The arrest of Tommy Robinson: Robert Spencer pulls no punches

Supporters of Tommy Robinson protest his arrest outside Downing Street Featuring: Atmosphere Where: London, England, United Kingdom When: 26 May 2018 Credit: Luke Dray/Cover Images?

Robert Spencer at Frontpage Mag writes:

Quote:Two recent arrests in Britain could serve as its epitaph.

The first, as captured in this video , was that of a middle-aged woman named Amy who was arrested on Wednesday at her home. Amy herself began filming with her phone as police demanded that she let them in. When Amy asked them whether she was going to be arrested and asked them what the charge was, they refused to answer, and simply repeated their demand that she let them in, threatening to break down the door if she didn?t.

Watching the video, one shares Amy?s confusion and fear at being confronted by police at her door at nine o?clock in the morning. Then when she does open the door, she is told she is under arrest. A young male policeman bellows, ?Do not resist us!? He and his female partner roughly handcuff Amy and lead her away.

Last month, Amy confronted London police in Hyde Park ? as you can see in this video — where Muslims were placing down their prayer mats on the walkways and conducting public prayer. She pointed out to them that it was against the law to hold public prayers in parks, but police responded only with obfuscation and indifference.

Amy wasn?t arrested, however, for embarrassing the London police. At least not officially. As you can see from yet another video , she was arrested for ?homophobia,? not ?Islamophobia,? in a highly questionable case. Apparently she said ?Have a gay day? to a gay rights activist who confronted her, and is being charged with assault for pushing him away.

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Enemy of the State

I bought this book yesterday for my Kindle for two reasons. One because Tommy is currently at number #4 on the Amazon Bestsellers list and I wanted to help get him to number #1 and two because after watching dozens of his videos I wanted to financially support a man I greatly admire.

Remember how Amazon sent me an e-mail telling me that Milo’s book Dangerous was no longer available for me to buy even though I had pre-ordered it? Well in the case of Tommy’s book because it was available on Kindle as well as a physical book there was no publisher to cave in to pressure from activists so another way to stop the Kindle version had to be tried.

Amazon claimed that his book was not fit to be published because of how it was formatted.

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The UK knows they screwed up, now they are opposed to Resolution 2334

Theresa May

PM Theresa May has realised that she screwed up by supporting Resolution 2334 and that poor decision has been reinforced now that 28 EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels adjourned without issuing a statement adopting the Resolution.

May’s relationship with Israel is interesting. Two weeks ago she made a heart-warming speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel and then last week she?strongly condemned John Kerry?s anti-settlements speech.

May?s office retorted that ?we do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally.??It said in an emailed statement late Thursday that ?we are also clear that the settlements are far from the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long.?

Despite May’s apparent support of Israel, Britain helped write resolution 2334 and voted in favour of it even though the resolution claimed that East Jerusalem (including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall) was now?Palestinian land. So why did this happen? Why the two contradictory stances?

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Who got Britain into the European Union in the first place?

Britain joins the European Economic Community, a precursor to the European Union.On Jan. 22, U.K. Prime Minister Edward Heath signs the documents joining ...

Britain joins the European Economic Community, a precursor to the European Union.On Jan. 22, U.K. Prime Minister Edward Heath signs the documents.

Three British?High Court judges are currently preventing Brexit. They have said that the elected government and will of the people via a referendum is not enough to make the decision to leave. They have stated that Brexit cannot be triggered without a Parliamentary vote. Given these restrictions we have to ask who or what exactly got Britain into the EU in the first place? Was it via a parliamentary vote or did a government or referendum result in Britain joining the European Union?

Many constitutional experts believe that Britain isn’t actually a member of the European Union since our apparent entry was in violation of British law and was, therefore invalid.

In enacting the European Communities Bill through an ordinary vote in the House of Commons, Ted Heath’s Government breached the constitutional convention which requires a prior consultation of the people (either by a general election or a referendum) on any measure involving constitutional change. The general election or referendum must take place before any related parliamentary debate.

…Just weeks before the 1970 general election which made him Prime Minister, Edward Heath declared that it would be wrong if any Government contemplating membership of the European Community were to take this step without `the full hearted consent of Parliament and people’.

However, when it came to it Heath didn’t have a referendum because opinion polls at the time (1972) showed that the British people were hugely opposed (by a margin of two to one) against joining the Common Market. Instead, Heath merely signed the documents that took us into what became the European Union on the basis that Parliament alone had passed the European Communities Bill of 1972.

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They left Pakistan to escape Sharia Law but thanks to British tolerance it followed them

Protest in London against the Law Society’s guidance on Sharia Wills April 2014. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


The UK government is conducting an inquiry into the operation of Sharia courts which is being boycotted by a number of women?s organisations?

Parallel to this, the Home Affairs Committee has also launched an inquiry into whether the principles of Sharia are compatible with British law.

I cannot believe that they needed an inquiry. Sharia law is clearly not compatible with British law. It is religious law and British law is secular. It is hugely discriminatory against women.There is no equality in Sharia law.It’s punishments are brutal and barbaric and unacceptable in any civilised society. Those who think they can allow a dumbed down, kinder version of Sharia into Britain?are deluding themselves. Already this watered down version is hurting Muslim women.


I am a practising Muslim. My faith is central to who I am. I was born in 1947 in Pakistan and joined my husband in the UK in 1965.

…My older daughter, Lubna (not her real name) moved to London in 1994 after the breakdown in her marriage. After the British courts granted her a civil divorce, I hoped that would be the end of our involvement with my ex-son-in-law.

…He visited our local mosque and denounced me to the gathering, saying that I was ?a loose woman? who was pimping her daughters. He asked the mosque elders to help him get his children and his wife back to save their morals. A delegation from the mosque visited my home

… they said the English divorce meant nothing and was not valid in Islam.

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Western Prisons desperately need deradicalisation programmes

Islamic radicals do not fear Western prisons because not only are they free to radicalise others while inside the prisons they also get special treatment including Halal food. Our prisons instead of acting as a deterrent are a key part of Western Jihadists’ radicalisation plan and are aiding and abetting the rapid growth of radical Muslim followers.

September 6. Anjem Choudary, one of the most outspoken Islamists in Britain, was sentenced?to five years and six months in prison for activities supporting Islamic State. Choudary, 49, was sentenced at the Old Bailey in London after his conviction in August of urging Muslims to support IS in sermons posted on YouTube. He was convicted alongside his associate, Mohammed Rahman, 33, who was also sentenced to five years and six months in prison.

Choudary has said he is not afraid of going to prison, which he describes as a fertile ground for gaining more converts to Islam. “If they arrest me and put me in prison, I will carry on in prison,” he warned. “I will radicalize everyone in prison.”

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Another case of twisting Western beliefs to justify Sharia law

Born-This-WayCultural Jihad is often in waged using our own western ideals laws and values against us. In?France, for example, the Burkini is justified by appealing to the French’s ?belief in freedom of religion and freedom of choice. ?Now in Britain, the moral and cultural boundaries about marriage are being challenged. ?Using the West’s acceptance of people being born gay ?this Muslim man is trying to justify Sharia law by claiming that one aspect of it has nothing to do with Islam but is something that you are born with. ?Believe it or not, he is claiming that Polygamy? or the desire for more than one wife is something that he was born with. ?It is nothing to do with Islam, he was just born that way. I call Taqiyya on that spin. Piers Morgan is right. Azad Chaiwala is trying to introduce Sharia law through a back door.

An Muslim who runs polygamy matchmaking websites today claimed men who want a second wife are born that way – just as homosexuals are born gay.

Azad Chaiwala caused outrage as he said he was ‘coming out’ on Good Morning Britain, as he defended his websites and, which now have more than 100,000 members.

He told Piers Morgan: ?There?s an institute in this country called marriage and we must admit it breaks down because of infidelity and there are a lot of men, decent men, who it?s hard for them because of the advertising and the media, and they don?t want to have affairs but they have an urge.

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Watch what is being taught inside Muslim schools in the UK

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will get you 18 months in a British prison

In Britain Hate preachers spread hate with impunity. Muslim protesters hold signs threatening death to infidels who insult the prophet but when a British man says something hurtful to a woman on the street he gets sent to prison for 18 months? It is yet another example in Europe of truth being stranger than fiction.

...Prosecutor Lynne Shirley told the court that Hennigan stopped Ms Ford and asked whether she needed directions. Ms Shirley said: ?It seemed a normal conversation and she walked off but as she did Hennigan said ?I don?t agree with inter-racial relationships. I like natural. I prefer white children?. She said her children were natural and he said ?I?m just saying?. The incident made her feel very upset, hurt, out of place and distressed.?

Hennigan sounds like a mule?s posterior, sure. The guy is undoubtedly a racist, yes. But that doesn?t excuse the fact that he?s been imprisoned for 18 months over ?language.? Not terrorism, not violence, not theft? But mean words. Let that sink in.


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Future Prime Minister says no to Sharia law

Boris Johnson has said Sharia law in the UK would be 'absolutely unacceptable'

Boris Johnson has said Sharia law in the UK would be ‘absolutely unacceptable’ PHOTO- Getty

Last year the ex-Mayor of London and the likely future Prime Minister of Britain slammed Church of England clerics who want Islamic law incorporated into British law. Boris Johnson, back then, said that Sharia law is “absolutely unacceptable”. Given that Boris also supported the exit campaign, I believe he will be a safe pair of hands for Britain. Britain needs a strong leader who truly believes in equality before the law. as well as a leader who believes in Britain controlling Britain’s borders and not ?bureaucrats like the European Union.


…Speaking on LBC radio this morning, the London Mayor said he was opposed to “a Sharia system running in parallel with UK justice.”His remarks come a day after Home Secretary Theresa May called for an investigation into the application of Sharia law in England and Wales if Conservatives win the General Election. But the mayor said he took “grave exception” to Church of England clerics who suggest the principles of Sharia could be introduced into the legal system.

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