Silly First Name Syndrome epidemic in Brazil

Silly First Name Syndrome has been well documented the world over as being a significant factor in crime, violence and deaths.

We have our fair share of ferals with SFNS, but check out this epidemic of SFNS in Brazil.

When he became a teenager, Wonarllevyston Garlan Marllon Branddon Bruno Paullynelly Mell Oliveira Pereira did what any self-conscious person worried about merciless taunting from his peers might do: He pleaded with his parents and the courts to let him change his name.

?I never had anything in common with Marlon Brando,? he said, referring to the American actor for whom he was partially named. So with the permission of his parents and the legal system, he whittled down his nine names to an economical four, Bruno Wonarleviston Oliveira Pereira.

?I just didn?t want to go through life with something more complicated than that,? explained Mr. Oliveira Pereira, a 19-year-old university student.

Carrying an extraordinary name is remarkably widespread in Brazil. Glance at the Facebook timelines of Brazilian friends. Strike up a conversation at a Sunday afternoon barbecue. Or merely stand in line at a notary public and listen to a pencil-pusher call out the people waiting for documents to be stamped.

You will be awed by some of the names you hear. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

The Red Bull Campaign

The Red Bull Campaign

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world. Read more »

Killer cows take another

Every year Discovery channel has Shark Week…because apparently sharks are natural born killers. But every year Killer Cows take more victims than sharks by a long way.

In Brazil yesterday killer cows took another victim. The killer cows are getting cunning too, this one snuck in through the roof of his house.

A Brazilian man died after a cow crashed through the roof of his home and landed on top of him as he lay sleeping in his bed.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, had been in bed with his wife Leni when the animal suddenly fell through the ceiling of their home in Caratinga, south east Brazil.

The cow is believed to have escaped from a nearby farm and climbed onto the roof of the couple’s house, which backs onto a steep hill.? Read more »

How many kids? Don’t you have a tv?

That is what I say to my mates who have more than two kids…i am always joking…but it seems like many things it has some basis in fact.

Source: Martin Lewis

Source: Martin Lewis

India?s population will overtake China?s by 2021, putting a huge strain on resources and public services. And though the country?s overall birth rate has fallen a lot, it?s still?explosive in rural areas?(pdf).

So how to get rural women to have fewer children? As we just discussed,?coercive sterilization?is probably not the best way to go. But things you might expect to bring the birth rate down, like higher female literacy or urbanization, don?t necessarily seem to do so,?as Stanford professor?Martin Lewis explains.? Read more »

Goat terrorises Brazilian neighbourhood

BSC Cartel Junkets, troughing it up on the members coin in Brazil

Isn?t this nice. El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo and his sidekick Marja Verkerk jetted off over to Curitiba, Brazil recently for… wait for it… the World Federation of Building Service Contractors 2012 Congress!

Here?s a photo of them enjoying themselves. Unionists really know how to trough it up.

From left, Marja Verkerk (BSC NZ), Mary Grant (Consolidated Property Services, Melbourne) and Patrick Lee-Lo (BSC NZ national president)

From left, Marja Verkerk (BSC NZ), Mary Grant (Consolidated Property Services, Melbourne) and Patrick Lee-Lo (BSC NZ national president)


Wonder whether the grass-roots membership of the BSC even knew about the junket, let alone the Samba dancers.



Then again, what?s the bet they don?t know about the?$1.8m that El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is sitting on.

But one thing will be for sure. Patrick?s mates in the SFWU will know all about the $1.8m.

Books Will Set You Free – Brazil Says To Prisoners


This seems to be a clever and constructive initiative:

Some of Brazil’s most notorious inmates will be offered the chance to trim time off their jail sentences by reading books.

The government has announced that they will have four days knocked off their sentence for every book they read. ? Read more »

Dodgy French ratbags tried to smuggle Exocets to the Argies

Margaret Thatcher gave Francois Mitterand a good bollocking after the Poms found out that the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys were trying to smuggle Exocets into Argentina at the height of the Falklands war:

Margaret Thatcher warned that Britain?s relationship with France would suffer a ?devastating? blow if the latter allowed Exocet missiles to be smuggled to Argentina during the Falklands War.

In a secret telegram to French president Francois Mitterand, the Prime Minister even cast doubt on the future of the Nato alliance, should he fail to stop shipments of the anti-ship missile, then being used with awful effect against Britain?s task force in the South Atlantic.

The sea-skimming Exocet was the most feared weapon in the Argentinian armoury, accounting for the destroyer Sheffield and the container ship Atlantic Conveyor, and posing a mortal threat to Operation Corporate, the mission to recover the Falklands.

Fortunately for Britain, only five of the missiles, manufactured by France?s Aerospatiale, had been delivered Read more »

Does John Key need to harden up a bit?

May I introduce you to the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.


Other world leaders aren’t scared of public opinion. They get the job done. So instead of lengthy debates about gay shirts, or fat idiot Germans, anyone sufficiently outraged should be sent on their way with a “so what?”.

If this is your last term John, don’t you think it’s time to start cracking some eggs to make a decent omelette?

What sort of Legacy would you like the Key Government to leave? What do you think people should still be talking about 20 years later? That you managed to sell 49% of a few power companies?

Is this the limit of your ambition? Surely not?

What eggs would you be cracking open if you were making a decent John Key omelette?


This bloke is a glutton for punishment

Seriously…think about it…two mothers in law!

Three people have been allowed to enter into a civil union in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

Claudia do Nascimento Domingues, a public notary, granted the wishes of the man and two women, saying there is nothing in law that prevents such an arrangement.

The trio have lived together in Rio de Janeiro for three years, and have a joint bank account, sharing bills and expenses. The union was made formally three months ago, according to Globo TV, but only became public this week.

?We are only recognising what has always existed. We are not inventing anything,? said Ms Domingues.

?For better or worse, it doesn?t matter, but what we considered a family before isn?t necessarily what we would consider a family today.?

Regina Beatriz Tavares da Silva, a lawyer, told the?BBC?it was ?totally illegal? and ?completely unacceptable which goes against Brazilian values and morals?.

Riiight, Brazilian values and morals?

This from the country of Mardi Gras and?Brazilian?waxing.