Bucket List

What happens when you put Whale junior in a shark tank?

Whale junior, Spanishbride and Spanishbride juniorPHOTO-whaleoil.co.nz

Whale junior, Spanishbride and Spanishbride junior PHOTO-whaleoil.co.nz

Whale junior turned twenty and decided that for his birthday present he wanted to overcome his childhood fear of sharks. Like his father he doesn’t do half measures and was not interested in viewing them from inside a shark cage. Diving with sharks was on his bucket list and yesterday he crossed it off.

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Hey New Zealand! “What’s on your Bucket List?” asks Malaysian Airlines


You can’t make this up – it can only be real

Malaysia Airlines has changed the name of a ticket-sale promotion that invoked an “inappropriate” death reference by asking travellers which places were on their “bucket list”.

The airline had offered prizes, including free round-trip flights to Malaysia from Australia and New Zealand, in a contest called “My Ultimate Bucket List”, despite 537 people being killed in two air accidents involving the airline this year.

A bucket list refers to things someone wants to do before dying, or “kicking the bucket”.

The fact anyone still books tickets with Malaysian is a miracle, so perhaps that will offset the bad luck, right? ? Read more »

What would you do with your last two years of life?


People face this all the time. ?They’re told their time on this earth has been cut short.

Judith Duncan’s mind still works – brilliantly, in fact – if you ask the early childhood fraternity, but “the mouth is the problem”.

“I just started tripping over my tongue – particularly words that had lots of consonants in them,” she says.

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Wednesday Weapons – A bucket list candidate

Ever since the movie The Bucket List, people have been creating them. Most people who sheepishly admit to having a bucket list have lame, gay stuff on it.

While researching an idea I came across the first place that I really want to go to, like urgently. It is now my first bucket list candidate: A Visit to The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona.

Look at this place in all its awesomeness.

Between the classes, conferences, training and all the other amenities Scottsdale Gun Club offers, we hope you find time to take advantage of our 32 shooting lanes. We split these lanes into 4 bays of 8 lanes.

We?ve spared no expense for your comfort and safety on our firing range. Our four bays are equipped with a number of state-of-the-art features. Each of the 32 lanes has sound dampening technology to reduce the dB levels, a user-friendly touch screen control panel, a target system that rotates 360? for enhanced practice scenarios, programmable target movement, and numerous pre-programmed regimens with random edging. Each bay utilizes 45 air filters providing you with cool, clean air all year round. Our shooting lanes are completely rifle capable and can be shot with any firearm that generates less than 8100 foot pounds of muzzle energy!

Not only that, they have Handgun, Long gun and?Machine-gun rentals. You can rent a Tommy gun for $65/hr or an M60 for $125/hr and everything in between. Given an M60’s cyclic rate is 600 rounds per minute I doubt that rate includes the many thousands of rounds of belt fed awesomeness that you could put down range in an hour.

HTey have a gunsmith service and a shop at the club. For tons of beautiful images visit their gallery.

Their membership fees are reasonable for access to all the facilities it is on $59.95 a month for a family membership or $39.95 for individuals. They have military and police memberships available as well for just $29.95 per month…..and look at what they get for that

  • Use of 24 state-of-the-art air-conditioned shooting lanes with no range fees
  • FREE Machine Gun rental on your Birthday (Mini Uzi, Uzi, MP5, MP5K, or UMP9 with 2 magazines and a target)
  • 1 FREE handgun rental each year
  • 1 FREE firearms safety check each year
  • FREE use of Eye and Ear protection
  • 1 FREE Members? T-shirt
  • 6 Guest passes a year entitling Guests to full day use of the public range
  • Lane reservation – One lane per member [minimum 24 hours advanced notice, maximum 48 hours advance notice; subject to availability]
  • Reduced rates on training courses
  • Reduced firearms rental fees
  • Reduced rates for firearms storage
  • Range ammo always discounted for Members

I just wish something like this would open here…..in fact I think I will start one.