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BSA has balls: Hosking just fine calling out Judd over Maori pandering

It’s official, Mike Hosking isn’t a racist.

Three complaints that Seven Sharp breached broadcasting standards during a story on outgoing New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd have been rejected.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority chose not to uphold the complaints which came after Judd discussed why he was not seeking re-election, and that he had suffered abuse as a result of his campaign to increase Maori representation on the New Plymouth District Council.

A complaint against host Mike Hosking’s comments that “sad to say – I’d never personally attack [Judd], obviously – but he’s completely out of touch with middle New Zealand” was not upheld due to the right to freedom of expression. ? Read more »

Broadcasting Standards breached four times by Mike Hosking

…or so the BSA says. ?I think it’s all kind of woolly.

In April this year, a waitress said that she took offence to Key repeatedly tugging her ponytail when he came into the cafe she worked at.

Broadcaster Mike Hosking covered the topic at the time on the television programme Seven Sharp.

He said the waitress’ motivations for speaking out were “selfish” and “a puffed up self-involved pile of political bollocks”.

He also said the caf? owners were the “victims” of the situation.

He said: “To quote the waitress concerned today, ‘I felt New Zealand should know’. What a puffed up, self-involved pile of political bollocks. She had a problem at work. The owners were the people to consult, not a blogger.”

The BSA chose not to see the political dimension of that carefully crafted Dirty Politics hit piece by Wrongly Wrongson and his team of unionistas. Read more »

A reader comments on media bias


A reader emails:


I have been following the Hosking-bashing and defending with interest. It is appalling that a newspaper has chosen to publish Winston’s whinge without any sense of journalistic integrity.

As I’ve commented in the discussion thread, there has not been a BSA ruling against Mike Hosking that I can find. There have been two recently against Campbell Live for imbalance ( and If you look at the BSA rulings for radio, there have only been 13 breaches of balance since 1991 – so it’s a serious offence. The worst offender by far (more than two thirds of breaches) is Radio NZ!

Where is the public record that shows the truth? ?? Read more »

John Campbell is gone, but the rot continues to show

John Campbell took crusading too far, ultimately it cost him his job as he continually pimped the poor, ran his left wing campaigns and it turns out made stuff up.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has upheld a complaint about a Campbell Live episode about unresolved Canterbury earthquake insurance claims four years on from the first earthquake.

The episode was broadcast live on the fourth anniversary of the September 4 earthquake from a Christchurch school hall, with an audience of several hundred residents who had unresolved insurance claims.

The authority upheld the Insurance Council’s complaint that the programme breached standards of balance and accuracy, because it did not include the insurance industry’s perspective and was misleading about the industry’s and the Insurance Council’s willingness to take part in the programme. ? ? Read more »

Plunket cleared for his attack on “ungrateful hua”

Sean Plunket has escaped sanction for his comments on Eleanor Catton:

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has rejected two complaints about Radio Live host Sean Plunket’s reaction to comments made by author Eleanor Catton.

In January this year, Plunket called Catton an “ungrateful hua” and a “traitor” for comments she made criticising the New Zealand Government while she was at a literary festival in India.

“Here’s the woman who’s a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, and works at a publicly-funded institution, and has received a lot of financial help during her career to write things,” he said.

“Then she turns around and says, ‘I don’t get a fair crack’…

“That’s my opinion, that’s her opinion, we’re in a free country.”

The BSA received complaints that his comments were “bullying” and a personal attack on Catton.? Read more »

Hamas Hugging Smalley gets spanked by BSA for inaccuracy

Who is the 'serious' journalist now eh Rachel?

Who is the ‘serious’ journalist now eh Rachel?

Hamas Hugging Rachel Smalley has been spanked by the Broadcasting Standards Authority for making up claims about Israel in her mad rant on her show earlier in the year.

During KPMG Early Edition, the host read out an opinion piece criticising Israel?s actions in the Israel-Hamas conflict. She referred to a recent bombing of a UN school which ?killed everyone inside?. The Authority upheld the complaint that this was inaccurate, as in fact 16 out of 3,300 people sheltering in the school were killed. It did not uphold the complaint other statements were inaccurate, as they were clearly the host?s opinion. The Authority did not make any order, as publication of this decision is sufficient to correct the error.

Upheld: Accuracy


[11] ?The third statement however, and specifically the host?s assertion that the bombing of the UN school ?killed every civilian inside?, was in our view a material point of fact. Unlike her other statements, this claim related to a specific incident and was capable of being assessed as factually accurate or inaccurate. ? Read more »

TV3 banned from court

NZ Herald’s Jimmy Ellingham?reports

Justice Wylie?[…]?revoked TV3’s right to shoot or air any more pictures from the [John Banks] trial, his delivery of the verdict and sentencing if Banks is found guilty.

He was also concerned the pictures were shot outside the first 15 minutes of the day, when television cameras are allowed to film the accused at a trial.

“I do consider this a serious breach of the in-house guidelines. The issue that concerned me the most was that the footage was used in a way that I do not consider to be fair and balanced, and it seems to me this footage was used out of context.”

When [TV3 lawyer] Ms Bradley offered an apology to Justice Wylie and “the system”, Banks called out that he should receive an apology as well.

He also said an apology should be aired on the news.

Are TV3 genuinely contrite?

Of course they’re not! ? Read more »

TV3 oversteps the mark again, but this time a judge objects

If they’re not trying to ambush people, they’re doorstepping. ?And if they’re not door stepping, they’re running hit pieces. ?But this time they appear to have gone far enough to upset a judge

TV3 news bosses have been summoned to the High Court at Auckland this afternoon to explain why the network aired footage of John Banks appearing to eat something he picked out of his ear during his trial on a charge of filing a false electoral return.

After the fourth day of the Act MP’s trial on Thursday last week TV3 news aired the footage, which was shot when the court was played an audio tape of Banks being interviewed by police in June 2012.

The footage had since been posted on YouTube.

The trial resumed late this morning after discussions between lawyers in Justice

If this is the standard that main stream media outlets think is a go-er, then I don’t want to hear a single argument about hate speech sites and people not being proper journalists. ? Read more »

Southland Times editorial on Press Council changes

The Southland Times editorial is very good on the changes the Press Council is making to include bloggers.

Sometimes the news media need to grab their ankles for a health check.

This being the case, it’s a welcome development that bloggers and other digital media are being offered to partake in the process, by means of membership of the Press Council.

It’s a body that weighs up complaints against principles including accuracy, fairness, balance, privacy, confidentiality, discrimination, the use of subterfuge, the distinction of comment and fact, and conflicts of interest.

Inviting independent digital media to succumb to such extra scrutiny not only brings more accountability but, equally, credibility.

It doesn’t do any news or current affairs media any harm to be found out when they have seriously erred, nor to have their judgments independently endorsed, as occasionally happens too.

Nowhere is it written that those running their own websites must now form an orderly queue and join up. But the absence of a self-regulatory body has become an issue for those bloggers and sites that have become heavy hitters. And those who aspire to be. So they should be willing to join up.

[This is provided the yet-to-be-confirmed costs aren’t disproportionately high compared with their income and that they are fairly represented on the complaints panel.]? Read more »

A man this sensitive shouldn’t be in politics

As I have said many times before politics is not tiddly-winks nor is it a game for sooks.

Colin Craig is such a sook. The big girl’s blouse got all snippy over some satire from The Civilian…and now he is moaning about about a Seven Sharp programme.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has pinged them for some well deserved mockery of Colin Craig. NBR reports:

TVNZ says it will not appeal the decision but will broadcast an apology as directed by the BSA.

TVNZ says the apology statement will appear on screen during Wednesday’s Seven Sharp broadcast and be voiced over by one of Seven Sharp’s team – not a presenter, ?as per the BSA’s decision. ? Read more »