Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Snowflake boycott fails

The snowflakes thought a boycott of Ivanka Trump’s products might be a good idea, because?they hate her father.

It turns out it didn’t work.

The Ivanka Trump brand had its best ever month in February, despite being dropped by Nordstrom and other national retailers for poor sales.

In an interview with Refinery 29, company president Abigail Klem said: ‘Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand.

‘For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand?s] best performance ever.’

On Amazon, Ivanka has had the top selling fragrance for the past two weeks, new stock is frequently being added to her Zappos page, and on the London-based e-commerce startup Lyst has Ivanka as the eleventh best seller on the site for the month of February. ?

That represents an increase of 346% from January, when the brand ranked at 550 on the site. ?? Read more »

Breitbart declares war on Kelloggs

Kelloggs fired the first salvo on Tuesday when it announced its decision to pull ads from conservative media giant? It justified its attack stating that Breitbart’s ?45,000,000 monthly conservative readers are not ?aligned with our values as a company.? In response, Breitbart News, one of the world?s top news publishers, has launched a #DumpKelloggs petition and called for a boycott of the breakfast food manufacturer. It is yet another case of someone bringing a knife to a gun fight. Kellogg?s decision will make virtually no revenue impact on? if even half of Breitbart’s readership boycotts Kelloggs products the company will sustain a not inconsequential decrease in revenue.

This is just one battle in the war of Left-wing companies ?against conservative customers who represent the values of the voters who made Donald Trump President.

?We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren?t aligned with our values as a company,??said Kellogg?s flak Kris Charles. ?We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on? We are working to remove ads from that site.?

Kellogg?s offered no examples of how Breitbart?s 45 million monthly readers fail to align with the breakfast maker?s?values. Indeed, the move appears to be one more example of anout-of-touch?corporation?embracing false left-wing narratives used to cynically smear the hard working Americans that populate this nation?s heartland.

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I spotted something rare today, a sensible comment on a frothing Left wing blog



Over at Wrongly Wrongson’s place, the frothing over Talley’s drug testing their workers onboard a Nelson fishing ship, after Methamphetamine was found on board has reached epic proportions. I swear there is spittle on Martyn’s computer screen. According to him their claim that they are trying to keep their workers’ workplace safe is a joke.

He attacks not only Talley’s but New Zealand company My Food Bag for the thought crime of buying 100% New Zealand produce from a 100% New Zealand owned company. What is particularly troubling about Martyn’s leftie logic ?is that he is not limiting his call for a boycott of the New Zealand owned company that he is against. ?Oh no, it is now open season on any company that does business with them. ?He doesn’t care about the workers at Talley’s who will end up losing jobs if the companies profit drop because of a boycott. ?He doesn’t care about My Food Bag, a New Zealand online business very vulnerable to this kind of on-line attack. All he cares about is virtue signalling.

He is just like the Lefties who support the BDS movement. Their actions cost Palestinian workers their lucrative jobs at Soda Stream. They say they care about the workers but all they care about in reality is how they look to their friends. The end result of their boycotts is swept under the rug.

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Boycotting the boycotters

The BDS movement wants to financially cripple Israel by banning, divesting and placing sanctions on Israel and Israeli company products.

We have our own little social justice warriors here in NZ wanting the same thing. This, apparently, will make the Israelis?kowtow to them and force them out of Israel.

Well, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has decided to implement his own BDS scheme, against the BDS movement, banning and refusing to allow New York State to procure any services or products from organisations that are part of the BDS movement against Israel.

The coldblooded terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv this week served as a chilling reminder of the summer of 2014, when a steady rain of terrorist rockets from Gaza confined the vast majority of the Israeli population to bomb shelters and protected rooms. During a visit with a bipartisan delegation that August, I was shown a miles-long Hamas tunnel built to infiltrate Israel?s southern communities and murder their residents. The tunnel was frightening because it was the manifestation of the single-minded obsession by Israel?s enemies to destroy the Jewish state. And yet, in many ways it was not nearly as frightening as continued efforts to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

That is why I recently signed the first executive order by a U.S. governor to help protect Israel from these pernicious efforts to punish it economically. My order ensures that no state agency or authority will engage in or promote any investment activity that would further the harmful and discriminatory BDS campaign. New York will identify institutions and companies, with the list made available to the public and updated regularly, that engage in boycotts, divestment or sanctions activity targeting Israel, either directly or through a parent or subsidiary. All state funds will then be divested from such entities.

If you boycott Israel, New York will boycott you.

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A good idea, implement it here


The UK government is moving to stop local councils playing in foreign policy.

Local councils in the UK are to face new curbs on their powers to divest from or stop trading with organisations or countries they regard as unethical.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has confirmed it is drawing up new guidelines to prevent local authorities from mounting their own ?boycott and sanction? campaigns.

The directions, which will be issued early in the new year, are expected to make clear that councils? procurement and investment policies must be consistent with UK government foreign policy. ? Read more »


Alert Alert DANGER we have reached Code Pink stupidity level


Code Pink Activists want people to boycott Israel in order to hurt its economy. How did they try to achieve this?

  • They paid to fly to Israel
  • They paid for accommodation in Israel
  • They paid for food and other items in Israel

Basically they enjoyed an Activist tourism junket and all they had to do was to take a few photos to send back home in order to justify it.



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Should the left boycott America, China, Bangladesh and Morocco?


On this blog we have written about young children being trained from birth to hate and posed with knives in photos on social media with slogans inciting others to stab Jews and Israelis. Literally every day there is another report on my Facebook page about a stabbing in Israel.

Above: Store mannequins in Gaza

Above: Store mannequins in Gaza

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Imagine if the All Blacks weren’t allowed to acknowledge their country?

Would we be insulted if the All Blacks played overseas but weren’t allowed to use the NZ flag, or say they are from New Zealand?

What would we say or do on?the?international stage if our athletes and sports people were forbidden to compete under our own flag?

We’d be outraged right?

Well have a thought for two Israeli judoka who can only compete if their flag is never flown and they never acknowledge where they are from, even on the official international website of the sport.

Israeli athletes Yarden Gerbi and Sagi Muki won bronze medals for Israel at the International Judo Federation (IJF) Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi?in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the weekend.

However, the win comes after scandal and disgrace for both UAE and the IJF.?UAE originally refused?visas for?the Israeli team (including 2013 Rio gold medallist Yarden Gerbi) to enable them to participate in the IJF-sanctioned event. ?? Read more »


I’ve found a new boycot target for Tiso and Wrongly Wrongson: Twitter

Did you know Twitter is a white supremacist organisation? ? Oh, you think I’m “embellishing” again. ?Ok, then.

Jesse Jackson Fumes Over Twitter’s Lack of Black Employees.

…there are 35 black men and 14 black women on the payroll at Twitter, accounting for only 1.7% of total U.S. staff. However, a majority of blacks use Twitter on a daily basis. It is this disparity that infuriates Jackson so much that he is “becoming intolerant.”

Speaking to The Guardian, Jackson said:

I am very disappointed. Black people are greater users of the product and capable of doing the jobs, but there has not been an adequate commitment to hire, train and maintain [black people].

Some people call it “Black Twitter” because we over-index so much, but they still don?t hire more black people. We are becoming intolerant with these numbers, there’s a big gap between their talk and their implementation. Read more »

Former Mediaworks tea lady gets her knickers in a bunch

Ex-Mediaworks tea lady, Tara Merriman aka Bitch-pants McCrabby, has got her knickers in a bunch.

She may have become a lady of leisure, leaving to commence “study”, after scoring the talent, but she really seems to have caught a dose of the nasty.

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