Bucklands Beach

Photo of the Day – House

I walk past this house nearly everyday at Bucklands Beach. It is number one on my dream house list.

Photo of the Day – Fishing

Taken on my walk around Bucklands Beach

Photo of the Day – Kingfisher

I have re-started my regular 10km walks and today there was a kingfisher sitting ont eh power-lines on Clovelly Road, Bucklands Beach.

Kingfisher at Bucklands Beach

Sunday Snap

I have a new iPhone and I downloaded the Instagram app to have a bit of ?a play.

When I went for a walk today out along Bucklands Beach I saw this digger had been driven into the sea, presumably by some louts thinking it would be fun.

Digger at Bucklands BeachThat is the original photo (click to enlarge)

Now this is what Instagram did to the photo after a bit of play with some settings.

Digger at Bucklands Beach

I think I may just add a regular feature of fun snaps.

Fool of the Week

Tonight, as is now my usual custom, I was out on my 10km walk/run.

As we headed off down Bucklands Beach Road, just after Mobil corner we were met with an extremly loud scream emanating from a vehicle as it cruised past. The vehicle contained a very loud mouthed?shrieking?young slapper and her mate who it appeared delighted in trying to either scare or shock people by?shrieking?out the window.

There is of course a slight problem with this slapper’s behaviour. She was in a ?sign-written car. The car is owned by GVI, a logisitcs company with offices nationwide and it appears a silly doris cruising the streets of Bucklands Beach screaming at people for fun.

Now people can be silly once, maybe twice but to go cruising around like a fool, at speed, up and down Bucklands Beach screaming like you are being raped or molested just becomes annoying after the third time, especially if you are driving a sign-written car emblazoned with the details of GVI.co.nz.

Just so people can know who this shrieking slapper works for here is their company logo, the same logo that was plastered all over the white hatchback.

GVI Logistics employs harpysNFWAB, especially when you are driving a highly visible sign-written company car. Talk about brand destruction.

Now for a call to their GM.


Storm photos – Bucklands Beach and Eastern Beach

Just been out looking at Eastern Beach and Bucklands Beach. High tide just passed and now there is a situation of wind opposing tide along with the extremely low pressure system. There is a lot of debris and flooding.