Bryan Gould

So, who is really to blame?

Poor old Bryan Gould. He is still moaning about the last US election and Trump becoming President.? His latest whining is reported in??A Newspaper. Quote.

The guilty pleas and convictions of two of Donald Trump’s senior advisers – Paul Manafort, his former campaign director, and Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer – have added to the sense that his presidency is mired in a swamp of sleaze, corruption and moral depravity, and are likely to hasten the day when he is called fully to account.

But these trials have not succeeded in putting in the dock those who are truly responsible for lumbering us with a president who is so manifestly unfitted for the role.

Those who have been so self-serving, weak-kneed and lacking in principle as to foist Trump upon us have not yet been called to account, and show no sign of being willing to take responsibility for what they have done. They are, of course, the Republican Party.
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Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’

andrew little chair collapse face

Someone needs to take failed Labour politician Bryan Gould aside and quote the infamous words of Darryl Kerrigan.

The recent poll showing that Labour is losing rather than gaining ground will have been very disappointing to the Labour leadership – particularly because their improved performance across the board might have been expected to produce a lift in popular support.

The Labour Party seems, after all, to have put behind it most of the deficiencies that have held it back. The parliamentary party is more united and has largely eschewed the kind of in-fighting that gave such a damaging impression of disunity. The front bench is competent and working hard, holding the Government to account for its deficiencies, of which there is no shortage.

They have a competent and respected leader who is clearly demonstrating his credentials as a prospective Prime Minister. They have agreed a collaborative arrangement with potential coalition partners and are ready to remedy the oversights – such as the failure to focus adequately on the importance of the party vote – that cost Labour votes in the last election.

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I think I’ve died and woken in an alternate universe…where I agree with Bryan Gould

Bryan Gould is a cloth-cap socialist and failed politician.

It is safe to say he is a Euro-skeptic, after opposing the Maastricht Treaty and finally resigning as an MP in protest against Labour’s support for the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. The EU result, where 52% of the voting public rejected staying in the EU, will be the first time that Bryan Gould has been on a winning side for some time.

He writes about why the Remainiacs lost:

Among the many hysterical reactions to the Brexit decision, a particular post on Facebook caught my attention.? The author was convinced that the decision to leave was the equivalent of the Visigoths? sacking of Rome; civilisation itself was apparently in its last days.

It did not seem to occur to him that the decision to leave the EU was the product of a vote in which a majority of his fellow-citizens had simply, as part of their democratic right, acted on a view, or views, on a subject of interest to the whole community, that were just as valid as, but different from, his own.? The barbarians whom he castigated were not invaders from elsewhere; they were Britons like him, enjoying the same right as he had to consider the issues and express a view. ??It is what is called democracy.

The fury and hatred aroused by the discovery that there was actually a majority that disagreed with those who thought that they alone were capable of reaching the right and proper decision ? and the vitriol with which those sentiments are expressed ? provides us with an insight into the mentality of many of those who simply could not believe that any view other than theirs was possible.

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Washed-up Brit MP knows more about the New Zealand housing bubble than the rest of us

Bryan Gould must be taking advice from Bernard Hickey, who has been the prophet of doom for years now.

New Zealand’s housing bubble is about to burst, former British politician and former Waikato University vice chancellor Bryan Gould says.

“This is not a normal market. We need to stabilise house prices or else it will burst. That’s going to happen sooner rather than later.”

Furthermore, he says Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler?is being weak by?not making the banks rein in their lending habits.

Why is he moaning about this? His much-cherished Labour party has been wanting house prices to drop for a long time. They haven’t worked out yet that wishing it and getting blamed for it will also lead to electoral oblivion as all those people whose house values drop won’t be happy at all.

Yes, land needs to be released for building, but that isn’t the only key to solving the housing problem, Gould says.

Gould spoke to a captive audience on Thursday of about 100 people at?Hamilton’s?St Peter’s?Cathedral in a talk called “We Can Be Better Than This”. ?? Read more »


Herald editorial reckons Labour will win back its supporters

A strange editorial has been published in the NZ Herald today.

It reads like a wish rather than a statement of what will really happen.

A panel led by the former British Labour MP, Bryan Gould, has concluded Labour lost because it did not raise enough money, its parliamentary caucus did not appear united, it changed its leader less than a year before the election, it had a confusing mix of policies and its candidate and list selections were determined too much by gender, ethnic and “rainbow” representation.

Most people who did not vote Labour could have cited at least four of those five reasons, too. Labour’s poor fundraising was not obvious to the public but its other problems gave rise to a general view that the party was not in good condition.

Labour didn’t and still doesn’t stand for anything. It has lost its branding, focussed on identity politics but forgotten the most necessary demographic of them all…the centre.

Labour had provided plenty of grist for criticism last year. It had changed leaders twice since the previous election, the second time by a party-wide vote that chose a leader the caucus had previously rejected and still did not want. Opinion polls showed the party’s only hope of leading a government would depend on the Greens, Winston Peters and quite possibly Kim Dotcom’s comic disaster called Internet-Mana. The review panel suggests Labour should have been more explicit about its coalition intentions but the numbers spoke for themselves.

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The missing million fascination of Labour

Labour, from their leaked review document, are still focusing on the missing million.

They steadfastly believe that this mythical missing million voters is their path to salvation, and that all vote Labour.

1L Voter enrolment/turnout

The ?missing million? ??not enrolled or enrolled and not voting – are an affront to our?democracy, and a missed opportunity for Labour. A campaign to enrol voters(irrespective of their voting intentions) would be good for our democracy and positive for?Labour, and could provide a useful focus for Party members and volunteers in the years?before election campaigning itself gets under way.

Action should arise from a review of the voter targeting and other work undertaken?during the election to engage the ?missing million?. Integrated with this, high quality?research must be undertaken on patterns of non-voting and the best way to target those?people. Labour?s input?to the Parliamentary select committee review of the General?Election and Labour?s Justice spokesperson should focus on why 1 million people didn?t?vote, and what could be done to address that.

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“Leaked review contains a glistening turd” – Phil Quin

Labour’s Gould Review got leaked… and Phil Quin has had a read of it and he doesn’t mince words.

The Gould Review was a carnival of navel gazing. A joke.

Media attention has focussed, predictably, on disunity blah blah. ?A complete sideshow. Cunliffe suffered no more caucus dissension than most other leaders in opposition, and significantly less than David Shearer who was shafted up hill and down dale. The bullshit about the Anyone But Cunliffe faction has never been properly refuted, ironically?because its alleged members are too loyal to defend themselves. “Unity above all” is a catch-cry?of the despotic. Anyway, I won’t win that argument.

However, the leaked review contains?a glistening turd, namely the proposed Vetting Committee for the Labour list. Here it is without embellishment:

?One of the most criticised aspects of the last election was the process for selection of list candidates. The existing arrangements cannot be justified in terms of democratic practice or effective outcomes.
First, any Party members who get the support of 10 financial members of the Party should be able to nominate for consideration for a list position.
Second, nomination should be initially vetted by a central Vetting Committee appointed by the NZ Council. The Vetting Committee should consist of three experienced Party members who are not current members of the NZ Council or a Member of Parliament. The role of the Vetting Committee is to verify that the nominee qualifies under the rules, and to select 60 nominees for referral to the Moderating Committee that will allocate the place on the list to the nominees. All electorate candidates should also nominate for the list to ensure that candidates campaign for both the electorate and the Party. It was apparent in the last election that some electorate candidates did not campaign for the Party vote. The Vetting Committee should be aware of and give consideration to the Constitutional obligation for the Party list to reflect the diversity in the community, in particular gender, race and the regions.? ? Read more »

Labour still leaking and this time it is their election review document

It has taken 8 months to complete, but last night someone leaked their draft election review document to 3 News.

The Labour Party has been forced to release its internal review of its disastrous election campaign after a copy was leaked to 3 News today.

The 2014 election was a total disaster for Labour.

This review was into what went wrong and reveals Labour is totally broke.

The review also warns that if Labour does not find some cash quickly “it will continue experience electoral failure and place the status of the party as a political institution of influence at risk”.

It says Labour’s campaign was “undoubtedly hindered by a lack of financial resources”.

Labour was outspent in the election by National which used $2.6 million and even the Green Party which threw $1.29 million in their campaign.Labour spent $1.27 million ? half of what National did.

The review found plenty of other problems, too.

Among them, it says the party’s campaign preparation was “inadequate”, “tension around the leadership and disunity within caucus seriously undermined Labour’s credibility” and there was also a “general lack of message discipline”. ? Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Labour’s losers review flawed from the get go

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Labour picked one of the Labour movements biggest losers to review their performance at the election. He is Bryan Gould.

Chris Keall explains his credentials at losing.

The convenor for Labour?s panel is Bryan Gould ? the ex-pat famous for being a senior MP in the British Labour Party. He even got as high as making a bid for the party?s leadership in the early 1990s, but was outmanoeuvred by rivals and returned to NZ to become vice chancellor of Waikato University.

Gould is a smart man, I?m sure. But he?s not a winner in the game of politics. The ex-pat was a senior MP between 1979 and 1992 ? a period of course dominated by Thatcher and the Conservatives as Labour struggled to make itself look anything close to electable.

Gould has poured vitriol on Tony Blair ? the man whose up-beat style and move to the centre saw the party finally return to power.

Many in Labour will agree with Gould?s critiques of Blair for going too far in greasing up the press, moderating policy, and poodling to America on Iraq. In various newspaper editorials and his memoirs, Gould won the moral high ground hands down. But he lacks Blair?s ruthless and practical streak, and focus on likeability, that?s so necessary to win power.

A key question for NZ Labour is whether to shore up the party?s base with hard left polices or move to the centre, where elections are won. No prizes for guessing where the academic Gould will land.

Just last Thursday, Gould was comparing Key to Kim Jong-un. Great lorks if you’re a humour writer for the Internet Party. Not so much if you’re trying to talk to middle NZ.

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