Let the dog squad do some training in these ferals

Seriously, I believe it is a valid option, and the dog squad needs some training.

Police say they may “go and say hello” to boy racers planning a protest outside the Christchurch central police station tonight.

The protest has been organised through a boy racer Facebook page, which features photos of T-shirts with the letters FTP on the back.

It invites members to the “peaceful park-up” outside the St Asaph St station at 11pm.

The idea is “to show that we will not tolerate the misapropriation (sic) of police powers and their complete misconduct towards boyracers and those of us out to have a goodtime [sic],” the page administrator wrote.  Read more »

It’s called terrorism in other countries

Look at these drop kicks. I think a spell in the cells for a few years might sort them out.

A new, more aggressive and highly organised breed of boy racer, who police say see them as targets, has emerged in Christchurch.

Acting Sergeant Clay Penrose, of the Canterbury road policing group, said a marked resurgence in boy racer activity had brought with it “hard-core” elements, who displayed a “gang-mentality” never encountered before.

Social networking was used not only to organise gathering places, but to air aggressive comments about what boy racers want to do to police, some of which was being carried out.

Even an effective “anti-team policing” unit had been created, where members wore sweatshirts with FTP ( f… the police) emblazoned on the back.  Read more »


Boy Racer offences well down, a drop of 35 per cent

Anne Tolley is pleased that Crusher’s anti-boy racer legislation is working:

Police Minister Anne Tolley says illegal street racing offences have fallen by 35 per cent since 2009, after the National-led Government introduced legislation to combat boy racers.

Offences dropped from 2738 in 2009 to 1759 in 2012. In the same period, road deaths for 15-24 year olds reduced from 105 to 65.

“We are seeing encouraging results, with almost a thousand fewer offences in 2012 compared to 2009, but the number is still too high,” says Mrs Tolley.

“This legislation and the vigilance of our Police is having a real effect in reducing offences and repeat offenders, and lowering the risk of injury to innocent people and the boy racers themselves.”  Read more »

Christchurch Underbelly: Are Christchurch Police under resourced?


Just in case you need a catch-up, here are the stories on the Christchurch Smartphone Thief thus far

The amateur sleuths at GP Forum have expressed some frustration that the Police, when told about the phone, the photos and the video, told the owner that they’d get back to him next week.

What’s not known is if the phone owner spoke to the Police about what was in the videos – namely, crimes involving drugs and arson.   Read more »


Judith Collins has delivered another law, shame she couldn’t be there to witness it.

Doesn’t “Terminator” Anne Tolley just look very pleased.

Quote of the Day – Judith Collins

The media are beating up that no cars have yet been crushed by the government. They talk like this is a bad thing.

No cars have been crushed under a controversial two-year-old a law promising a crackdown on boy racers.

Police Minister Judith Collins was dubbed ‘Crusher Collins’ when the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill was passed in October 2009.

It gave courts the power to send cars owned by people who committed three serious vehicle offences in four years to the crusher.

Estimates quoted by Ms Collins during a parliamentary debate on the law said there would be 10 cars crushed every year.

She told Radio New Zealand this morning no cars had yet been crushed – though 17 offenders were on their second ‘strike’.

Judith Collins put’s it in perspective with her quote of the day:

“If one of them wants to pop their hand up and get the stupid sticker and get their car crushed, we’ll be happy to oblige.”

Clearly the law is working. The idiot classes don’t want to have their cars crushed and so are behaving better. SOunds like a policy success to me.


Inspiration for Judith

Haven’t seen any cars crushed yet. This is how they do it overseas.

Several drivers that where involved in illegal street racing in Ontario, Canada had their cars impounded to later find out that the cars where to be destroyed due to having stolen engines, transmissions, and other performance parts or modifications.

I think this song could well be her personal wrestling theme music.

Politician of the Week – Judith Collins

She is itching to see the first car crushed under the Government’s boy-racer legislation that has been in effect since December 2009.

“I have been to a demolition yard in Onehunga, Auckland, where they asked me to push a button. And it was awfully good fun,” Mrs Collins told the Herald.

“What we said when we brought in the legislation is that, ideally, no cars would be crushed … But it would be quite nice if we could get one crushed. I would quite happily do that.

“I think I would auction off the rights on Trade Me and give the proceeds to child-cancer research.”

She may soon get her wish as one person in Christchurch has two out of three strikes to his name already.

Judith Collins understands a whole lot of issues as a politician. She understands that laws must be effective, she understands that the public wants results and she understands that criminals are scum.

That is a massive drop in offenses with just one simple law. The truly brilliant part of her statement though, which gives her this weeks award, is her understanding of the theatre of politics and suggesting that the rights to crush the first car be auctioned on Trademe for charity. That just shows she is a brilliant politician who undertands the electorate.

Rudds poll rating about to plummet

Clark to meet Rudd in Canberra on Wednesday – 25 Feb 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

Kevin Rudd should be warned that his poll ratings are about to plummet and never recover. He should place a call to Gordon Brown, to Pakistan’s Musharraf, Graham Henry, the coach of the Silver Ferns and Grant Dalton.

The Clark effect is well documented. Any successful team meeting with Clark suffers fatal issues that they rarely recover from. The fact that Clark has been keeping her own copany recently is showing in the effect on her own poll ratings

Bwahahahaha Never underestimate Little Johnny

’13 Labor candidates ineligible’ | The Australian

hat tip Adolf at No Minister
[quote]THE Liberal Party has claimed 13 Labor candidates are ineligible to stand in Saturday’s federal election.

Melbourne’s Herald Sun has reported the shock development threatens to create a major distraction for Kevin Rudd’s run to the poll.

According to Liberal Party headquarters, the 13 hopefuls are all ineligible because they failed to resign from Commonwealth jobs before nominating for parliament.

Under the relevant legislation, a candidate can only validly nominate for Federal Parliament if they no longer hold an office of profit under the Crown.

Legal advice suggests the ALP candidate for Wentworth, George Newhouse, may be ineligible for parliament and has compounded the problem by refusing to release relevant documentation.

Twelve other ALP candidates may be similarly affected, the Liberals claim.

This includes Victorian candidate for McEwen, Rob Mitchell, who the Liberal Party claims may still be employed as a senior adviser to the Brumby state government.

The others named by the Liberals are: Tony Zappia (Makin, SA), Yvette D’ath (Petrie, Qld), Peter Conway (ACT senate), Shayne Neumann (Blair, Qld), Garry Parr (Hinkler, Qld), Alan Neilan (Kennedy, Qld), Sharon Thiel (Kalgoorlie, WA), Belinda Neil (Robertson, NSW), Mark Buttugieg (Cook, NSW), Ross Daniels (Ryan, Qld), Mark Reynolds (Tangney, WA). [/quote]
Whoopsy, that makes winning 18 seats just that much harder. Oh the aching ribs, the stitch, the pain.

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