Name the cheats

International Cricket authorities are investigating up to four former players for cheating. I say name them….stop casting aspersions on the innocent.

An International Cricket Council investigation into match-fixing by as many as three former Black Caps cricketers could be linked to an English newspaper sting last year.

The ICC’s anti-corruption unit has reportedly been in New Zealand for the past four months, and is believed to be looking at claims of match fixing that allegedly occurred in more than one country.

“It’s a difficult situation,” New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White told the NZ Herald.

“New Zealand Cricket is aware the ICC is investigating some former New Zealand cricketers. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to comment further and all inquiries have to be directed to the ICC.”

The ICC has released a statement confirming it is investigating match fixing around the world.? Read more »

That’s Rudd rooted then, Bookie pays out all Coalition bets

An Aussie bookmaker has paid out on a Coalition win…if the bookies abandon you that is pretty much the end of things for Kevin Rudd.

Sportsbet has declared the federal election a one-horse race and we?re?paying out all bets on the Coalition?nine days before Australia goes to the polls.

We?re so confident of a landslide Coalition victory for?Tony Abbott?and his team, we?ve paid out more than $1.5 million in bets to our members ? a first in Australian federal election history.

Following last night?s third and final debate between the two leaders, the Coalition is at Black Caviar-like odds ($1.03) to claim government. (We paid out on the wonder mare as well!)

Kevin Rudd?and Labor is $11 to win the election ? their highest price since betting markets opened immediately following the 2010 federal election.? Read more »

A tax on stupidity, Ctd

No I’m not talking about voting Green, I am talking about internet gambling.

Peter FitzSimons explains how online betting agencies filter out winners:

For some extraordinary reason, internet bookies are allowed to refuse and restrict bets from punters who are too damn smart, relying on their fine print terms and conditions. Interestingly, I am told the two bookmakers who are most ubiquitous in their advertising, Tom Waterhouse and bet365, are among the “bookmakers that continuously come up in forums for closing down punters”. But it’s not just them! The practice is so widespread, apparently, that one crowd, Pinnacle Sports, even advertises “winners are welcome”, as their point of difference, while NSW TAB and Betfair, which is a betting exchange – whatever that is – is also said to give punters more of a fair go. However, for most of the rest, those who regularly win, across as few as five to 10 bets are apparently known as “toughies” and players who have won a set amount, (usually as little as $1000), are often either refused bets or limited to small wagers of $5 to $10.

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