Brook Sabin



Apparently, the reason Kim Dotcom admitted to hacking a Prime Minister and alluding to not liking John Key so he may just do something about him, as well as Pam Corkery losing her rag in front of the media she’s supposed to be managing into a happy place is all the fault of Brook Sabin, because his father is a National MP.

THAT is the thinking on the left, folks.

Nothing to see here, just another National Party dirty trick by a media infiltrated son of a National Party MP.

Also, Brook?was recording a piece to camera when Pam started her rant, the cameraman stopped and ran over to film it. ?But don’t let the facts get in the way of character assassination. ?Gosh, it, it… looks like… Dirty Politics!?

Reek Can’t Speak

The other day Claire Trevett wrote what was possibly the best political column I have ever seen.

In it she describes Paul Goldsmith to a tee.

In an eerie parallel with the current series of?Game of Thrones, the 2014 election has also reached the stage in which the alliance of wildlings and giants are trying to breach the Wall led by Mance Rayder in the form of Kim Dotcom and his mammoths in the form of dollars.

The Houses of National and Labour are lining up their bannermen in the form of future coalition partners.

The price for the bannermen, of course, is that National must promise a castle as a reward for their fealty. Castle Epsom is already effectively promised to Act’s David Seymour, although Prime Minister John Key is yet to make the promised announcement of it. National’s candidate in Epsom, Paul Goldsmith, is again in the role of Reek – a candidate broken down to the point where he is effectively an obedient, submissive dog. With Epsom and Ohariu effectively done deals, that leaves National with the House of Conservatives to contend with.

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