Bruce Thomas

Oh so Brewers trip was declared after all

I see the Herald holiday staff have caught up with the news yesterday that Cameron Brewer’s trip to Australia was in fact declared.

Be nice if the the other media out there could now correct their errors, along with assorted other commentators who continue to spin the lie that it wasn’t.

Ben Irwin at The NZ Herald writes:

The pressure on Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer has eased after it was found that a free trip he took to Port Douglas – which last week was said to have been undeclared – was in fact declared in the council gift register in 2011.? Read more »

Brewer’s trip was declared, smear backfires on Brown

There has been much smirking over the alleged non-declaration of a trip by Cameron Brewer. That smear has now been busted with the Auckland Council now revealing that Councillor Brewer did in fact declare his trip.

Will Bernard Orsman and every other person who wrote on this now apologise? Not fact the only place you will likely read this is here.

Cameron Brewer has a press release.

Auckland Council Electoral Officer and Public Information Officer Bruce Thomas has confirmed with Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer today that while he did not file a full ?Register of Members? Interests? annual statement by 30 June 2012, Brewer?s much criticised four-day sponsored trip to Australia was in fact declared by the Councillor for Orakei at the time and was subsequently in the Council gift register all along.

In a surprise turn, Mr Thomas advised Mr Brewer in an email today that ?You did however declare the Port Douglas trip and this was included in the gift register. A copy of the gift register was given to the Ernst Young Inquiry.?

In an email to Mr Thomas from Mr Brewer on 8 September 2011, Mr Brewer wrote

?Bruce, please declare? 1 trip to Port Douglas courtesy of Mediaworks, Four nights in august. Value approximately 2k. Secondly, my partner and I are in SkyCity box for opening night and game?tomorrow. Cost unknown. Please let me know what further information you require. Thanks Cameron?? Read more »