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Now, don’t laugh, but I think I found a decent trained and skilled one at the Herald


Following up from my piece about the need to be be widely read to decipher what the “Truth” really is, I stumbled – incredulously – across this piece:

Brian Fallow at the Herald writes about the Household labour force survey and doesn’t just pick the side that makes one political party look good. ? We get both sides

Employment grew strongly in the first three months of the year but so did the supply of workers, leaving unemployment unchanged and wage pressures subdued.

Statistics New Zealand’s household labour force survey recorded a rise of 22,000 or 0.9 per cent in the number of people employed in the March quarter, but that was matched by a 22,000 increase in the labour force, leaving the unemployment level unchanged at 147,000 and the unemployment rate steady at 6 per cent.

Over the year ended March the working age population increased by 50,000, boosted by a strong net inflow of migrants.

But the labour force grew by 82,000 over the same period as the participation rate (the employed and those looking for work, as a share of the working age population) climbed to 69.3 per cent – a record high and up from 67.9 per cent a year ago.


More jobs to go around at the same time as more people?joined looking for work.

No discernible spin.

As rare as it is amazing.


Labour’s ‘big tool’ policy turns out to be a big dog


Aside from a half hearted attempt from the Labour Party spokesman for Fairfax, Vernon Small, and Brian Fallow who has taken time off looking around the globe for catastrophic global warming and a carbon trading system that works it’s not been a particularly welcomed policy release. The exporters love it though with a free lunch on the backs of the working poor.

We wait for the endorsement and backing of Labour from the Property Council, first of all Labour are going to drop their tax rate from 28% to 15% by introducing a CGT and now they are going to give them the gift of lower interest rates which is generally the biggest cost by taking money out of the lowest paid who will now be earning more in retirement than when they are working.


Labour’s proposals to allow the Reserve Bank to adjust KiwiSaver contributions rather than interest rates to control inflation could hurt savers and see debt repayment delayed until retirement, KiwiSaver experts warn.

The Labour Party this morning announce proposals to change New Zealand’s monetary policy tools by introducing a variable savings rate for KiwiSaver.

The policy would require the Reserve Bank to use changes to the rate of people’s KiwiSaver contributions rather than interest rates to control inflation while taking pressure off the over-valued kiwi dollar.

Labour would also make KiwiSaver compulsory and increase contributions from the current 6 per cent combined employee and employer contribution to 9 per cent over time.

According to ?if you earn?$600pw and you save at Labour’s compulsory rate you will enjoy a retirement income of $496pw and when added to the super payment of $366 you will be earning $262 a week more in retirement than when you were working and struggling to get ahead. ? Read more »

What about the so-called ‘Housing Crisis’?

According to Brian Fallow and other number crunchers it seems there isn’t much of a crisis after all.

The Auckland Council reckons Auckland is 20,000 to 30,000 dwellings short of what it needs. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research begs to differ, putting the shortfall at just 5000.

Census figures released last week suggests NZIER is closer to the mark.

What a surprise…Len Brown’s council misleading us all again.

Auckland’s “usually resident” population on Census night was up 110,000 on the previous count seven years earlier – significantly slower growth than expected. ? Read more »

What about peak politician? Ctd

I have blogged previously about the concept of “peak politician”. I think we are well past peak politician and it is doubly ironic that one of those politicians that is long past his peak is agreeing with Brian Fallow.

On Monday, Prime Minister John Key named a ministry every bit as bloated as in his first term, or Helen Clark’s last one for that matter.

Does a country of 4.4 million people really need 28 ministers – 20 in Cabinet and a further eight outside?

The United States, after all, gets by with a Cabinet of 16, one for every 20 million Americans. We have a minister for every 158,000 people.

Different systems, of course. But still.

Yep peak?politician?has well past.

Mad Nick defies Prime Minister and misleads House

As usual, Brian Fallow hits the nail on the head in the Herald.? Just why is mad Nick Smith so obsessed with getting his lunatic ETS in place before the UN?s big talkfest in Copenhagen??

As Fallow says:

No doubt it would be nice for New Zealand’s representatives at Copenhagen to be able to say: “Apart from the Europeans we are the only ones to have an emissions trading scheme on the statute books.”

In fact they could say that now.

But anyone at Copenhagen listening to that claim is likely either not to care, or to see through it.

Mad Nick is defying? the Prime Minister with his obsession.? Remember John Key said that New Zealand shouldn?t try to be a heroic leader on climate change anymore.? Seems no one told Nick.

Fallow also reveals Mad Nick?s scheme is designed to raise at least another $2 billion in taxes a year:

?By 2030 the government would have been making about $4 billion a year out of it (assuming, rather conservatively, a carbon price of $50 a tonne). Under the amended scheme it will be half that.

This is also a direct challenge to the Prime Minister who has promised that the revised ETS will be fiscally-neutral.? Nick ? collecting $2 billion a year ain?t fiscally-neutral.? It’s called raising taxes and its what National Ministers are meant?to be against. You’re in the wrong party.?

Mad Nick also told Parliament yesterday that ?we are the first country in the world to include forestry in an emissions trading scheme? ? again, that?s a direct challenge to the Prime Minister who has said we shouldn?t try to be the world?s leader.

He also said that in Australia, ?there is a complete ban on any deforestation of pre-1990 forests?.? Turns out that?s not true.? Mad Nick must have just thought it would sound good when he said it in Parliament.? But that?s called misleading the House.? Maybe he forgot to take?his pills.?

Mad Nick is making a fool of the Prime Minister.? Time for John Key to grow some balls and sack him.

Arse Bubble from News Ltd CEO

The CEO of News Limited has emitted an arse bubble against the evils of blogging.

News Limited’s chief executive, John Hartigan, has launched a broadside on bloggers and other online amateurs, arguing they are no substitute for professional journalists.

His attack came as he gave an update on his company’s plan to generate revenue on the internet through charging for content rather than attracting advertising, and hinted at plans to stymie news aggregator sites such as Google’s and Yahoo’s.

In a speech to the National Press Club yesterday, Mr Hartigan attacked sites such as Crikey and Mumbrella for their heavy reliance on the work of newspapers and news wire services, claiming less than 10 per cent of their content was original reporting.

His most scathing attack was reserved for bloggers, who, he said, lacked resources and access to key decision-makers.

“In return for their free content, we pretty much get what we’ve paid for – something of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance,” he said.

He said blogs often gave a platform for “radical sweeping statements unsubstantiated with evidence”.

What an arse! He reckons his organisation is going to own their own content and are currently investigating ways of charging for it. God forbid that News Limited ever uses any of my content. I will not hesitate in billing the suckers for that.

The point he misses is that even though sites may give a platform for “radical sweeping statements unsubstantiated with evidence”, there is in fact a market for that. He just hasn’t worked out how to rape and pillage it yet and that is his frustration. The angry MSM are like a pimp who finds out that their hooker has been giving it away for free.

The other funny thing is that all the MSM organisations out there, though they proclaim hatred of bloggers, are allsetting up their own blogs.

Failure of bill exposes country to a lot more quacks

Heh, Mike Moreu hits the nail right on the head.