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Want proof Bill English is a dickhead, here it is

The opposition and Media party have been attacking water exports.

Predictably, Bill English has quivered when confronted with tweets and outrage from the perpetually outraged.

The Government has written to its advisory group on water, telling it to investigate putting a price on exported water and to report back by the end of the year.

“We’ve written to the technical advisory group that’s working on water allocation, and asking them to include in their considerations the issues around export water”, Prime Minister Bill English said on Monday afternoon.

It comes amidst public and political pressure in recent weeks over the exporting of New Zealand water for sale overseas.

“There is real public concern about foreign companies access to water, there’s also a long-held, deep seated view among New Zealanders that no one owns it and it’s free,” Mr English said.

“We’d want to step through any process carefully so that’s why we’ve written a letter today.”

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Some pertinent facts on bottled water exports

You’d think we were down to our last drop of fresh water and some evil capitalist bastards were selling it all offshore, especially to people with chinky sounding names.

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger, David Farrar, sheds some light the subject.

All the normal suspects are calling for bottled water exports to be banned, implying the level of exports is a threat to our water supply.

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Nick Smith: be careful about opening a debate on charging for bottled water

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Opposition party calls for a levy on bottled water exports are “uninformed and scientifically unsound”, says Environment Minister Nick Smith.

The Greens and NZ First say companies pay nothing for the water and make millions from selling it overseas.

They want the government to claim a percentage of the profits or charge a levy for the water when it’s extracted.

NZ First leader Winston Peters say it’s the same as giving away coal or oil.

The Greens say 74 companies are in the market and more are in the pipeline, they want a moratorium on consents.

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Oh look, the left are trying to destroy even more businesses

What is it with the left that they are so adverse to business making money?

Some companies are exporting millions of litres of bottled New Zealand water, and paying very little in return.

One company, Oravida, takes 400,000 litres a day from an aquafer in the Bay of Plenty. Last year they paid $526 in compliance fees.

The Green Party’s spokesperson for water, Catherine Delahunty, says the Government isn’t doing enough to protect New Zealand’s assets.

“Aucklanders don’t leave the tap running because there’s a charge on it and they value it, but Oravida and other companies can take it away, basically for nothing. That’s just wrong.”

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Is there anything the Greens don’t want to ban?


The Greens have pulled out the ban hammer again:

The Green Party has called for a temporary stop to future deals granting overseas water-bottling companies rights to extract New Zealand’s water for commercial benefit.

The Government called the request “absolute nonsense” and downplayed the impact of such deals on New Zealand’s freshwater resource.

The Ashburton District Council’s sale of Lot 9 within its business estate, which comes with consent to abstract 1.4 billion litres of artesian water each year, has kicked off a nationwide debate about water ownership.

It later emerged that just 15 kilometres away, a group of businessmen were selling a property with consent to abstract half a billion litres of water each year to bottled-water suppliers.

In light of both deals, the Green Party said there needed to be a moratorium on such transactions so the issue could be properly debated.

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