of us have to subsidise him and his mates if they want to stay out to?3am?boozing.

I wish the Police would stick to their jobs and not try to become like the Mutaween. It is not their job to decide people must stop dancing in town by?3 am.
I?ve often been in town after?3 am. You may be at a function until around?11 pm, and then want to head out with a few friends to carry on talking and drinking. We?re not being rowdy, not drunk, not causing problems ? just enjoying some drinks and conversation. On other occasions we may mix that in with some dancing, which you know is legal and okay to do after?3 am.? Read more »

All about bogans

Hands up if you re a bogan.

Apparently there is a bit of bogan in all of us as ‘outrage’ breaks all over Australia over the word bogan.

I’ll bet real bogans don’t even care.

Clive Palmer has dismissed the leaking of an internal email from one of his MPs, which described voters as “bogans”, as the actions of a disaffected former candidate exacting revenge against the Palmer United Party.

The mining magnate also said he had an affection for bogans and had “spent most of [his] life as a bogan”.

The email, allegedly sent by a Queensland MP in Mr Palmer’s party, Alex Douglas, reportedly describes voters as “bogans” living “empty lives” fueled by a “diet of grease”.? Read more »

Can Paula Bennett win selection in Upper Harbour?


The former tart cart, which has since given up the ghost.

Paula Bennett is a formidable politician who brings the tenacity of a pig hunter to her campaigning. She is a self described Westie, and out and out proud of her Westie background.? Read more »



Socialist Cindy has upset the bogans of Hamilton

But Ms Ardern replied the concept already existed here: ”It’s called Hamilton.”

Her remarks have drawn return fire from several local politicians, including city councillor Dave Macpherson who said that the ”foolish swipe at Hamilton by a little-known Labour party hack would have been more hurtful to the city, had it been made by a representative of a more relevant party, such as the Greens.”


Let the games commence?

The unfolding V8 fiasco really confirms that Len Brown really is like a Roman Emperor.

In classical times the Roman elite would trick the poor and impoverished by declaring a month of feast and games.

Ludi?were public games held for the benefit and entertainment of the?Roman people (populus Romanus).?Ludi?were held in conjunction with, or sometimes as the major feature of,?Roman religious?festivals, and were also presented as part of the?cult of state.

That same technique now applies at Auckland Council … cash-strapped Franklin business ratepayers are being told to forget about the massive rate increase and focus on a V8 race instead.

Not only that the poor and impoverished bogans are being hoodwinked that this is a good deal for Aucklamd.

The only wonder now is when Len Brown will announce the issuance of the Grain Dole for all citizens of Auckland

$100,000 and No Mullet


This bogan needs to pay us all back. For $100,000 the taxpayers of New Zealand deserve a proper mullet.

When the latest batch of students graduate from Waikato University this week, an “undercover bogan” will be among them.

At first glance, PhD graduand Dave Snell might look like all the other graduands this Thursday, but look a little closer and the dedicated bogan buff will have a couple of noticeable differences under his formal regalia.

“Well, I am going to have to wear the goofy hat and long coat, but no doubt I’ll have a metal T-shirt underneath.”

Mr Snell said he also had a Beavis and Butthead tie that he planned to pull out for the special occasion.

The self-proclaimed bogan made global headlines in 2007 when he was awarded a taxpayer-funded doctoral scholarship worth nearly $100,000 to study the “everyday bogan’s identity and community amongst heavy metal fans”.

Five years on, Mr Snell was as proud as ever to be a bogan, and pleased with the research he had accomplished.

I wonder perhaps if this research has contributed to the impression that New Zealand?universities?are lame academically and continue to fall behind in world rankings.?It shows, at least, that Waikato University continues to represent the low-brow spectrum of tertiary education.

Bogans are stupid

? NZ Herald

It is dead set hard not to believe that Bogans are stupid when you read of exploits like this:

A group of boy racers have been arrested and had their vehicles impounded after allegedly doing burnouts at their friend’s funeral in Upper Hutt.

Police said the four men, aged 18 to 27, carried out burnouts as their friend’s funeral procession made its way to Akatarawa Cemetery on March 12.

They were arrested and charged with dangerous driving and sustained loss of traction after police executed search warrants at properties in Upper Hutt early this morning.

Three vehicles were impounded and a stolen car and car parts were recovered.

Inspector Mike Hill said the men had disrespected the dead with their actions.

“I’m not aware of there being any part of our behaviour or our psyche that would make it okay to behave in such a disrespectful way in a place where people are trying to honour their dead. It was disrespectful on so many fronts.

“We have absolutely zero sympathy for this.”

Are Jews Bogans?

It seems some Jews are bogans:

CHERYL BOGAN couldn’t believe her ears. It wasn’t until the CityRail employee repeated himself in a louder voice that she and her husband, Jeffrey, were sure they were under racist attack by a public servant. The customer service manager at Central Station, no less.

“They’re all Jews living in the eastern suburbs; they’re all wealthy; they can afford to get a taxi,” Roman Arnusch uttered repeatedly, according to the couple.

The Bogans, who are Jewish and live at Bondi, had stepped off a train late at night and asked another CityRail staff member whether trains were still running to Bondi Junction. A ”polite and helpful” Arly Ribet, a subordinate to Mr Arnusch, told them that services had finished and they would need to get a taxi.