A good judge tells fatty jazz fan she was pissed, too fat and clumsy

Looks like the UK has some top judges that don’t let fools trifle with the courts.

An 18-stone jazz fan who sued for compensation after an accident at Ronnie Scott’s was fat, drunk and careless in her high heels, a judge found.

Eren Hussein, 53, blamed dim lighting at the world famous Soho club after breaking her wrist and elbow falling down stairs after a party in 2012.

She wanted thousands in damages, but after a civil trial this week, a judge threw out her claim, saying the fall wasn’t the club’s fault.

Judge Heather Baucher QC said Mrs Hussein was intoxicated, obese, wearing shoes with high platform heels, and not taking care by holding the bannister as she descended.

“In her inebriated, obese state on three-inch platforms, that would be an obvious, simple step for anyone presented with what they saw as a hazard,” she said.

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Photo Of The Day


Meet the Man Who Got Congress Its Booze During Prohibition

One day in March 1925?five years into the absurd experiment called Prohibition?a dapper man named George Cassiday strolled into the office building of the U.S. House of Representatives, carrying a briefcase and wearing a spiffy light green hat. The cop at the door recognized Cassiday, which wasn?t surprising. Nearly everybody on Capitol Hill knew Cassiday. He was Congress? favourite bootlegger, working out of the House Office Building, delivering booze to dozens of congressmen, who found a strong drink soothing after long days spent listening to tedious political blather.

On this day, however, the cop stopped Cassiday, inspected his briefcase, found liquor, and arrested him.

When reporters heard that a bootlegger was busted in Congress, they called the House sergeant-at-arms, who described the miscreant as ?a man in a green hat.? The next morning, Cassiday became famous across America as ?The Man in the Green Hat,? a living symbol of congressional hypocrisy and the follies of Prohibition.

Cassiday pleaded guilty and served 60 days in jail. When he got out, he learned that he?d been barred from the House Office Building. Obviously, he needed another place to work. So he moved to the Senate Office Building. He sold booze there for five years, until 1930, when he was arrested delivering gin to the Senate. This time Prohibition agents confiscated Cassiday?s ?little black book,? containing the names of his illustrious customers.

In October 1930?two weeks before the congressional election?the Washington Post announced that it would publish a six-part series written by Cassiday, revealing the juicy details of his adventures as Congress? ?official bootlegger.?

?It will be,? the Post promised, ?an astonishing story.?

And it was.

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Just wait, someone will blame increased violence on climate change

They don’t say it specifically in the article but I am sure some Green Taliban loon will make the connection.

Apparently the higher the temperature the more violence there is on the streets…I’m not kidding.

June may be mid-winter but new research suggests it’s also the month you’re least likely to get punched in the head.

Massey University research has revealed a connection between assaults and temperature ? to the extent that the rate of assault rises by about 1.5 per cent for every degree the temperature rises.

The paper, published in the journal Climactic Change by PhD student Matt Williams, looked at the 268,000 recorded assaults in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch from 1994 to 2009.

Due to population Auckland had by far the lion’s share but, per capita, Wellington came out slightly ahead.

Bouncers usually breathed a sign of relief with the arrival of cooler weather, Wellington doorman Ian Sapsford said.? Read more »

Why is Auckland Council considering a ban on liquor sales when the law already prohibits it

The Auckland Council is considering restricting sales of alcohol near schools and preventing sales during home time between 3pm and 4pm.

Bottle shops and supermarkets near some Auckland schools may have to stop selling alcohol between 3pm and 4pm each day.

A five-member council panel wants district licensing committees to have discretion to ban sales near primary and secondary schools when considering applications for new or renewed off-licences.

That is among recommendations determined on Friday for a new local alcohol policy to be considered by all Auckland Council members in May, before a 30-day period for any of more than 2600 submitters to lodge appeals with the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority.


The law already prohibits sales to minors under 18 years of ?age…so store can’t sell to them anyway.

Is there a massive problem with primary school kids buying piss at bottle stores after school?

Where is the evidence that this is even a problem? ?? Read more »

Len Brown’s vision for Auckland in tatters


Cameron Brewer has thrown a hammer smack into the middle of Len Brown?s vision?for Auckland to be ?the world?s most liveable city?.

Anti-alcohol fanatics have learn’t a thing or two from those anti-tobacco nutters and are pushing Auckland Council to make the city clamp down on mums wanting to buy a few bottles of wine for their evening dinner.

?This policy if adopted will see cordons go up around the alcohol section of every supermarket early in the morning and late at night. Annoying a lot of people, wine and beer will be roped off like we used to have in the old days when you couldn?t buy alcohol from supermarkets on Sundays. It?s ?back to the future? stuff,? says Mr Brewer.

?Mum and dad shoppers won?t be able to buy wine or beer with their weekly groceries before?9am?and after?10pm. It makes no sense, particularly the morning ban, and such a move will do little to deliver on the intention of the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act which is all about minimising alcohol harm. These grocery shoppers are not the problem!?

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Awkward moment for booze boss

As always the team at WOBH enjoy putting the rays of sunlight on issues some people and their companies would rather have hidden in the shadows.

RTD pusher Independent Liquor is one such company facing a raft of problems.

If it?s not the mass-produced liquid panty-remover?RTDs favoured by 9 year olds in Hamilton, it?s also under the pump with its retail chain?The Mill facing police investigations for selling Vodka onlineto underage kids.? Read more »

Focus coming on RTD manufacturers

Cody's, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Cody’s, the preferred drink of weed smoking 9yo maori kids in Hamilton

Today the Herald on Sunday editorial and Kerre McIvor launch into RTD manufacturers.

First up the editorial:

The legislation may need to be revisited to ensure its intentions are clear. Though no parental permission appears to have been given for the supply of alcohol in this instance, the law allowing liquor to be given with parental permission to teenagers below the legal purchasing age may need to include an absolute minimum age for alcohol consumption.

And the sale of canned RTD mixes should be reconsidered too. They are purposely designed for young drinkers. When the law was revised a year ago, the industry was told to voluntarily control these drinks or face regulation. It has set a maximum alcohol content for the cans and banned advertising that appeals to minors.

But sweet drinks in cans will always entice the young. It is time they were banned. Beer, wine, and spirits have a natural child barrier: children by and large do not like them. But potent cocktails are a different proposition for those who are not ready to drink.

The industry says RTDs are giving way to cider among younger adults. It should encourage that trend and phase out RTDs entirely. What better reason does it need than the images of a 9-year-old wasted at a skate park?

That image ought to haunt the liquor industry and legislators for a long time. The video went worldwide and the image may have an impact far beyond New Zealand. The boy, meanwhile, needs help. The police and family services must ensure he receives it. ? Read more »

Uncle Bully Syndrome and now the Kahui Defence

The media continue to perpetrate the Uncle Bully Syndrome in the case of the pissed 9 yo maori kid…now they are allowing the mother to use the “Kahui Defence”.

Booze culture in Hamiltion

Booze culture in Hamiltion

The mother of a young Hamilton boy whose drunken antics at a skate park went viral on YouTube has explained how two more of her children were snapped in a photograph holding bottles of beer.? Read more »


Farrar spruiking for RTD manufacturers?


Yesterday I posted that the?RTD producer of the tipple of choice of Hamilton?s 9 year olds ? Independent Liquor?has remained tight lipped over the incident.

Saying nothing leaves the void to be filled by others.

Spanishbride said it all;

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The Uncle Bully Syndrome

I have watched with increasing incredulity as the left wing and Maori have rounded on the kid who posted a video of a drunk 9 year old on Youtube and attacked him and his integrity…blaming him for all sorts of crimes in their mind ignoring the fact that there was a 9 year Maori kid drunk in a skate park, clearly without any supervision or anyone remotely interested in his wellbeing.

Tau Henare had a rush of stupid:

Then there was this woman:

Then the left wing apologists like kitchen-ware blogger Russell Brown who was angry that someone was using social media to highlight an issue…which Cactus Kate pointed out he’d spent all day talking about himself. Russell Brown even went on a social media witch hunt against Bradley Goudie taking screenshots of his Facebook. ? Read more »