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26 Feb 1938 --- John Harvey Kellogg Age 86 --- Image by ? Bettmann/CORBIS

26 Feb 1938, John Harvey Kellogg Age 86. Image by ? Bettmann/CORBIS

Dr Kellogg‘s Prescription

If Cereal Won’t Cool the Libido, Try Surgery – Kellogg, and the Crusade for Moral Fibre

For people the world over, a bowl of corn flakes is the go-to breakfast of choice.

But for the majority of those who look forward to their morning bowl, it will come as a surprise that they were invented to stop people masturbating.

John Harvey Kellogg, who first created the cereal in the late 19th century, originally intended it to be a ?healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal?. Mr Kellogg, a physician, was uncomfortable about sex, believing it was unhealthy for the body, mind and soul.

He was celibate, having never consummated his marriage and keeping a separate bedroom from his wife.

Cornflakes were designed as a bland food that would not “over stimulate” the senses, and thus reduce the risk that the consumer would engage in ?self-stimulation,? Corn Flakes were just a small part of the bizarre health regime designed by Kellogg and implemented in his Battle Creek, Michigan Sanitarium.

As a rule, there’s usually more to hapless folk wisdom than bad science, and so it is with myths about masturbation and other aspects of sexuality. In America, a peculiar flowering of such myths took place in the 19th century. Though the predictable culprits — Victorian prudery, evangelical Christianity, entrepreneurialism — are part of the picture, the lesser-known reality is their century-old relationship with whole-grain foodstuffs. That is, thanks to certain influential health advocates back then, sex and diet were inexorably linked and for both, healthy meant bland.

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So Hilary doesn’t want to spend more time with family then?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive

Star news anchor Hilary Barry is expected to join TVNZ’s Breakfast show after her shock defection from TV3 – and the state broadcaster is reportedly writing a half-million dollar cheque for her.
The Weekend Herald broke the news Barry had quit TV3, the latest high-profile casualty after 18 months of drama at the network. Sources said her departure to arch-rival TVNZ was a double whammy from which TV3 would struggle to recover.

Barry is a linchpin at both ends of the day for MediaWorks – on the Paul Henry Show in the morning and as 6pm news co-host.

TVNZ is said to be eager to get Barry on board at Breakfast. Sources told the Herald on Sunday it had been rattled at how quickly Henry’s show had eaten into its audience.

In February, Paul Henry edged ahead of Breakfast for the first time, attracting the majority of viewers in the 25-54 age bracket.

One source said: “TV3 is looking fresher with its Newshub overhaul, and TVNZ is under pressure to do something, particularly with Breakfast, which is really not doing well. It’s amazing how quickly the Paul Henry Show has caught them.” Read more »

Another TVNZ personality comes out of the closet for Labour

Yet another TVNZ personality has declared his undying love for the Labour party.

It certainly looks like TVNZ is the broadcast wing of the Labour party, or at least the candidate kindy.

The Rotorua Daily Post writes:

Former television star Tamati Coffey wants to be Rotorua’s next MP and has been nominated for selection as a candidate for the Labour Party.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Coffey told the?Rotorua Daily Post?his true passion was politics and he was ready to embark on a career in Parliament after a decade appearing on New Zealand’s television screens.? Read more »

Battle of the breakfast shows

These two tweets came out a few minutes apart this morning.

Guess which channel is working hard, and which is phoning it in?

breakfast shows


This is why Interactive TV seems so desperate

Muesli next for plain packaging?

We already have people wanting to?assail?intellectual property rights, branding and personal choice by lobbying for plain packaging of cigarettes.

Breast Feeding Advocates are now lobbying government for plain packaging of infant formula.

Even the Dominion Post is getting in on reducing our food choices more and more.? A tweet from the paper yesterday:

And here?s the resulting article:

That bowl of muesli you conscientiously ate for breakfast may not be as healthy as you thought, a new survey shows.

In a Consumer magazine test of 75 muesli brands, one was found to have almost the same amount of fat and salt as corn chips, and more than four times as much sugar.

Several brands contained high sugar levels of more than 15 grams per 100g of cereal. Many contained added sugars, sometimes disguised as honey, golden syrup, maple syrup or glucose, and some used dried fruit that had been sweetened with sugar.

Of the 75 supermarkets and health food store brands tested, only 12 had low levels of fat, sugar and salt.

Not to be confused with an article from the same paper promoting muesli as sensible eating?- to be fair this muesli recipe sounds very tasty…if you are a horse.

Here?s an idea: read the back of the pack or better still eat porridge.? Or, exercise more.? I mean really, if people want to eat muesli or fries or whatever let them.? All this focus on the supply end seems bizarre.

New Zealand is in a strange situation.? We have universal healthcare and at the moment we allow individuals to abdicate all responsibility to maintain their own health.? Does the taxpayer continue to mop up the results from people?s lack of personal responsibility, plain laziness and crap choices?

I get that some people don?t understand there are other choices but what incentives are in place to make better choices?? And it can?t be all carrot there does have to be some stick as well.

Would any politician be brave enough to do it?? Here?s an excellent opportunity for someone to stand up and say ?no more?.

Breakfast from this morning

I was on Breakfast this morning.

Here is the video link.

Could TVNZ and TV3 please arrange so shows can be embedded please.

On Breakfast this morning

I am on TVNZ Breakfast this morning, just after 7:00am, to discuss the Law Commission report on blogging and new media.


Chart of the Day

Throng provides Breakfast’s ratings since axing Paul Henry:

After 12 months of collecting the data, we’re now able to show you how Breakfast has fared without the polarising enigma that is Paul Henry.

The ratings for the?year to date, compared to last year, are down approximately 14%.

The spike at the start of 2011 is due to the Christchurch?earthquake. This plot shows a 10 point?moving average.

Source: Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, All 5+, 7am-8am, Feb – Oct


Dann and Goff – Dumb and Dumber

On TVNZ Breakfast yesterday Corin Dann talked to John Key about National Standards and said this:

Corin:???But Trevor Mallard in parliament last week I think it was, or I’m not sure exactly when it was, said that you know a lot of boards are still writing letters to the Minister, 48 boards sent letters expressing concerns.

Yes, correct Corin you aren’t exactly sure of anything. You are referring to something from a year ago.

Now let’s be kind to Corin and blame the researcher. But does he really not know that Mallard is no longer Labour Education spokesperson? We’ve had Hughes, Shearer and Moroney since then.

Cut to this morning. Corin is up against?Goff.

First, Goff admits the old system wasn’t working.

PHIL GOFF:?Yeah, look, look, parents do want to know how well their children are achieving and I don’t think schools always did that as well as they could have but the model that the Government has put up is one that is essentially political but the educational specialists, the principals, the people who are running the school, think is a waste of time and a waste of their effort and money and that makes this a failure. The Government has utterly failed to persuade the educationalists.

So one in five kids are failing in school – Goff admits the old system wasn’t working.?But THIS form of National Standards isn’t the answer. The “educationalists” – who think they run this sector – haven’t approved because it means they will be found out.

CORIN DANN:?????So would Labour review it? What would you do?

PHIL GOFF:?Oh, yeah, look, I think national standards in that form would go. We’ve always had national standards.

So we need standards, but not these standards. And here is where Goff has f#cked up yet again.

There have never been National Standards in our schools. Labour were quite content to keep letting one in five kids fail.

The reason being, Labour relies on the militant teachers’ unions for support. They can’t promise or do anything that would upset them. It’s all about the unions – nothing to do with failing kids.

Labour’s only education policy is to let teachers weave their magic.