A deep philosophic argument that needs thorough discussion


Apparently, according to advocates of female toplessness, current laws enforce damaging views of women’s bodies.

A thorough understanding of pro-topless advocates? concerns requires going beyond the issue of legal consistency. Part of what topless advocates object to in gender unequal topless laws are the implications of the underlying messages the laws could be (perhaps unwittingly) reinforcing.

The problem, as Reena Glazer?wrote?in the?Duke Law Journal?in 1993, is that laws like that in the 1986 case are ?written solely to take into account potential viewers. The focus is on the male response to viewing topless women; there is no focus on the female actor herself.? The implication, she argued, particularly when laid next to the statute?s ?exemption for topless entertainment? is that ?what might arouse men can only be displayed when men want to be aroused.? By contrast, ?men are free to expose their chests ? with no consideration of the impact on possible viewers.?

Yeah, it is outrageous that women find themselves constrained in this manner by the law.? Read more »

A jihad Vladimir Putin can finally agree with

I blogged the other day about a jihad we can all agree with…well it looks like Vladimir Putin also agrees:

The Russian president was confronted by a topless protester with an obscene slogan insulting Mr Putin painted on her back – and, he admitted, he ?liked? it.

Mr Putin was with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at at a trade fair in Hanover when the woman tried to push her way through to an amused-looking Mr Putin, but was blocked by aides. Her back was painted with an obscene slogan in Cyrillic script directed against the Russian president.

The activist was with two other women who also stripped to the waist and shouted slogans calling the Russian leader a ?dictator?.? Read more »

This will be the best 4:31 you will spend today

Trust me on this…the best 4:31 you will spend today.

This is the uncensored version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

Video over the break [Warning: NSFW]? Read more »


Jihad we can all believe in

This is the kind of jihad I can believe in:

[M]embers of Ukrainian feminist group Femen staged protests across Europe as they called for a “topless jihad.” The demonstrations were in support of a young Tunisian activist named Amina Tyler. Last month, Tyler posted naked images of herself online, with the words “I own my body; it’s not the source of anyone’s honor” written on her bare chest. The head of Tunisia’s “Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” reportedly called for Tyler to be stoned to death for her putatively obscene actions, lest they lead to an epidemic. Tyler has since gone quiet, leading some to fear for her safety.

Below are some images from Femen’s protests in Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, and France. A warning, nearly every photo depicts nudity, and most contain offensive language. I did warn you so don’t go moaning in the comments about it.? Read more »


Kitties and Titties

Ok seriously, this is a warning…if you are offended by nudity do NOT click on the link. I’m not offended by the site, and I don’t think it even qualifies as offensive but some readers are offended by the thought of two people of the same sex getting married so I guess it is only reasonable to warn you.

This Tumblr site is going viral in a massive way.

It is called Kitties and Titties – and features pictures of breasts and cats.

I wonder if they would post a picture of a cat from my blog?


Playing into his hands

I’ve met Bob McCoskrie, he’s a nice bloke, but sometimes I wonder if he is blessed with any nous when it comes to?highlighting?things in the media.

The prospect of bare breasts on a Saturday is the last straw for Family First.

The lobby group is furious at plans for a Boobs on Bikes parade in Auckland, on the day the All Blacks play France in the Rugby World Cup.

Steve Crow is planning a “rugby special” Boobs on Bikes parade with girls body-painted in world cup team colours.

Family First says police and councils have been very liberal about weekday topless parades.

Spokesman Bob McCoskrie says having the parade on a weekend when many families with children will be in the city will cause widespread offence.

The Auckland Council confirmed that an application for a permit has been submitted, but has not yet been issued.

Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey has spoken against the idea, saying it will make New Zealand look tacky.

The procession is planned for to travel through Ponsonby Rd, Karangahape Rd and Queen St in central Auckland.

I’ve also met Steve Crow, and he will be laughing like hell that he has once again managed to get Bob McCoskrie and Cathy Casey to nut off against his Boobs on Bikes parade. He is guaranteed good publicity now.

Both Bob and Cathy have had so many last straws that you tend to just ignore them. Cathy Casey certainly should be ignored all the time. Family First and Bob McCoskrie though do so very good work but it is diminished by coming out with silly statements like this.

These are not bouncing Swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

These are not bouncing swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

These are not bouncing Swedish fun bags so what is all the fuss about?

Topless women refuse to take ban lying down

The big question is not about public censorship, it is what the f*** is the public doing funding art anyway?

It is just the guilty pleasure of the liberal elite paid by our tax dollars, and if we don?t watch out we will all be kicking in for Brian Rudman’s theatre.

This is the theatre that the market says isn’t needed because theatre acting is legacy technology super-ceded by technology like TV and Movies that actually makes money, and allows mass distribution, proving people like and want them.

Aussie Censor Demands Bigger Breasts in Porn

The Australian Censor has banned:

small breasted women in adult publications has been made by the Australian Classification Board allegedly on the grounds that such images could be construed as child pornography, even where those publications comply with American law and keep certification that performers are over 18.

Female ejaculation has been banned on the incredible grounds that ?the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of ?golden showers? in the Classification Guidelines? and/or ?Female ejaculation is an ?abhorrent? depiction.? Notably here male ejaculation is completely legal under the same guidelines, attracting an X rating in Australia.

It’s an outrage, what the hell am I supposed to jerk off to now?

Clearly any pretense from the Australian Government that its proposed internet filter will not extend to millions of sites has died with news that the Government has banned small breasts and female ejaculation in adult material.

It is draconian and ill-informed censorship.

Wicked Wednesday – The Wine Rack

With Christmas just round the corner I have found just the thing for my female readers but there’s good news and bad about the new WineRack Bra.? A gal and her pals can sip a lot of booze from the bra, but after they do, she’s going to be flat-chested again.

The WineRack with two polyurethane bladders hold up to 25 ounces of bootleg… a bottle of wine, two frozen margaritas or a couple of Irish coffees, if she prefers to keep warm.

The shell is a comfortable sports-style bra; the boob enhancers, two polyurethane bladders affixed with a flexible tube straw and adjustable sipper.

The WineRack Bra comes in small ( 32A – 36A) and medium ( 34B – 38B) and when full, increases boobs by two cup sizes. Don’t worry too much about deflation as you drink.? Once the booze runs out, you can always inflate the bra with air.

There’s really no way to discuss this without offending someone, but hey this blog is all about being offensive so I offer you a choice of three descriptions by which you can be scandalized:

? Boobze. (Bonus: Camelfront.)

? Perfect for duplicitous, predatory transvestites?as your shrinking breasts belie your masculine nature your guzzling target will be proportionately less concerned.

? Bubbly in your jubblies!

Brought to you from the same guys who brought you The Beer Belly.

Dalai Lama on Twitter

The Dalai Lama is in the world of social networking. Today he has joined Twitter.

You can find him under the Twitter name @OHHDL. Image from ReadWriteWeb

Dalai Lama on Twitter