Seeing what we expect to see

It is funny how our brains work. I saw a political cartoon this morning and initially thought that the cartoonist had finally seen the light regarding the danger Islam presents in Europe. Alas, my brain saw what it wanted to see and further study of the cartoon revealed a totally different message.
Just like when we see shapes in the clouds our brains try to make sense and allocate meaning when we view a cartoon.
This is the shape that is usually at the front of my mind these days so this is the shape that my brain saw in the cartoon.
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Was Len part of the study?

Apparently rooting is good for your brain…so some scientists say:

Scientists at the University of Maryland say that frequent action between the sheets encourages the growth of brain cells and sharpens memory.

The research, conducted on middle-aged rats, found that the number of new brain cells increase after mating, but then drop afterwards.? Read more »

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The unfixed brain


Your Brain on Crack Cocaine


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Schizophrenia switches, fascinating

An interesting video about finding the switch that can turn off schizophrenia.

Magnetic stimulation and quiet meditation.?The ol? front brain ? mid brain problem.

Schizophrenia is one of the most complex and least understood of all psychological disorders. But now scientists have found a switch of sorts that could change everything.