Face of the day

It is D’ej’a vu all over again.

Can you see a common thread running through all of today’s Face of the day’s books?

I can.

What all the books have in common is how most of the material was obtained.


Source: leaked military information


A more accurate title for the first book would be…

Other people’s business

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Proof Farrar is a limp dick

The HoS has proof positive that DPF is a limp dick.

One of New Zealand’s most-read bloggers has removed comments about the Sophie Elliott trial from his site following concerns they breached contempt of court laws.

The Solicitor General’s office is investigating online material, including David Farrar’s Kiwiblog site and a Facebook group with anti-Clayton Weatherston sentiments.

The Facebook group, which had more than 200 members, appears to have been closed, while Farrar said he would not make further comments until the end of the trial.

Poof!….And for the information of the HoS the Facebook group was closed at the request of Sophie Elliot’s family not for any bullshit legal reasons.


Time for a White Knight

Wira Gardiner must be a worried man. Firstly he puts out a letter trying and failing to address the elephant in the room with his candidacy, that of his perceived and real conflict of interest. Secondly by enlisting the aid of the nation’s top blogger and an NBR columnist to try to run his lines for him.

To be fair to David Farrar his post is entirely non-commital which is David’s way of saying he thinks Wira has shot his bolt and hasn’t got a chance, he is just too diplomatic to say so. Matthew Hooton though has a more complex arrangement that he has to manage.

Hooton’s mother in-law, former 1970’s President Sue Wood, appears to have ghost written the article for him this week. She is remembered as the President who single handedly squandered the Party’s property and cash reserves during her term.

My sources tell me that the Ninth floor is said to be furious that the PM’s genial comment to Gardiner of ‘good luck’ when Gardiner told Key he intended to stand for the Board has been interpreted by Gardiner as a personal endorsement. Hooton continues this spin in his column.

All candidates have been thoroughly vetted, with Mr Key’s preference said to be party stalwart Wira Gardiner. Mr Key judges, correctly, that Mr Gardiner – a businessman, former senior public servant, soldier and Mr Fixit for both National and Labour governments – has the administrative backbone to prepare National to take the fight to Labour. Moreover, Mr Key sees Mr Gardiner as important to securing a third term, given the Maori Party will hold the balance of power in 2014, if not 2011.

Key knows better than to get involved in internal Party politics. He has no interest in backing a fair-weather friend. He needs people he can trust not to throw their toys out of the cot when the going gets tough.

What I, as a voting delegate, wants to know is how come Gardiner didn’t offer to stand when there was work to be done and tough decisions to be made?

Gardiner’s fatal flaw is the conflict of interest. Being married to a current MP means if elected he couldn’t possibly hope to carry out the role of a Board member – he’d spend more time out of the meetings than in them.There is little point in electing Wira Gardiner to the board when he is so hopelessly conflicted and it is conflict that cannot be resolved. If he can’t sit on the List Ranking committee then he is of little use as either a board member or as the President.

Gardiner being backed by three failed former Presidents …. Sue Wood, Geoff Thompson & Michelle Boag.

National has moved on from the old presidential blood wars but these old warhorses from yesterday haven’t noticed. And neither has Matthew Hooton.

They are yesterday’s people fighting yesterday’s wars.

There is no mood in the Party to go back to the bad old blood on the floor days.

Hooton gets much wrong and if he gets those simple things wrong then the rest of article including the supposed endorsement of John Key is also similarly wrong.

He wrongly says the Boag brought John Key into the party. In actual fact it was my father that recruited John Key. He also wrongly says that Scott Simpson is John Slater’s man…to my knowledge he hasn’t picked anyone as a favourite and he certainly wouldn’t tell anyone let alone Matthew Hooton.

Basically though Wira Gardiner represents the worst aspects of the old National Party when it didn’t understand MMP.

And Matthew Hooton berates National’s new structure but the results show clearly it works and that the old system didn’t.

Nearly ten years after the last presidential civil war (Slater/Boag) the Boag/Thompson/Wood camp still haven’t moved on but the Party has – leaving them out on the cold – little wonder Wood has time to write Hooton’s NBR column.

Delegates in Christchurch will back candidates who have a real record of Party work and dedication, not some carpet bagger who is a fair weather friend.

It may well be the time for the proverbial White Knight to come charging through the middle ready or not.


Choudary – The Shearer Connection

David Farrar has more interesting titbits on the interesting secret life of Neelam Choudary and Labour, with the role of Phil Goff in pimping out Neelam Choudary continues to laugh at the media and National with their honey-trap. That’s her annoying Melissa Lee on a Mt Albert street.

Neelam Choudary hassling Melissa Lee

Is Goff Mrs Choudary's Pimp?

There are three articles and posts today that are starting to paint the picture that Mrs Choudary may have been pimped out by Mr Goff.

The first is David Farrar’s timeline at NBR. This timeline make it implausible for Mr Goff’s contentions to hold true and highly likely that Mr Goff was in fact the instigator of Mrs Choudary meeting with Dr. Worth in the first instance.

Matthew Hooton has an article in the NBR that once again is not online so I had to walk up to the stationers again, in the rain!

A picture is emerging that Mr Goff and the woman he colluded with, Neelam Choudary, were not the innocent victim and noble defender they pretended.  Instead, the probability is growing that they have engaged in something which, if not quite a honey trap, was something similar.  This would represent a new low in New Zealand politics.

  Mr Goff never hid Mrs Choudary’s membership of the Labour Party but he did imply she had only recent and low-level involvement.  Moreover, Mrs Choudary was apparently a shy, retiring type, terrified of publicity, and deeply traumatised by what were described as sexually-explicit texts from Dr Worth.  This all turns out to be nonsense.

  Mrs Choudary is in fact a feisty, modern woman and a prominent party activist.  In 2008, she sought election to Parliament presumably on the grounds she was strong enough to hold government ministers, including Dr Worth, to account.  She is now an important organiser in the Mt Albert campaign of Mr Goff’s close friend, David Shearer.

  What’s more, when Mr Goff released a selection of the texts – presumably those most damaging to Dr Worth – they turned out to be too tame for Mills & Boon let alone Hustler.  Mr Goff is also surely having us on when he says he’s scandalised that Mr Worth uses Gen Y’s annoying text message signature, “xxx

Matthew Hooton goes on to explore the strange occurence of Mrs Choudary, if she was so traumatised by Dr Worth, happily had coffee with him as recently as March 27 at Mt Eden’s popular Circus Circus Cafe. He as is usual with the media these days didn’t acknowledge this blog as the source for that little titbit.

Finally John Armstrong says that Goff has overplayed his hand.

You know it is a cold day in hell when Phil Goff declines an invitation to speak on the radio.

Few politicians more overtly hunger for media coverage than the Labour leader. So Goff’s no-show on yesterday’s Morning Report has to be seen as an admission that the Richard Worth affair has ended up biting him.

Indeed, Mr Goff has serious questions that only he can answer;


  • Did Mrs Choudary act to entrap, on instruction from Mr Goff, Richard Worth?
  • Did Phil Goff know about this relationship before he states and what was his role?
  • Did he really want the texts to stop or did he lie to the media about his role?
  • Why was this released in the middle of the Mt Albert by election?
  • Where is his evidence of “vulgar and sexually explicit” phone calls? Or is this another lie?


Phil Goff has also accused individuals “with close links to the National Party” of pressuring Ms Choudary to “shut up”, and said there was a deliberate attempt to undermine her. Where is the evidence of this, or is this just another Goff lie? I reiterate, I think Richard Worth should resign, i am in no way condoning his apalling behaviour through all of these issues.

The actuality of the case thouh, is that the only pressure has come on from representatives of Mrs Choudary to hush up the fraud victims.

Those three articles though, all point to the fact that Phil Goff has known about and orchestrated this whole set of events including possibly pimping out Mrs Choudary to Dr Worth as some form of entrapment.

Treasury – Bloggers and New Media not welcome

The Treasury has been acting a a bully boy on behalf of the old mainstream media. Bernard Hickey and David Farrar have both been tod they can’t attend the Treasury lock-up because they aren’t real media, and if they do want to attend they they will look the other way for $108.00.

Not surprisingly both Bernard and DPF have taken exception to this and managed to get access to the lock up. The reply to Bernard Hickey via email though is revealing.

Hi Bernard

Caroline forwarded me your email. I appreciate the points you make. For the past few lock-ups we have had an increasing number of attendees coming along that, on reflection, didn’t have a legitimate reason for attending the lock-up e.g. bloggers, reporters from student magazines etc. This was a frequent complaint by ‘bona fide’ attendees.

The use of parliamentary accreditation was our attempt to limit the attendees to those who should be in the room. The difficulty we have with relaxing the definition of media for you is that we would then be forced to treat others the same and we very quickly get back to where we started.

I hope this clarifies the position we have taken.

Kind regards



Chris Bunny | Manager | The Treasury

Phone +64 4 917 6201 | [email protected]

What a pompous ass. Both Chris Bunny and the old media hacks who whined about people like Bernard and David attending. Bernard Hickey points out in his reply that he actually was awarded a Qantas Media Award, how could that be if he wasn’t “approved media”.

Can I suggest that we are a legitimate media outlet and a ‘bona fide’ attendee. On Friday we won the Qantas Media Award for Best Business Website. Other nominees were , and (Fairfax).

We have 125,000 readers a month. We generate more page impressions each month than We aim to provide useful information to 2 million New Zealanders who have NZ$260 billion worth of mortgages and term deposits they have to make decisions about every 6 – 18 months. The budget is a very important factor in those decisions. We also have many readers in the financial markets and ratings agencies here and overseas.

I don’t understand why free coverage would be restricted to those with parliamentary accreditation. Does that mean only people who have reporters in parliament are able to cover the budget of the government of New Zealand? This sounds to me like an attempt by the traditional media to protect their patch by imposing a ‘tariff’ and that the Treasury is agreeing to it. I’m a bit surprised. I thought the Treasury was keen on new entrants and innovation and competition and all that good stuff.

Of course there is now the obligatory Facebook group. PR FAIL! from treasury on this one. I’m of a mind to go now even though I’d rather poke pins in my eyes than sit in a sealed room with David Farrar.

O Winston, Winston wherefore art thou Winston?

David Farrar has the looney email from Brendan Horan.

Let’s keep our chins up and get pro-active. Our policies are working for New Zealand and this will become more obvious as time wears on.

Soon New Zealand will be calling for New Zealand First and Winston. When that time comes we must have our infrastructure in place so we are ready to answer that call.

– talk about deluded!

Brendan Horan, former pub quiz master, failed weather presenter and now NZ First “Media Liasion (sic)”, needs to work on his spelling and punctuation. Strange that it’s being left to Horan to communicate to the members, and not Winston. Is he even still alive?

I wonder too whether the NZF website should still promoting its key people as ministers and MPs and using the Parliamentary Crest, when the party is no longer in Parliament.

In the end it probably won’t matter especially if we ahve the perfect storm of an extremely cold winter, high power prices and Swine Flu. That’ll see of most of the NZ First membership for sure.


A Community Cut in Half – The Truth

Labour’s lies are unravelling over Waterview. They are screeching from the rooftops about it and now have pinkos like David Farrar running their lines on NewstalkZB. he reckons that no-one wants the motorway, which of course a policy wonk from Wellington would say.

Labour’s temporary leader has also posted on Labour’s website under a disingenuous headline “A Community cut in half

Well if Phil Goff actually lived in his electorate then he would know that last year some of his community was cut in half in Mt Roskill. That was ok apparently, but then again his party isn’t desperately trying to win a by-election in Mt Roskill……yet.

Of course his headline and Google map is silly. Just to prove it I’ll show you some other communities cut in half by Motorways. Labour thinks these are ok but try it in a working class area and all of a sudden those house are far too important to bowl.

Remuera – National hard core – motorway cuts community in half.
Arch Hill – Labour voters probably – motorway cuts community in half.
Te Atatu – Labour voting area – motorway cuts community in half.
Hillsborough – Labour electorate – Phil Goff’s own electorate even though he lives in Clevedon – A Community cut in half.
Mangere – A Labour voting Community cut in half
Manurewa – A community cut in half
Conifer Grove – A Community cut in half – This one is interesting as it is about the same size as Waterview.

Get the picture, I can draw silly pictures of “Communties Cut in Half”. Its life in a city, it is what happen if you want to progress.

Labour thinks that we should pay for a tunnel from money we don’t have and all to win a by-election. Labour are lying.

What Phil Goff forgets to tell you is that it isn’t cutting a community in half at all. There is a bloody great creek running through there creating a natural barrier anyway. The Creek is preserved in the plans and so remains, cutting a community in half.


Greens have best story for byelection

David Farrar has noted who would come in on the list should various differing parties win in Mt Albert and from his analysis we can see that the Greens have actualy been quite brilliant in their strategy of slecting Russel Norman to stand in Mt Albert.

Should he win then that would also bring in David Clendon, No 10 on the Greens list, as an MP. He actually lives in Mt Albert.

So the Greens can legitimately claim that a Vote for Russel is actually a vote for Two Green MPs for Mt Albert.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Well done The Greens.

Russel Norman must now have just nudged in front of whomever the Labour candidate will be with this most cunning of strategies.


Movember – Almost there

Movember - Changing the Face of a Men's Health

Almost there folks, with contributions of a $100.00 each from Aaron Gilmore and Craig Foss I am creeping toward the top 50 and currently sitting at 63.

I challenge all other National and Act MP’s to better their donations especially the ones I interviewed for the BlogMobile. Don’t let Cactus Kate and David Farrar show you up.

Let’s show Movember some real Tory Charity. Donate here, and think of the poor Labour MP’s as they suffer under the depression of losing the election.

Remember, all donations over $10 are tax deductible.

The money raised by Movember is used to raise awareness of men’s health issues and donated to the Cancer Society of New Zealand and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. These two charities will use the money raised to fund research and increase support networks for those affected with prostate cancer and experiencing depression especially those poor Labour MP’s.