When does a boy become a man?


by Bloke in Takapuna

Two separate events happened today that got me thinking about a topic not often discussed… when does a boy become a man?

Firstly, when talking with a mate about renovations to a sleep-out for their son who is about to become a teenager, the conversation drifted around, then to how much he’s grown, how he can now help with the heavy lifting stuff of renovations… but also how he is now starting (trying) to grow a moustache…

It seems in that household for him, puberty has arrived…

So is he a man now? Or will he only be a man once he’s lost his virginity? Or reached 21 and done a yard glass? Or something else? Boy one minute, man the next?

Westernised cultures don’t seem to have much by way of formal “manhood ceremonies” marking the transition from child to man. So when exactly does a boy become a man? I know in one culture boys wear gloves filled with fire ants and need to prove their manhood by enduring the pain…     Read more »


Father of the year?


Darwin seems to be off his game lately

A 13 year old drives for the first time at speeds up to 160km/hr and lives to be arrested:

 A 13-year-old boy caught driving a stolen car at speeds allegedly up to 160kmh this morning later told police it was his first time behind the wheel.

The boy was chased by police after he was allegedly spotted speeding in the vehicle on the State Highway 1 stretch between Levin and Otaki about 4.30am.

The young driver took to the road in poor weather conditions and when arrested gave no explanation to police for his actions.

He was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, police said.


Boy Grows Up


“If you want to start something you start it”

Boy is not old enough yet to have experienced the Resource Management Act and a zillion Greenies coming in hard on you.