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William Ewart Gladstone, at Hawarden with his grandchild Dorothy Drew, daughter of Mary Gladstone. William Gladstone, prime minister of England four times between 1868 and 1894, walked the streets of London at night hoping to rescue prostitutes from their lives of vice. In 1848 he cofounded the Church Penitentiary Society Association for the Reclamation of Fallen Women; he would, it is said, offer streetwalkers a place to sleep, protection from their procurers, and a chance to give up their way of life.

Sex Secrets of Old England

Victorian England is sometimes thought as a stuffy, sexually oppressive, puritanical world, where one did one?s duty, where children were seen and not heard, and table legs were covered to prevent any lustful thoughts. But in truth, Victorian England was a world full of hypocrisy, where sex, poverty, and crime were rampant.

The great parliamentarian and Liberal politician William Gladstone was notorious for his visits to brothels where he claimed he was attempting to ?rescue? fallen women. Gladstone had been an habitu? of London?s bordellos since he was in his twenties with his visits to prostitutes creating feelings of guilt and remorse which he expunged by flogging himself. When Gladstone became the British Prime Minister, he was known to have invited prostitutes back to number 10 Downing Street for a cup of tea and a reading of some uplifting passage from the Bible. Happily married and a father of eight children, Gladstone kept visiting brothels until he was 82 years of age, but by then he was just watching the young girls at work.

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Why does Bob McCroskrie get to harass legally operating businesses?


A fundraiser by a brothel to raise money for a charity that makes kids’ lunches is being slammed by a family watchdog.

South Taranaki bordello “Shh…Adult Fun Spot” is hosting an “open home” next month to raise money for Kai Kitchen, a charity that provides school lunches for about 40 Hawera children.

During the adult-only open day, three staff members will lead visitors on site tours and answer questions about their jobs.

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The Year of the Whores?

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

via Yahoo! Len Brown celebrating the start of the Year of the Whores

Celebrations began?Friday?in China to welcome the Year of the Horse.

The official seven-day holiday is marked by parades, prayers ? and usually pyrotechnics. Certainly there were celebrations yesterday at Northcote, but watching the video of Len Brown again got me thinking…why was he so enthusiastic about the Year of the Horse?

The Herald reported his comments:

“Anything to do with horses, man, I’m totally in it. We’re galloping along as a city so look out.”

Here is he video:

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Why Can’t National Conferences be like this? Ctd

The Republicans might not like sex before marriage or pooftas or immigrants much but apparently they don?t mind women getting their kit off to music. Tampa?s strip joints are gearing up for bumper profits during the Republican convention.

?I think what I said at the time was that we didn?t want to?become?the lap-dance capital,? said Bob Buckhorn, who is now Tampa?s Democratic mayor. Today, Buckhorn is less strident in his opposition but still takes no pride in his city?s notorious cultural offerings. ?There are plenty of other and better things to do in Tampa that are far less risky, both personally and professionally,? he said. ?They do not represent the best of Tampa nor is it something that we encourage people to visit.?

While some delegates will take Buckhorn?s advice to consider alternate diversions?he suggests Busch Gardens, the beaches of Pinellas County, and the Florida Aquarium as wholesome, family-friendly outings?the strip clubs are counting on at least some of the more than 4,000 delegates to risk their sterling reputations.

National conferences are very boring in comparison, although it is well known that certain cabinet ministers and board members like to frequent places of ill repute when out of the country.?