Brian Ker

Weird but not illegal: naked public spongebaths near schools are apparently fine

It’s good to know that taking naked spongebaths near schools is a perfectly all right public right, according to the Court of Appeal.

A naked man living in a trailer who gave himself a spongebath in a carpark opposite an Auckland primary school has had an offensive behaviour charge quashed.

The Court of Appeal today said Brian Ker has been cleared of the charge as his nude outdoor bathing session was not disruptive to public order.

The charge was the second to be quashed since the initial November 2013 incident at an East Tamaki public car park.

At the time, Mr Ker was living in his Isuzu truck and trailer in a carpark overlooked by classrooms at East Tamaki Primary School.

He had stripped naked and washed himself with a sponge using water from a small tub next to his trailer.

A member of the public saw him and who alerted the school’s principal, who called police.

When the constable arrived Mr Ker walked around the trailer in full view of two classrooms.   Read more »