Bruce Ferguson

Labour’s broke, got no policy, resorts to smears and Nasty party tactics

So Labour’s broke – no one’s coming to their fundraisers (and there are lots of them) and they want the taxpayer to fund their campaigns.

Therefore?they are going after National’s donors which have all be declared according to the law and hurling murk at known donors and ministers in order to scare them off in the future. They did this ti Owen Glenn remember.

I just hope that Labour has declared all of their donors in accordance with the law. It would be an extremely bad look after Trevor Mallard’s allegations yesterday in the house if it turns out that Labour took substantial cash donations and failed to declare them.

I foresee bad things for Labour.

Meanwhile let’s look at some more Labour donation schemes.

There is this from Chris Hipkins:

Helen Clark was the one who attended that fundraiser as the guest speaker.

And Helen Clark caused a diplomatic incident with comments over a Labour party fundraiser.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says concerns by the US Embassy over the screening of Michael Moore’s film?Fahrenheit 9/11?for a Wellington Central Labour Party fundraising event showed “outright bullying” and “unprofessional” conduct by officials.

And former Defence Force chief Sir Bruce Ferguson says the embassy staff member who linked New Zealand’s humanitarian mission to Iraq to deals for Fonterra in one of his diplomatic cables must have been “smoking dope”. ?? Read more »

Oh how curious, why did Nicky and Bruce leave these details out?

Yesterday in the Sunday Star Times Nicky Hager accused the Defence Forces of “spying” on Jon Stephenson while he was in Afghanistan, then allegations were also made with “leaked documents” that the Army had a policy of defining journalists as subversives.

Cue ex-Defence boss Bruce Ferguson, who seems to have a planet sized chip on his shoulder and gives an interview with concern that such a policy existed.

A former Defence Force chief says he is concerned by a leaked Defence Force document that lists investigative journalists as subversive threats.

The leaked security manual, obtained by investigative journalist Nicky Hager, outlines a number of threats to the Defence Force including hackers, pressure groups and dishonest staff. ? Read more »

Is Sanitarium part of a spy plot?

If you read the NZ Herald you would think that Pierre van Heerden, the head of Sanitarium, is some sort of master spy….or perhaps the secret head of the GCSB.

In not one, but two articles about spying and the GCSB they feature an image taken at the launch of the Food in Schools programme.

The first is from Brian Rudman, who obviously didn’t enjoy his trip to the theatre on the weekend since he has written about this and not a review.


Does the NZ Herald thinks Pierre van Heerden is a spy?

Read more »

What is Grant Robertson’s role?

Grant Robertson has been front running the attack on John Key and the GCSB. This was done partly because David Shearer is compromised when it comes to remembering things, since he can’t even remember millions stashed in an offshore bank account.

However there may be another reason for Grant Robertson to be front running this…he knows more than he is letting on. The Labour Party have opened up a whole can of hurt on themselves by desperately trying to link the Prime Minister to the unlawful spying by the GCSB on Kim Dotcom. I say this because it turns out, after the Kitteridge report was leaked yesterday that the GCSB may have spied on 88 New Zealand citizens unlawfully, using legislation that Labour set up in 2003.

David Shearer scoffed at the report on Q+A on Sunday when asked, dismissing it as an “internal report”, now however he says that the report validates his calls for an independent inquiry into our spy agencies. Quite how that could be done without compromising our national security has probably escaped him right now.

However what is more curious is that?Grant Robertson, who has been leading Labour’s attacks on the Prime Minister’s oversight of the GCSB, was Helen Clark’s senior advisor when the legislation was written. Is it possible that he has known about these issues for quite some time and has used his information to conflate the Kim Dotcom issue in order to attempt to smear all of GCSBs illegal spying under Clark with the few instances under John Key’s watch?

Helen Clark was also notoriously secretive about the GCSB and its operations, and never answered any questions in Parliament about the agency, citing national security reasons. Labour are trying to hang the PM for answering questions in a much more?forthright?manner than his predecessor.

Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson, who has led the attacks on the appointment of Ian Fletcher, was as the agency’s director in 2012, was the GCSB Director during most of the time the 88 allegedly unlawful spying incidents took place.

That is an amazing coincidence of Clark appointed people all hammering the government in unison over something that was started by them, indeed performed by them, over a much longer period that under John Key.

Rebecca Kitteridge, who reviewed the GCSB’s systems, found that GCSB’s compliance systems set up over many years were totally inadequate, that there was no depository of legal advice, that the audit regime is flawed, that it’s external reporting was insufficient, that it’s management structure is top-heavy, poorly performing staff are tolerated and redeployed, and that the view of the previous Chief Legal Advisor, who wore “too many hats”, was viewed as authoritative and seldom questioned by staff.

It’s no wonder the State Services Commissioner recommended that an outsider with transformational change management experience, rather than yet another military flag officer, take over the leadership of the GCSB.

Dompost uses News of the World ambush tactics to trick readers

Earlier today the on the Stuff website a story was posted by Andrea Vance about a leaked GCSB report. David Farrar linked to it and pasted some text from the article.

The Government?s beleaguered intelligence agency may have unlawfully spied on 85 people, a top secret review reveals.

The report, ordered after the Kim Dotcom fiasco, contains a raft of criticisms of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). ?

The revelations are contained in the report, prepared by Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge, and seen by Fairfax Media. ?

The explosive revelations confirm that the illegal spying was far broader than the Dotcom case ? and involves up to 85 people and cases dating back nearly a decade.

The illegal spying was conducted between April 2003 and September last year and done on behalf of the Security Intelligence Service, the domestic spy agency.

When you click on the link and look at the story now though all of that text has been removed, and quite a bit more as far as I can tell.? Read more »

Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

Further to my earlier post about the conflicts of Bruce Ferguson.

I wonder how exactly he managed to go from being?the HR Manager at the third tier of the civil service to being the Chief of Defence, under Helen Clark?

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced the appointment of Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson as Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

Air Marshal Ferguson will take up his new role when the current Director, Dr Warren Tucker, takes up?his new role as Director of Security?on 1 November 2006. Mr Ferguson?s term of appointment is for four years.

Helen Clark said Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson, who is currently the Acting Director of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, retired earlier this year from a distinguished military career which culminated in four years as Chief of Defence Force.

?Air Marshal Ferguson is a skilled leader with strong relationship management abilities. He has proved himself in a demanding chief executive role as the Chief of Defence Force, and has a strong track record of achievement.

?He is experienced at senior levels in the security and intelligence community, with a sound understanding of security and intelligence matters, and a good understanding of the role of Director, GCSB,? Helen Clark said.

Do you think perhaps there might have been some shoulder tapping going on there?

Remember Warren Tucker too, the SIS head that Phil Goff accused of lying and then was proven to himself have lied in attacking a senior civil servant.

I wonder if Bruce Ferguson would like to declare a conflict of interest?


Bruce Ferguson has been running around squealing to anyone who would listen that the process for hiring the head of GCSB was unfair.

He ran to the nation’s only opposition, John Campbell, and moaned and threw his toys.

Now He is about to go on Radio Live with Sean Plunket.

With all his histrionics he is acting like someone who applied, or at the least may have been on the short-list that was rejected.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some proper journalists asked Bruce Ferguson if he was on the ?short-list presented by the State Services Commission to John Key.

It would be interesting to see what his answer was or whether he too has a “brain fade”.