Bourbon whiskey

Tech make Bourbon heaps faster, but is it kosher?

Not sure if this is the right way to go, but it is only bourbon whiskey and not scotch so only Americans are harmed. Still, isn’t it amazing what we can dream up?

Cleveland Bourbon

When it comes to bourbon, Tom Lix doesn’t believe in age discrimination. Most bourbons might age in the barrel for eight to 12 years or more, but Lix figures his are ready to drink in less than a week.

Lix makes?Cleveland Whiskey, a new brand of bourbon that exemplifies two major trends in American whiskey-making today: the desire to speed up the process and the effort to establish a local identity.? Read more »

The drink of choice for gay bogans?

Who would drink this? I can only think gay bogans would be customers. I’m not even sure that is a real demographic.


Maxxium UK has announced plans to launch Jim Beam Lime Splash in the UK, following its successful reception in Germany.

The pre-mixed drink will be available in 30cl cans, features Jim Beam White Bourbon with lime-lemonade and is designed to offer an alternative to Bourbon and ginger or cola.

Lime Splash is the latest in a string of innovations from Jim Beam, with the past two years seeing the launches of cherry-infused Bourbon Red Stag, Jim Beam Honey and premium Bourbon Devil’s Cut.? Read more »